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White House to Honor Newtown High School Senior

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Newtown High School senior Sarah Clements is one of nine grassroots leaders who will be honored this week at the White House.

Clements is the founder and chairwoman for Jr. Newtown Action Alliance, and has been a forceful advocate for gun-violence prevention efforts. Clements\’ mother survived the December 14, 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Clements is also a gun violence prevention volunteer at Generation Progress, the youth advocacy branch of the Center for American Progress. She has helped build a national network of young people working on gun violence prevention on high school and college campuses.

Clements will be honored by President Obama Thursday as a \”Champion of Change.\”

In addition to Clements, President Obama is also honoring another Newtown resident: Mark Barden, whose son Daniel was one of 26 people killed in the Sandy Hook shooting.


Mark Barden to Be Honored for Gun Violence Prevention Efforts

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Mark Barden, the Newtown father whose son Daniel was one of 26 people shot to death at Sandy Hook Elementary School, will be honored by President Obama for his work on behalf of gun control.


Barden, the director of advocacy for Sandy Hook Promise, has traveled the nation since the December, 2012 shooting, promoting tougher gun laws.

He is one of nine grassroots activists working on gun violence prevention to be honored as \”Champions of Change\” by Obama at a ceremony Thursday.

CT Near Top In Politico Ranking Of States

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Politico Magazine ranked the states and guess what, Nutmeg haters, Connecticut is a pretty good place to live.

It\’s highly subjective and prepared inside-the-Beltway, but here\’s what they did:

Politico Magazine rounded up 14 different state rankings from reputable sources like the Census Bureau, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the FBI, and on important factors such as high school graduation rates, per capita income, life expectancy and crime rate. Then we averaged out each state’s 14 rankings to come up with a master list—atop which sits none other than New Hampshire.


Malloy To Make School Security Announcement

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We\’re nearing the General Assembly\’s 2014 session, so it\’s time for all the new funding proposals. Today, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and Education Commissioner Stefan Pryor today will announce a plan to improve security at the state\’s public schools. Protecting schools and improving mental health services are expected to be big issues this session. The announcement is in New Haven, by the way, a city critical to Gov. Malloy\’s re-election bid.



Metal Detectors Coming to the State Capitol

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Metal detectors and package scanners are coming to the people\’s building.

\"metalThe state allocated $300,000 in the 2014 fiscal year for the purchase of the metal detectors and scanners, which will provide security officers with a look inside packages and bags, similar to those used in airports and courthouses.

The enhanced security, which will be rolled out soon after the 2014 session begins on February 5, is not in response to a specific incident, said police spokesman Scott Driscoll. \”This is something that\’s been looked at and researched for years,\’\’ he said. \”It\’s not a reactionary thing.\” Continue reading

Murphy Wants IRS Probe Of Possible Newtown Scam

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U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy is asking for an investigation by the Internal Revenue Service into the alleged theft of more than $70,000 in donations from a charity intended to benefit Newtown residents.  The Tennessee-based \”24.6.26 Foundation\” collected more than $100,000 in donations that were supposed to go to Newtown, where 20 children and 6 educators died in a school attack on Dec. 14, 2012. The foundation donated $30,000 to the Newtown Youth Academy but $70,000 remains unaccounted for, according to Murphy.


New York\’s Restrictions On Ammunition Sales Take Effect Today

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a sweeping gun control package a month after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre and some of its restrictions on ammunition sales take effect today.

As of Wednesday, it is illegal to purchase ammunition in New York unless a licensed dealer sees the buyer in person – a face-to-face transfer requirement that also applies to internet sales. Ammunition bought online must be purchased from a New York-licensed seller. All ammunition dealers were required to register with state police by today.

The ammunition provisions in Connecticut\’s new gun law, which went into effect last October, require an eligibility certificate for anyone purchasing ammunition, which can only be obtained by undergoing a background check. Individuals under 18 are prohibited from purchasing ammunition.

Foley to CCDL: No New Gun Control On My Watch

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From FOX-CT\’s Laurie Perez and the Courant\’s Daniela Altimari:

\"CCDLAt a meeting of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League Tuesday night Republican Tom Foley, a likely candidate for governor, told the crowd that gun control efforts would cease if he were governor.

Foley told them if he were elected there would be no new attempts at gun control. \”I promise … any further attempts at restrictions will stop at the governor\’s office.\”

Regarding the General Assembly overhwhelming approval of new gun control laws last year, Foley said, \”had I been governor, the outcome would\’ve been different.\” He added, however, \”any chance of repeal is remote.\”

Before he spoke, Foley sat with Martha Dean, who ran for attorney general in 2010 and who is a gun rights advocate.

\"CCDLThe CCDL has grown to over 10,000 members over the last year. Foley\’s remarks drew a large crowd:


Feds Give $1.9 Million To Newtown

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The U.S. Department of Education Monday announced that it has awarded $1.9 million to Newtown to \”support the school district as it strives to restore a safe and healthy environment for teaching and learning in its schools.\”

The award, on top of a previous grant of $1.3 million, comes under a program that provides assistance to schools that have experienced a substantial traumatic event.

“We will do whatever we can to continue assisting and supporting the healing and recovery of Newtown,” U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said. “This additional grant will help students, teachers, families, school district and community move forward after such an unimaginable tragedy.”

The department said the money will go toward services for siblings of Newtown victims and for others suffering post-traumatic grief since the Dec. 14, 2012 school attacks.