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ESPN Analyst, Ex-Major League Player Racially Profiled In Hartford Driveway

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Former Major League baseball player Doug Glanville, who moved to Hartford last year after taking a job as an analyst with ESPN, is telling the story that he was racially profiled in his own driveway.

Glanville, who lives in Hartford’s West End with his family, says that he was shoveling snow during the just-finished winter season when a young West Hartford police officer got out of his patrol car and approached him in his driveway. The officer, who had crossed the border into the city, asked Glanville if he was trying to make a few bucks by shoveling driveways in the neighborhood on a snowy day.

Glanville responded that it was his own house.

During the brief encounter with the police officer, Glanville never mentioned that he played nine years in the Major League with the Chicago Cubs and other teams, attended the University of Pennsylvania, wrote a book, is married to an attorney, and is the son of a psychiatrist.

Glanville bought the seven-bedroom, three-bathroom, 5,200-square-foot home on one third of an acre in February 2013.

In an article in The Atlantic, Glanville mentions that he lives in an Old Tudor behind Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra and that the governor’s mansion is right down the street in the West End. He also lives a few houses away from a state legislator. Continue reading

Hartford, New Haven Among Top Cities for LGBT Equality

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Hartford and New Haven were among the top cities for LGBT people to live and work.

That\’s according to a new report by the Human Rights Campaign, the nation\’s largest gay civil rights group.

HRC\’s Municipal Equality Index looked at a number of criteria when determining a city\’s rating. New Haven achieved a perfect 100 percent score, based on its non-discrimination laws, relationship with the LGBT community and the strength of municipal services (it has both a human rights commission and a LGBT liaison in the mayor\’s office.)

Hartford earned a 92 percent score, though the city was awarded seven \”bonus points\” for its openly gay municipal leaders (including Mayor Pedro Segarra) and the services it provides to vulnerable parts of the LGBT community.

Hartford\’s weak point was law-enforcement, according to the survey. The city lost points because the police department does not have an LGBT liaison or task force.

Still, both Hartford and New Haven outpolled the two other Connecticut municipalities on the list: Bridgeport and Storrs (Mansfield.) Bridgeport received a score of 61, and Storrs received a 58.

h/t Meghan Freed and the Connecticut LGBT Law Project

Hartford Mayor Drops Opposition To Gov. Malloy\’s Busway; Flower Street To Remain Closed At Amtrak Train Tracks Near Aetna

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The Hartford Courant\’s Don Stacom is reporting that the city of Hartford has switched positions on the closing of Flower Street, a once-heavily traveled cut-through that connects Asylum Avenue and Capitol Avenue.

\"buswayMerchants along Capitol Avenue have expressed concern for months that the blockage – designed to make way for the controversial New Britain-to-Hartford busway – would cut off access for many workers at Aetna and other corporations to walk or drive to coffee shops and other outlets.

Stacom reports as follows:

Mayor Pedro Segarra\’s decision came after weeks of behind-the-scenes negotiations between city officials and aides to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, who is committed to drive the busway to completion by early 2015. Continue reading

State Hoping To Return To Normalcy Wednesday With State Employees Returning To Work; 120 Farm Buildings Collapsed

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The Greater Hartford region is expected to return largely to normal Wednesday as most state employees head back to work after a five-day hiatus and the state courts reopen.

The Metro-North Commuter Railroad is scheduled to be back in full service starting Wednesday, and Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said that 95 percent of the state\’s main roads are now largely free of snow.

\”It\’s going to take us a little longer to get back to normal, but we are rapidly getting there,\’\’ Malloy said, adding that \”some level of normalcy\’\’ should return by mid-day Wednesday.

Tuesday was a holiday for state employees to mark President Abraham Lincoln\’s birthday, which extended the days off that stretched back to the start of the Blizzard of 2013 that dumped 27 inches of snow on Hartford and 40 inches on Hamden in a record-setting storm.

The state broke snow records in seven of the eight counties – with the exception of Litchfield County in the state\’s northwest corner.

As the cleanup operations continued, Malloy issued his final storm briefing to reporters at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the state armory in Hartford.

\”No matter how you add it up, it\’s a lot of snow,\’\’ Malloy told reporters.  \”The National Guard has done an outstanding job in helping municipalities, particularly in getting people to hospitals with Humvees, as well as moving dialysis patients from many of the most stricken areas to get them where they needed to be.\’\’

At least 120 agricultural buildings have collapsed statewide, including chicken coops, greenhouses, and barns, Malloy said. Some cows and chickens have died in the collapses, but no totals were available. Continue reading