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State Employees By The Numbers

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The Office of Legislative Research has compiled a demographic breakdown of the state\’s 54,903 public employees. OLR used data from the Office of the State Comptroller\’s office. It includes employees of all branches of government as well as quasi-public agencies.

A few tidbits:

  • The largest group of employees is between 50 and 54 — 9,277.
  • Females outnumber males by almost 2,000.
  • 6 in 10 state employees are between 40 and 60 years of age.
  • Just 4 percent of state employees are age 65 or older, but among those 70 and over, almost 60 percent are male.


Click For Cool Facts About Your Town

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Courant intern Rose Lichtenfels reports:

Forget the ‘Top 10 Best’ lists telling you where you ought to live, work and raise your family in Connecticut. The Connecticut Economic Resource Center’s new interactive map provides free, public access to the latest metric and demographic profiles on all 169 towns. The Connecticut Economic Resource Center’s town profiles are prepared annually by the nonprofit economic research group. The profiles are compact, two page summaries of the latest demographic data about every municipality in the state.

\"cercKristi Sullivan, spokesperson for CERC, said year after year, the town maps are resource center’s most visited product on their website.

“We get a lot of traffic on the town profile maps, not just from businesses looking at economic data but also from residents who want to compare one town to another if they are thinking of moving. If people want to live along the shore, they might compare things like statistics on taxes or schools between different shore towns,” Sullivan said. Continue reading

Dept of Agriculture Studying Bigger, Indoor Regional Market

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The state Department of Agriculture is looking for comments on a proposal to create an indoor, year-round facility where Connecticut farmers could sell their produce. The idea would be to expand the Hartford Regional Market. Here are a few details:

Recognizing the need to re-create a food distribution system that benefits the state’s farmers and taps the soaring interest for locally grown foods among consumers and institutional buyers, the Connecticut Department of Agriculture (DOA) is creating a master plan for the entire 32 acre Hartford Regional Market facility that will include energy-efficient, modern facilities.

One idea being explored is creating a year-round, indoor public market facility that would complement – and not replace – the outdoor farmers\’ market. The indoor market would provide stalls for independent, locally owned businesses (including farmers) to sell fresh and prepared foods, including meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, fruits and vegetables as well as baked goods and other prepared foods. While the focus would be on Connecticut grown products, the indoor market would likely have products from outside the state, too. Rents would be affordable so small, independent businesses could operate there.

\"regionalWant to put your two cents in? Fill out the survey on the proposed indoor regional market.

Edith Prague Gets Last Laugh On Lowell Weicker

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It isn\’t merely her age of 87 that makes Edith Prague\’s return as the state\’s commissioner on aging an improbable odyssey.

Twenty years ago, in an epic and public clash with Gov. Lowell P. Weicker, Prague was fired as commissioner when she refused to cut her agency\’s budget and merge it into a larger department during a financial crisis. She and Weicker have never spoken since.

Prague then ran for state Senate and won, serving for 18 years and quietly battling behind the scenes to re-establish the department from which she had been dismissed. When it was time to name the first commissioner two decades after her firing, Prague volunteered her own name — and she was chosen by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

Read on.



AFT Nabs $25K Prize For Healthcare Reform

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\"aftThe American Federation of Teachers affiliate in Connecticut has won the national union’s first “Prize for Solution-Driven Unionism” for working with Gov. Dannel Malloy in 2011 to create the state’s Health Enhancement Program. The initiative emphasizes for preventive care and chronic disease management – as well as financial penalties for people who do not enroll. Nearly all state employees have signed up for the program, which officials hope will lead to lower costs for the state over the long term. The prize includes a $25,000 award for the union.

Newspapers Virtually Never Publish Gruesome Crime-Scene Photographs

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Newspapers routinely have access to gruesome crime scene photographs, but they are \’\’virtually never published,\’\’ a retired newspaper editor testified Wednesday.

G. Claude Albert, a longtime editor at The Hartford Courant who testified as the legislative chair of the Connecticut Council of Freedom of Information, said that no gruesome photos were published following the multiple homicides at the Connecticut Lottery Corp. in Newington and at a beer distributor in Manchester.

In addition, newspapers did not publish gruesome shots from the Boston Marathon bombings, even though professional photographers were at the scene within seconds because they had been waiting near the finish line at the famed race.

\”It does demonstrate that there is restraint\’\’ by newspapers, Albert told a special legislative task force that is trying to strike a balance between the public\’s right to know and victim\’s privacy.

The task force was created following the massacre in the Sandy Hook section of Newtown, where 20 children and six female educators were killed by shooter Adam Lanza on December 14, 2012. Many of the parents of the children were concerned about crime-scene photographs and 911 tapes being released in the Newtown case. Local officials in Newtown have also been concerned about the release of death certificates, which have less information than autopsy reports.

\”Connecticut death certificates are public records,\’\’ Albert said. \”The public is entitled to look at them. They\’re entitled to copy them. Any public official who withholds them is violating the Freedom of Information Act.\’\’

The difference between Newtown and the Boston Marathon was that the police controlled the entire crime scene inside the school in Newtown and no photographers were allowed inside. At the marathon, photographers were already at the scene and there were no restrictions on which pictures could be taken or where the photographers could go.

Albert chatted back and forth with Chief State\’s Attorney Kevin T. Kane, who acknowledged that the 17-member panel is seeking to reach a balance with victim privacy.

\”This is a troubling issue, and that\’s why we need help – and you have highlighted it,\’\’ Kane said. \”I hope you can help us. Your observations have been good, and we can use some more.\’\’ Continue reading

Fed Grant Will Expand Regional Market

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A U.S. Dept. of Agriculture grant of $375,644 will allow the Hartford Regional Market to expand, adding a kitchen and food processing center. Fruit and vegetable farmers will now be able to prepare more products for sale at the popular market. Open year-round, the market is the largest perishable food distribution facility between Boston and New York,, with 230,386 square feet of warehouse space and 144 farmers\’ market stalls.

Why Hartford and the state have not made more of this unique place remains a mystery.