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Tea Party Groups Will Protest at GOP Fundraiser

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\"owlNational Republican chairman Reince Priebus is coming to Connecticut to raise money this week and the tea party will be there to greet him.

The activists will gather Thursday night outside the Owl Shop in New Haven, where GOP insiders will raise money over cigars and cocktails. (The minimum individual contribution is $125; the event is being organized by a federal PAC led by two Republican National Committee members from Connecticut, Pat Longo and John Frey. It is not a state party fundraiser.)


\”In response to the continued attack on the Tea Party by liberal elements within the Republican Party and in response to the unconstitutional violation of our right to bear arms perpetrated by rogue elements within the CT Republican Party and by the majority party dominating the CT General Assembly, we invite patriots throughout CT who love liberty and respect the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to rally in protest,\’\’ reads the message on the group\’s Facebook page.

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CT Dems Pounce on McKinney\’s Endorsement of Greenberg

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Connecticut Democrats must have had a tracker present this morning when Republican gubernatorial candidate John McKinney expressed his support for fellow Republican Mark Greenberg, who is running for Congress.

The tracker compiled a mash-up video of McKinney\’s endorsement.

James Hallinan, spokesman for the state Democratic party, called Greenberg a \”tea party extremist\” in a press release accompanying the video. \”When throwing his support behind tea partier Greenberg, McKinney said, \’Mark is right on the issues,\’\’\’ Hallinan said.

Greenberg told Hearst Connecticut newspapers in October that he shares \”a lot of the same ideals as the tea party,\” which prompted Hallinan to ask if McKinney also shares those tea party ideals.

The video is after the jump (warning: the sound quality is not great.)

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Greenberg Nabs McKinney Endorsement

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Mark Greenberg, a Litchfield County businessman making his third run for Congress, has nabbed a big-name endorsement: Fairfield state Senator and Republican gubernatorial hopeful John McKinney.


\”Proud to endorse Mark Greenberg for Congress this morning,\’\’ McKinney tweeted just before noon, about two hours after the two candidates appeared at a Waterbury manufacturing firm owned by the family of Republican state Rep. Selim Noujaim.

Greenberg is seeking the Republican nomination for the 5th Congressional District, currently held by freshman Democrat Elizabeth Esty.

Greenberg sought his party\’s nomination for the seat in both 2010 and 2012, but each time, he fell short. In both of those runs, he was supported by the tea party movement in Connecticut.

Dr. William Petit, the lone survivor of a brutal home invasion in Cheshire, said he is also pondering a run for the GOP nod for the 5th District seat. Does McKinney\’s endorsement signal that Petit, who worked closely with  McKinney during the debate over repealing capitol punishment in Connecticut, is not planning to run for the seat? (Both McKinney and Petit oppose the repeal, which nevertheless cleared the legislature and was signed into law by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.)


Tea Party Takes On Malloy

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The tea party is the favorite boogeyman of liberal Democrats but Bob MacGuffie, a conservative tea party activist from Fairfield, is sick playing that role.

MacGuffie is responding to what he calls \”a frustrated and mendacious tirade against the Tea Party\” by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy. 


\”It seems that even with Democrats controlling the entire state government, the governor still felt he needed a villain to attack for Connecticut \’s horrendous ranking in every category imaginable…because he sure doesn\’t seem willing to take responsibility for his own performance,\’\’ MacGuffie wrote in an opinion piece posted on the Fairfield County Patriot website.

\”It\’s no wonder the governor searches for a boogey-man to explain his failure, when all he needs to do is look in the mirror to find him. It\’s not we citizens who have brought the state to its knees. We\’re merely the ones willing to bring it to the public\’s attention,\’\’ MacGuffie wrote.

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Wisdom From ex-Gov. Rowland

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The radio host has a worth-reading blog post about what his party is doing in Washington:

This will end as a lose-lose for the Republicans in Congress, at some point they will vote to reopen government, the conservatives across the country will be mad they gave in, Obamacare will be untouched, there will be some  permanent scars and hard feelings within the Republicans in the Congress and they will get blamed for government disruption. A lot of us may be glad this all happened , but I never understood the long term strategy for Republicans, bottom line… I don’t think we can change the minds of these folks in Congress time for all of them to go….we need term limits now more than ever!!


Best. Ad. Ever.

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This might just be the most playful political ad you\’ll see all year. It features Carl M. Sciortino, the Massachusetts state representative and unabashed \”Massachusetts liberal\” who\’s running for Congress to fill the seat vacated by now-Senator Ed Markley. Also featured in a prominent role is Sciortino\’s father, a member of the tea party.