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Teachers\’ Union Pushing Back Against Standardized Tests

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The state\’s largest teachers\’ union on Wednesday released the results of a small-scale field study that they said demonstrates an alternative exists to standardized testing as a measure of teachers\’ performance.

The model presented, however, only was tested on 11 teachers in four schools. It allows teachers to engage in their own evaluation progress by working with the evaluator throughout the school year – showing them a collection of student work to demonstrate improvement. CEA President Sheila Cohen said at a legislative press conference that they were not presenting the model as something to implement statewide.

\”Something that works in New Haven is not necessarily something that is in the best interest in Weston or in Bethel or in Orange or in East haven or anywhere else,\” she said. \”Local autonomy is absolutely essential in determining what is best for the teachers – and the children, and the parents – in that district,\” she said.

She described evaluating teachers based solely on one standardized test as \”ludicrous.\”

How To Give Directly To Classroom Teachers In Newtown

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The Newtown Public Schools along with the American Federation of Teachers and the state Department of Education, have created a website where donors can give to classroom teachers in town. The website, through, will collect funds and divide the cash equally among classroom teachers in Newtown.

The group says:

Each teacher may use his or her allocated funds to purchase classroom materials, fund a classroom-specific project, or use the funds as an opportunity to demonstrate the act of giving by donating portions of their funds to other classroom projects throughout Connecticut and/or nationwide.

To contribute, go here.

Gifts are tax deductible.

Analysis Says CT Teacher Unions Only \’Moderately Influential\’

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A study by the the conservative education thinktank Thomas B. Fordham Institute finds that Connecticut\’s teacher unions, when compared to other states, don\’t have as much juice as critics suggest:

Connecticut boasts the highest teacher union membership in the nation. Its unions enjoy a broad scope of bargaining and favorable state policy environment, and they have garnered a reputation among stakeholders as moderately influential.