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Foley On Biden’s Visit

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Vice President Joe Biden in Connecticut to raise money and boost Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy’s reelection campaign, his Republican rival said he doesn’t think visits from high-profile surrogates will play a role in the governor’s race.

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“Listen I think that people are either with Gov. Malloy and they think he’s doing a good job or they think he’s had his chance and things haven’t worked out very well and they’re going to vote for me,” Tom Foley told reporters in Watertown Tuesday night.

“And I don’t think people are going to be swayed [by] other politicians, even prominent politicians, who come in from out of state,” Foley said.

“A governor’s race is kind of a unique race. A Senate race, a congressional race, if a president comes in or a vice president comes in and says, ‘I need your vote to help me run the federal government’ that’s a very different arguement from somebody coming in and saying, ‘We need a Democrat governor in Connecticut.’

“So I don’t really think it will mean a whole lot in the outcome of the race,” Foley added.


A Battle is Brewing for Independent Party Nomination

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A potentially bitter battle is brewing for the right to run for governor on the Independent Party line.

Republican nominee Tom Foley and Trinity professor John Mertens, a newcomer to the race, are likely to seek the party’s endorsement, said Mike Telesca of Waterbury, chairman of one the factions of the Independent Party. The nominee will be decided Tuesday night at a caucus in Watertown.

“I’m not sure who is going to win the caucus,” Telesca said. “I just want to make sure there’s a fair process.”


The backing of the third party is important to Foley because having his name on a second line on the November ballot could strengthen his position against Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, whose own name will appear twice, under the Democratic and Working Families lines.

A cross-endorsement from the Independent Party could also give Foley a boost among unaffiliated voters and some Democrats, who may feel more comfortable voting for him on the Independent line than the Republican one.


Mertens ran for U.S. Senate in 2010 on the Connecticut for Lieberman line. He is a member of the Independent Party and he has tapped another party official as his running mate.

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New McKinney Attack Ad Slams Foley’s Sprague Mill Appearance

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Less than a week before Tuesday’s primary, Republican gubernatorial hopeful John McKinney unveiled a harsh new attack ad that portrays his GOP rival Tom Foley as a hard-hearted businessman who doesn’t care about the plight of factory workers.

The 30-second spot includes footage of Foley’s visit last week to a mill in Sprague, where more than 100 workers are losing their jobs. Newspaper editorials describing Foley as “arrogant” and “uncaring” are highlighted.

The ad underscores one of McKinney’s main campaign themes: that he is more electable than Foley and would do better in a head to head match up against Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.  The ad points out that Foley failed to defeat Malloy in 2010.

McKinney’s late attack on Foley, the party-endorsed candidate and putative frontrunner, echoes that attack by Foley’s 2010 Republican primary opponent Michael Fedele. The script drafted by Fedele that painted Foley as an out-of-touch businessman who did not care about workers was later seized by Malloy and the Democrats in the general election.

On Thursday, after releasing the ad, the McKinney campaign issued a statement suggesting that the Democrats would hit Foley even harder on his mill appearance.

“The media’s characterization of Mr. Foley’s appearance in Sprague which we have highlighted in our new ad, is mild compared to what Democrats will do with this unfortunate episode, and others, in the fall if Mr. Foley were to be our nominee,” McKinney said. “Republicans cannot afford to nominate a candidate who divides us with talk of failure. A true leader would have offered hope for displaced workers with a clear plan for assisting them and explained exactly how he would have handled the situation differently. I have done just that from start to finish.”

Foley has been waging a cautious and confident campaign; earlier this week, he told the Courant’s Matt Clarida that the only way he would lose the primary was if he were to get hit by a bus.

McKinney, who has been crisscrossing the state for weeks in an underdog quest to capture votes, accused his rival of running a campaign short on specifics and long on brash assurance.

“Tom Foley appears to think he is entitled to this election,” McKinney said. “He offers no specifics, refuses to answer questions about his positions on issues and challenges reporters and citizens who confront this lack of detail. I don’t believe that this will help us defeat Dan Malloy. And the momentum of our campaign makes me believe that many others agree.”

McKinney Stumps In Greenwich On One Of Worst Traffic Days In Years

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GREENWICH — Senate Republican leader John McKinney had no idea that Thursday would be among the worst traffic days in Greenwich in recent years.

Traffic is often bad in lower Fairfield County, but a tragic accident that killed a Connecticut Army National Guard soldier caused a traffic jam on Interstate 95 South from Darien to Westchester County, N.Y. that spilled over into local streets.

That caused McKinney, who is running for governor in Tuesday’s Republican primary against business executive Tom Foley, to be 1 hour and 15 minutes late for his campaign appearance at the Greenwich Senior Center. Some seniors had already left by the time he arrived, but others greeted him with a warm welcome.

“I’m so sorry,’’ McKinney said as he greeted the center’s program director, Suzanne Testani, near the front door. “Oh, the traffic was horrible, and I actually know the back roads, too.’’

As he worked the room, McKinney went from table to table and expressed his regrets for his lateness. Many of the seniors were playing cards at tables in groups of two, four or six.

When an elderly man asked him how he was doing, McKinney responded, “I’m doing well. I’m not in traffic any more.’’

McKinney then approached a table of four women who were serious card players with about six decks of cards on the table.

“I’m smart enough not to interrupt this game,’’ McKinney said by way of introduction before asking who was winning. He then chatted with the foursome about card games played by his family members before mentioning why he had traveled to the center along Greenwich’s main shopping street.

“You may have remembered my dad, Stewart McKinney,’’ he said of the former Congressman who represented Greenwich and other communities in lower Fairfield County until his death in 1987. “I am running for governor. There are two of us left, down from six.’’

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, Avon attorney Martha Dean, Shelton mayor Mark Lauretti and former West Hartford town council member Joseph Visconti are no longer running in the Republican primary. Visconti has finished gathering signatures in an attempt to get on the ballot in November.

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Connecticut Patriot Writers Back Foley, Walker

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The Connecticut Patriot, an online newsletter that counts several prominent tea party activists among its leaders, is backing Republicans Tom Foley and David Walker.

The endorsements, announced in Aug. 7 edition, reflect the results of a survey of the newsletter’s 17 staff writers and one cartoonist.

“The results were unambiguous, reflecting support for candidates who are serious about private-sector job growth and reining in the cost of Connecticut state government,” states a brief statement accompanying the results.

Foley, the Greenwich businessman who received the GOP endorsement  for governor, received 13 votes in the survey; John McKinney, a state senator from Fairfield, received one vote.

In the lieutenant governor’s race, Walker, of Bridgeport, was the clear winner, with 12 votes. Town of Groton Mayor Heather Somers and state Rep. Penny Bacchiochi of Stafford, each received one vote.


Foley’s Latest Ad Promises ‘A New Direction’ For Connecticut

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Republican candidate for governor Tom Foley has released a new television commercial about a week ahead of the Aug. 12 primary election promising to move the state in a different direction.

In the ad, Foley says he plans to hold spending flat for two years, provide tax relief for families and invest in education.

“And when we’re done, Connecticut will come roaring back,” Foley says in the commercial.

Foley, who was endorsed by Republicans at their May convention, will face John McKinney, who served eight terms in the state Senate, the last seven years as minority leader, in next Tuesday’s primary.

RealClearPolitics Average Puts Foley Ahead of Malloy In Fall Election

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Real Clear Politics is out with its latest average of polls and says that Republican Tom Foley is in the lead in Connecticut over Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

The well-known political web site takes an average of the public polls for governor’s races in all 50 states, among other contests in the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives.

The latest poll by CBS News, The New York Times, and YouGov, which had Foley ahead by 7 points, has pushed Foley into the lead in the RealClearPolitics average. But some insiders have questioned the methodology of the online poll by YouGov, thus raising questions about its accuracy. Continue reading

Courant Endorses McKinney Over Foley In GOP Gubernatorial Primary

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The Hartford Courant has endorsed Senate minority leader John McKinney over Greenwich business executive Tom Foley in the August 12 Republican primary.

The editorial states, “After the Newtown massacre of Dec. 14, 2012, the state’s Democratic governor and legislative leaders began work on a major gun safety bill. Republican state Sen. John McKinney, whose district includes Newtown, had to make a decision. He could oppose the bill and play to a part of the GOP base, or he could engage the process and try to influence the drafting of the law.

“He chose the latter and voted for the bill. The decision earned him an F rating from the National Rifle Association. It is, however, one of the reasons The Courant endorses him in the Aug. 12 gubernatorial primary against Tom Foley.

The editorial continues, “If a Republican is elected in November, he will have to work with a General Assembly dominated, almost certainly, by Democrats. It will help a great deal if the candidate knows how the place works, and has the trust of the people he is working with. That is Mr. McKinney.” Continue reading

Courant Endorses David Walker of Bridgeport For Lt. Governor

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The Hartford Courant has endorsed for U.S. Comptroller General David Walker of Bridgeport in the Republican primary for lieutenant governor.

The editorial states, “If you harbor the suspicion that state government could run more efficiently and less expensively, you might want to call in a no-nonsense accountant with a green eyeshade to poke around the bureaucratic labyrinth. Someone like David Walker.

“Mr. Walker is one of three candidates, along with former Groton Mayor Heather Bond Somers and state Rep. Penny Bacchiochi, vying for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor in the Aug. 12 primary. We believe Mr. Walker’s credentials best match the state’s needs, and endorse him in the primary.”

The newspaper also endorsed Walker’s running mate, Senate minority leader John McKinney of Fairfield, for governor in the primary against Greenwich business executive Tom Foley. Continue reading

Polling Woes: Foley’s Way Ahead of Malloy, Or Maybe Not

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If anyone needed any more evidence about how cautious you have to be of political polling these days, all they have to do is look at the results of two very different opinion surveys released in the last few days.

On Tuesday, a new-style, online type of poll on Connecticut’s gubernatorial race came out with the somewhat startling results that Republican Tom Foley was leading Democratic incumbent Dannel Malloy by nine percentage points.  One reason it got so much play – despite all the questions about how it was done – was because it was commissioned by the New York Times and CBS.

Democrat Dannel Malloy

Democrat Dannel Malloy

On Thursday, a slightly more traditional opinion survey was released, this time by a GOP-leaning group called Vox Populi Polling. It found Malloy was ahead of Foley by a single percentage point. A third-party candidate, Jonathan Pelto, came in with three percent support among those polled. With the margin of error involved, the only conclusion you could have is that the race is too close to call.

Republican Tom Foley

Republican Tom Foley

So, which one are we supposed to  believe? The NYT-CBS sponsored survey that used rather questionable online methods? Or the Vox Populi Polling results that also involved some methods (such as automated “robo-calls” to presumed voters) that traditional pollsters question?

Maybe the answer is to be very wary of both.

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