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Top Politicians Raising Raising Money For Fedele And Tong In Stamford Mayor\’s Race

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Top politicians are raising money for Republican Mike Fedele and Democrat William Tong in a marquee battle to become the mayor of Stamford – Connecticut\’s fastest-growing city.

Fedele is expected to face off in November against Tong, a lawmaker who has widespread support in the city. Their clash has gained attention in Hartford because they have played on larger stages in Connecticut politics. Fedele was a state legislator from his hometown before serving as lieutenant governor under Republican M. Jodi Rell. Tong has been a legislator since winning his first race in 2006, and he staged a statewide run last year for the U.S. Senate before dropping out of the race.

Former gubernatorial nominee Tom Foley will be holding a fundraiser next week at his Greenwich home for Fedele. Foley and Greenwich fundraiser L. Scott Frantz have both endorsed Fedele, a longtime Stamford resident who moved to the city more than 50 years ago from Italy at the age of three.

A second fundraiser for Fedele, hosted by former U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays and Stamford board of representatives deputy minority leader Harry Day, will be held in mid-July in Stamford. Day is an attorney who graduated from Yale before heading to Cornell law school. Continue reading

Tong Hires High-Profile Consultants For Stamford Mayoral Bid

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Democratic state Rep. William Tong is bringing on a big name in his quest to win the Stamford mayor\’s race.

He is hiring Mission Control, the Connecticut-based direct mail and political consulting firm that has helped several high-profile Democratic clients win victory, including Massachusetts U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and U.S. Rep. Robin Kelly of Illinois, winner of a special election to replace Jesse Jackson Jr.

\”We are so thrilled to have Mission Control join our campaign,\’\’ Tong said in a statement announcing the partnership. \”Over the coming months, we will continue to build a grassroots campaign that will reach out  and listen to citizens across our city.\”


Mission Control and Tong were on opposite sides of the 2012 U.S. Senate race. Tong was vying for the Democratic nomination; Mission Control was working for another Democrat, former Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz.

Rush Limbaugh Weighs In On Stamford Mayoral Brouhaha

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Rush Limbaugh speaks!

\”I have managed to find myself inserted into a mayoral campaign in Stamford, Connecticut, even though I have said nothing about it and, in fact, didn\’t know anything about it,\’\’ Limbaugh said on his show today. \”But I supposedly endorsed one of the candidates, and the guy I didn\’t endorse is ripping the hell out of the guy that I didn\’t endorse because it was reported on Facebook that I did endorse. It\’s hilarious.\”

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Limbaugh Fan Page Says Tong Is Attempting to Distort It\’s Position

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William Tong, a Democratic candidate for mayor of Stamford, is trying to distort a message of support for Republican Michael Fedele on a Rush Limbaugh fan page, the adminstrator of the page says.

Tong issued a press release Tuesday criticizing Fedele for receiving what he said was an endorsement from the right-wing talk show host. But the endorsement didn\’t come from Limbaugh himself; it was posted on a Limbaugh fan page on Facebook that has no formal affiliation with Limbaugh.

\”William Tong\’s attempt to somehow distort our words toward Mike Fedele as an official endorsement from Rush Limbaugh is the kind of manipulative political gaming no person in our country should support, no matter their party,\’\’ states a message on the page posted Tuesday afternoon. \”We believe in …transparent, intelligent and honest candidates who do right by their voters and their constituencies.

\”As we have said from the start, this is a fan page run by people unaffiliated with Rush Limbaugh and not an official outlet for the news anchor.\”

Fedele\’s In As Stamford Mayor\’s Race Heats Up

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Former Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele made it official this morning: He\’s running for Mayor of Stamford.

\"Fedele\"Fedele, a Republican who also served in the legislature, said he filed the necessary paperwork with the city clerk. \”My life and career have been shaped by Stamford values,” Fedele said in an email. “Stamford is not only my home – it has also been in so many ways, my life.

\”I went to our public schools. I met my wife here and we raised our family here.  I founded an information technology business from scratch here. I did achieve success with the opportunities our community provided to me and I am running for Mayor to make sure we expand those same opportunities now and make sure they will still be here for our children and grandchildren.”

All signs point to an intense mayoral race in Stamford. Minutes after receiving an email announcing Fedele\’s candidacy, a fundraising email from Democratic mayoral candidate William Tong arrived in my inbox.


Tong\’s Back — and Running for Mayor of Stamford

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State Rep. William Tong, the Stamford Democrat who made a long-shot bid for U.S. Senate in 2012, is back in the news today: He\’s running for mayor of his hometown.

\"william\”The rumors are true,\’\’ Tong tweeted this afternoon. \”I am running for mayor of Stamford and I could not be more excited. Let\’s get this city moving again!\”

According to the Stamford Advocate\’s Kate King, Tong plans to focus on five areas: rebuilding the city’s infrastructure, improving schools and public safety, supporting small businesses and affordable housing.

Tong was one of three Democrats running for the Senate seat formerly held by Joe Lieberman. The moderate Democrat has a compelling personal story ; the son of Chinese immigrants, he worked his way up from cleaning the restrooms in the family restaurant to attending a string of prestigious private schools, including the University of Chicago School of Law. But it wasn\’t enough for him to topple frontrunner Chris Murphy, who wound up winning the seat.