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Kissinger To Speak At Yale Friday

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Henry Kissinger is slated to appear Friday at an event hosted by Yale University\’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs.

The Nixon national security advisor and secretary of state is the featured speaker at the event, Europe at a Crossroads: The Future of Europe and its Role in the International System.

In a confidential email sent to Yale students and obtained by Salon, university officials instructed a private listserv of Yale graduate students to keep the event confidential, describing Kissinger\’s address as a \”high-security event.\”  A university spokeswoman confirmed that the event is closed to press and the public.


Two Connecticut Immigrants Agree To Drop Civil Rights Lawsuit

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Two undocumented immigrants from Connecticut Wednesday dropped their civil rights lawsuit against federal officials in return for being allowed to stay in the U.S.


The negotiated settlement was reached between U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Gabriel Villanueva-Ojanama of Hartford and Sebastian Manuel Castro Largo of Meriden.

As a result of the federal decision to drop deportation proceedings, the two men will be able to stay with their families in Connecticut, according to students from the Worker & Immigration Rights Advocacy Clinic at Yale Law School. Law students from the clinic represented the men in their federal lawsuit.

Both men were arrested by Connecticut police in separate incidents in 2011 and convicted of motor vehicle offenses in state courts. They were turned over to ICE agents as a result of federal “detainers” under a controversial program called Secure Communities.

Critics of the program charge that tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants have been unfairly deported despite never having committed any serious crimes. The Obama Administration has claimed the Secure Communities deportations were intended to target only felony criminals such as drug dealers and rapists.

The 2013 lawsuit filed by the two Connecticut men charged those federal detainers were administrative notices that failed to meet legal requirements for a warrant, and violated the civil rights of Villanueva-Ojanama, 37, and Castrol Largo, 34.

“I’m grateful that ICE agreed to terminate my case and recognized how serious and difficult my experience was,” Villanueva-Ojanama said in a prepared statement. “I’m glad I can now put this behind me an continue to live here and support my family.”

Presidents Head To White House

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The \"michaelpresidents of Yale and Wesleyan and the president of the state university system will travel to the White House Thursday, joining college leaders from across the country, for an event on \”expanding \"petercollege opportunity.\”

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will host the White House session. The all-day event will be streamed live. The \"????????\"White House is not releasing an agenda for the event.

The gathering includes leaders from nonprofits, foundations, state governments and businesses as well as Wesleyan\’s Michael Roth, Yale\’s Peter Salovey and Gregory Gray, president of the state Board of Regents for Higher Education.


Meet Paul Chandler: A Yale Student and a Republican Running for New Haven Board of Alderman

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Paul Chandler is a Connecticut native, a Yale student and a Republican running for board of alderman in New Haven, a city dominated by Democrats.

But he says his party affiliation is only a barrier before people get to know him.


In an interview last week, Chandler said the notion of a party doctrine does not apply to the local level, where candidates are more focused on front-yard services such as public safety and education than on ideology.

\”Just throw away this whole Republican-Democrat divide we see at the federal level,\’\’ Chandler said. \”That\’s not really relevant to the community and that\’s not really relevant to what we want to do. If you can get past that and listen to what I have to say, I think you\’d find there\’s a lot more that you agree with me on than disagree with me on.\”


He is running in Ward 1, where Republicans are outnumbered 20-1.

Read the full story here.

Hillary Clinton at Yale Saturday

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\"hillaryFresh off a Q-Poll that shows her trouncing every Democrat in sight, Hillary Clinton will slip over from Westchester Saturday to accept an award from her alma mater on alumni weekend.

\"awardA 1973 graduate of Yale Law School, Clinton will be given the \”Award of Merit\” before addressing law school alumni, faculty and staff in Woolsey Hall.

Secretary Clinton will be presented the Award of Merit by Dean Robert C. Post. Previous recipients include former U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman and Clinton\’s husband, Bill, the former president.

Yale Prez Wants Definition of \’Nonconsensual Sex\’

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\"PeterYale President Peter Salovey is promising a tougher response after critics slammed the university\’s recent report on sexual misconduct on campus.

In an email to the university community Monday night, Salovey wrote:

In recent days, people inside and outside the university have expressed concern and anger about the report. We all should be concerned and angered that sexual violence or sexual misconduct takes place at Yale or elsewhere …

… it is clear there is more to do. The discussion generated by this latest report is valuable and important. It is evident that Yale’s report must be more descriptive about what is meant by “nonconsensual sex,” and more information should be made available to advise the community about the basis for penalties. I have requested that a series of scenarios be developed to illustrate circumstances that might be considered nonconsensual and their bearing on potential penalties.

Read his full email below: Continue reading

Malloy Says Sen. Toni Harp Will Be Formidable Candidate For New Haven Mayor; Changed Her Mind Over Weekend After Budget Vote

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In a surprise move, state Sen. Toni Harp said Monday that she has changed her mind and is now running for mayor of New Haven – a move that shakes up a potentially raucous Democratic primary.

One of best-known politicians in the Elm City, Harp currently represents about half the city from her seat in the state Senate, sharing it with Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney. Entering the race has little downside for Harp, who would still retain her legislative seat even if she loses in the September primary. Her state Senate term does not expire until January 2015. Continue reading

Yale\’s Singapore Campus: No Politics, Please!

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The Yale Daily News reports that on the new Yale campus in Singapore, joining a local political party is strictly verboten:

The Yale-NUS Board of Governors voted at a meeting last month to accept a set of policies proposed by Pericles Lewis, president of the Singaporean liberal arts college, that will prevent students from creating campus branches of existing Singaporean political parties, in accordance with the nation’s law. The policies, which have not yet been formally published, will allow students to create and join any other type of student group, including organizations that represent different political ideologies but that are unaffiliated with current political parties in Singapore.