Cathy Malloy Uncorks in Charlotte — And Apologizes On Thursday Morning [With Audio]

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From the Los Angeles Times, we learn that Cathy Malloy has some long simmering issues with the media. A Times reporter caught her comments at an Emily\’s List reception yesterday. Hearst reports a little more specifically on Malloy\’s comments about the type of car she has to drive. Paz, at the convention, talked to Malloy, who defended his wife.

UPDATE: Malloy has just issued an apology:

First let me say that I apologize for my remarks.  I was trying to convey a certain sentiment, and I didn’t do a good job of expressing what I really feel.  Although I don’t always agree with what’s written by members of the media, I do believe that they’ve been fair to my family and me.  I made these comments at a panel hosted by Emily’s List, and I was addressing the question of why more people don’t get into public life, especially women.  The point I was trying to make is that for those of us who do get into public service, there are sacrifices we have to make – including some of our privacy.  Sometimes that’s frustrating.  But we believe deeply in public service, and so we make whatever sacrifices we need to make. We don’t expect anyone to feel sorry for us, because we’re honored to be able to serve.

Here\’s are the words that got Malloy in trouble:

\"\"\”Whether you are Republican or Democrat,” said Malloy, whose husband, Dannel Malloy, became governor of Connecticut in 2011 after 14 years as the mayor of Stamford, “people do not appreciate people in public life like they should. Americans eat their politicians up every day. And this is a huge problem. Not only do we get beat up, our children get beat up. And it’s tough business, a really tough business, for people that want to get in public life.”

Last March, Malloy, the former CEO of a rape crisis center, received an award for that work. The next day, she said, she was ticketed for failing to wear her seat belt. In news stories, reporters noted that the state had launched a “click it or ticket” seat belt campaign. The fine, which she did not contest, was $92.

\"\"“I forgot to put my seat belt on, and I was pulled over by the police,” Malloy said. The police didn’t recognize her because she was driving a crummy car, she told the crowd, using a far earthier adjective than crummy to describe the car.

\”… Someone was saying earlier you can’t get people to run. And I think the reason people don’t want to run is … they say, ‘Wow, do we really want to subject our children to this, do we really want to subject our wives to this, or our husbands?’ And I’ll tell you it’s a big decision because … the media just won’t let up. Every single thing, you know, what are you doing. I have a son who was in significant trouble and just because …”

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29 thoughts on “Cathy Malloy Uncorks in Charlotte — And Apologizes On Thursday Morning [With Audio]

  1. W. R. Stratford

    Let’s see if I understand this correctly. She is suggesting that her receiving the award for her work as CEO of the rape crisis center somehow absolves her of the responsibility to obey the laws that the rest of us have to obey? Is she suggesting that her son’s “significant trouble” with the law should have been handled differently because her husband was the mayor at the time? He committed one or more criminal offenses, and he deserved to be punished. End of story.

  2. Lee

    We certainly appreciate people in public life who represent the people and live by our Constitution and founding principles. Unfortunately there are not many who actually do that. Most are egotists and charlatans who relish in their own personal power over others.

  3. kabee

    Huh??? Who does she think she is?? Just obey the laws! Or better yet – “If she can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”!

  4. earle decker

    I don’t see what the issue with her comments is all about. What she said is absolutly correct. The media has no noble cause. They are trying to sell news, viewership and themselves as some type of celebrity and in doing so, can be the most obnoxious people.

  5. Bette

    Maybe if those “public service” minded people weren’t so full of themselves and listened to what the people who elected them wanted. I love the “public service” bit.Like you are doing us a favor. You get into office and when things aren’t going your way you blame the previous administration, you pull executive privilege, executive orders, and cry foul. Grow the frick up. You didn’t get into public life because you were a goody two shoes. You got into it because you wanted to play king and this is a way of trying to climb your way into the white house that is why your nose is stuck so far up Obama’s butt. It is nice to know that the Governor’s wife thinks she wouldn’t have gotten the seat belt ticket if she was driving a nicer car so that the cop would have recognized her. It is nice to know that she is inferring the cops are crooked.Now Malloy is spending our tax dollars having his cronies drum up news stories about how much good the government is doing for us. Maybe he should have put together a real budget without the “suggestion box” that was going to save us all kinds of money. I have a suggestion for him but he wouldn’t like it.Maybe we should all send him a suggestion Nov 2014 and boot him, his wife, and the rest of the law breaking family (son) out of the Governor’s mansion.

  6. Jimmy Boggs

    OMG: Do we have our own emerging Martha Mitchell? Go ahead, put a bottle in front of her and gin ‘er up then roll the tape.

    Sometimes, people look the part. She kinda looks the part playing a grade A biotch.

    1. Johngaltwhereru

      Jimmy my boy! How are you? What a shame they had to kill the comments section. Some people just have no self control.

      I was wondering what your favorite “Wasserman Shultz Caught Lying” moment was this summer?

      A. Wolf Blitzer calling her out on lying about the Romney/Ryan Medicare lies she is telling.

      B. Anderson Cooper catching her lying about a quote she said the LA Times made, which they had not.

      C. Saying there were no changes to the Democratic Party Platform, and there was no discord on this issue despite audio/video evidence to the contrary.

      D. Lying about the Israeli Ambassador criticizing Republicans.

      E. Lying about lying about the Israeli Ambassador criticizing Republican.

      F. One of her many other lies.

      I hope your summer has been pleasant, Pharaoh.

  7. sarah ito

    And of course we know that, despite the economic conditions
    in the State of Connecticut, that Mrs. Malloy was hired for her most recent position with it’s stunning salary based solely on her qualifications.

  8. Media

    The media is a form of public service: informing the public. Problem is it is a private business so yes we do have to sell the product and keep the public’s attention on slow news days to survive just like any other business.

    Traffic violations in which noone was hurt, intoxicated or evaded responsibility really aren’t news so she has a point there.

    But for every million pointless stories that could be told there are real stories and coverups that the public needs to know about and public servants can cooperate with authorities all the want when they’re caught but rarely share what really happened with the people they’re supposed to be serving. That’s where we come in.

    Part of the job is learning to not take yourself so seriously because when you do do your job well people may treat you like a celeb but deep down we know we’re not.

  9. Dianne

    I think the point she was making about mentioning the award was that the award didn’t make the news, but her seat belt ticket did. And the fact that she was driving an “unsavory” car may have led the police to scrutinize it more.

    1. Beth

      I get it: They pull her over, look at her license, then her car, and do a doubletake, because surely the governor’s wife would drive a better car than that. And that makes the news instead of her award for running a rape crisis center for a decade. I would be a little bitter too. Can’t blame her for being frustrated and wanting to share with others it’s no surprise people think twice when that’s the norm for media coverage: Sell papers or get website hits, no matter what.

  10. John Steel

    Yeah, it is tough being the Governor’s wife. Ms. Malloy has a sweetheart job at a “charity” that pays her $175K per year. A job that she would NEVER have gotten were she not the Governor’s wife.

    She will be free to fade into obscurity when her husband is thrashed if he runs for re-election.

  11. Mike

    $175K per yr and she drives a s****y car ? Oh, looks like she has budget problems, too !
    What a class act…speaking at a National Convention in front of thousands of people, and using such language. What a fine example for the rest of us. She’s disgusting.

  12. Stunned

    Like she would have a gotten a $200,000 annual arts job in Hartford if her husband wasn’t governor.


  13. Johnny 2 Dogs

    Oh, yes we do appreciate those in public service. 20% to federal income tax, 5% to state income tax, 5% to property tax, 7% to FICA, 6.35% to sales tax, and $0.40 cents a gallon for gas tax. Add it all up, Mrs. Malloy, and nearly half my paycheck goes to you. For that, we do expect a lot. Obey the law, you guys wrote them. If you want people to care less about incompetent public sector employees, start lowering our taxes. Maybe then we won’t feel so cheated.

    1. johngaltwhereru

      Well said. Seems simple, doesn’t it?

      The problem is the majority of Malloy voters do not suffer the income tax, state tax or property taxes you just mentioned.

  14. Sharpshooter

    She’s a bit all over the place with this one…first she blames the media for scrutinizing her family …but I was amazed that during the election we heard very little, if anything, about her ‘troubled’ son….. then she seems to be blaming the police for doing their duty and issuing her a ticket and not recognizing ‘who she is’…again I never heard this one either…if she can’t get along with the media that is running blocker for her and all progressives she has bigger problems than previously suspected…

  15. PoorRichard

    Johnny 2 Dogs is right. Half of Americans pay no taxes and the rest of us pay for everything. We work half of the year just to give our hard earned money to the municipal, state and federal governments so they can concoct ways to waste it.

    And to think, the founding fathers of America fought a war over a tax on their breakfast beverage. What would they think of us?

  16. Buster Hughson

    I thought perhaps the quotes used were intended to mislead – blaming the media as she suggests, but then I listened to the tape and I’m still confused. Is she suggesting she should have a better car because she’s the Governor’s wife, that she shouldn’t get a ticket because she’s the Governor’s wife, that criminal activities shouldn’t be reported because it’s the Governor’s family that is involved. Next you know she’ll suggest she should get a job because she’s the Governor’s wife and feels unappeciated. Even Emily’s list isn’t this long.

  17. Forst Era Trooper

    The arrogance of the Malloy family is becoming legend. Her time as a Sexual Assault Advocate cleared the way for a Shadow Boss, openly gay former State rep. Mike Lawlor to take significant control. Using his puppets like Colonel Dan Stebbins of the State Police, who took a 10k raise while laying off rookie Troopers, much damage has been done. Lawlor is a far left politician who sought to have a state take over of Catholic church activities in Connecticut in the 2010 session. He led the repeal of the death penalty in Connecticut, and the release of violent inmates, and downsizing of the CSP on this Governor’s watch. These current leaders are radicals who have a vision for a very changed Connecticut. When you cast your ballot this Fall keep in my mind who and what these people represent. You just got a view to the self entitlement of Mrs. Malloy, who is deflecting the drug use and crimes of her son on the media. Its quite simple you can afford a nicer car with your salary in your job, and the Governors salary. A sh$%^y one is not necessary. Wear your seat belt Mrs. Malloy its the law. As for your son I feel for you dealing with a child using drugs and involved in crime. I sincerely hope he recovers from his addictions.

  18. Leeann

    Another elitist politician – or politician’s wife. They – and we – seem to have lost sight of the fact that politicians WORK FOR US – not the other way around.

  19. IM

    I think most of you people are taking these comments to the point of cruelty. The fact that you don’t like the Malloys does not justify your comments about her son or the jobs she has held. She was almost joking when she talks about the ticket. She wasn’t making a point of what kind of car she drives or whether she should get away with it just because she is who she is. The point is that press and bitter people like you make it difficult for politicians to be “real people” with real problems and real people’s behavior.

  20. Pence

    She refers to “public life” and the “business” of it; that is the problem. Its ‘public service’ and should be viewed and treated as such. People should not be able to make careers out of being a politician, that is not public service, its self service. If one wants to climb the ranks through local, state and national public service, then fine, I know that takes time and effort. But when I see politicians that have never held any position outside of politics I see someone that is not a servant to their public but one that pursued power or prestige, and really just doesn’t get what its like to BE the public. These people are on both sides of the aisle and they are toxic, if its truly public service then serve and be done, don’t live your entire career ‘serving’.

  21. Biff

    According to other reports, she used a more, uh, pungent word than “crappy” to describe her car.

    Maybe I missed it, but I am very curious about the make and model of her “crappy” car and the type of car that she believes is worthy of a queen, er, “governor’s wife,” I mean.

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