CCM Starting New Resource for Municipalities On State Government

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The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities has started a new online resource for municipalities that will help citizens understand what they should know about their state government.

The link, which is on the CCM site at provides information on the relationship between state and local government.

“Residents and business owners across the state need to know that the amount of state aid to towns and cities — money raised from state taxes and fees that the governor and the General Assembly return to your community — directly affects the level of local services in your municipality and the amount of property taxes you pay,”  CCM CEO Jim Finley said in a statement.

“When your property taxes go up and municipal services don\’t meet your needs, ask your state legislators and the governor if state government is providing your community with adequate financial aid. State aid can help pay for the local services you need and can keep your property taxes from going up — again,” Finley explained.

Finley continued, “State government and municipal governments share responsibilities and resources. Both the state and municipalities must provide a variety of important public services. But the ability of each of these two levels of government to raise money differs greatly.\’\’

He added, “Unlike the state, towns and cities have few revenue options available to pay for services. This has resulted in the continued heavy reliance on property taxation as the major source of municipal revenue. Because the value of property varies widely from municipality to municipality, many cities and towns are unable to pay for local service needs from own-source revenues.\’\’

The link provides information on key issues like municipal finance, education, property taxes, and unfunded mandates.

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6 thoughts on “CCM Starting New Resource for Municipalities On State Government

  1. peter

    CCM in an anti-gun organization which helped pushed through the assault weapon and magazine ban. They have there own agenda and should be trusted or supported.

  2. Connecticut is circling the drain

    Sounds like cost shifting shenanigans to me. Where does CCM think the money comes from when towns ask the state for more?

    CT taxpayers are getting tired of being arse raped. Sell your BS somewhere else.

  3. Joe Black

    CCM is a pro-tax, pro-fee, and raise them every year organization. What’s criminal is that our local property tax dollars pay for membership in the CCM. It’s a scam organization that advocates higher state taxes and fees which comes back to cities and artificially keeps the cost of running the towns and cities high. If that money had to come from property taxes, it would curtail the cost of government not increase it. The same is true at the state since not all the money it collects comes back home. What a pantload.

  4. George

    Pete: You meant “CCM [is] an anti-gun organization which helped pushed through the assault weapon and magazine ban. They have [their] own agenda and should [not] be trusted or supported.”

    Just to be clear. I know what you meant and agree 100%.

  5. Scott Wilson

    What the CCM should provide is information so that citizens can understand the CCM. They cloaked themselves with a secret vote and tally when it cam to voting on support and recommendations for the massive gun bill during this past legislative session.

    The act as another conglomerate that citizens have to fight through to have their voices heard. Between the Governor, the anti-gun legislature and the CCM, the Sandy Hook commission and all of the other cabals, our voices were shut down. 1st and 2nd amendment rights went out the window. The really frightening thing was that it was all okay because the ends justified the means.
    The CCM now acts as a fourth branch of government to take from the people.

  6. The Conn-servative

    CCM has been a strong proponent of regionalism,which could effectively be deemed the old county form of government,which means another tax. They have been trying to sell regionalism for some time now,claiming that services in close geographic area can be combined,saving taxpayers money. I don’t buy it and believe it to be another layer of who- you- know,connected jobs.

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