Central Professor: Forget Loans, College Shouldn\’t Cost a Dime

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As the parties in D.C. bicker about who\’s to blame for the recent increase in student loan interest rates, at least one Connecticut college professor is asking: why not make simply make it free?


Central Connecticut State University Professor Jesse Turner said in an interview that European countries do a better job balance corporate subsidies and social spending.

\”They\’re way ahead of us,\” said Turner, who teaches reading and language arts. \”They invest in corporations but they also invest in their people.\”

Some members of Congress have proposed giving students the same interest rate that big banks get from the Federal Reserve–a rate that\’s now near zero. Turner said that increasing rates on those still in school could force more of them to move back home and put off important life milestones like getting a job, buying their first house and starting a family.

\”We only seem to do that to the young,\” he said. \”It just seems unfair.\”

Many countries in Europe, especially in Scandinavia, use tax dollars to provide low-cost or free college education to their citizens. But even some of those nations have increased costs in light of recent economic troubles there.

Congress reportedly won\’t take any actions on student loan rates until after it returns from vacation next week.

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37 thoughts on “Central Professor: Forget Loans, College Shouldn\’t Cost a Dime

  1. Sam

    I wonder if this professor Turner is willing to give up his state salary and teach classes for free also.

  2. johngaltwhereru

    Great idea! Let’s get more like Europe.

    Let’s start with the simple fact that, with the exception of Italy who is one of the bankrupt PIGS, Professors in European Countries make less money than American Professors. I am sure Professor Turner will be more than happy to lower his pay to be in line with his counterparts in Europe in order to subsidize “Free College”.


  3. Richard

    Jesse Turner should work for free to hasten his dream.
    eBooks and online lectures by the best in the field should make AP courses virtually free in the next decade allowing foreign students to enter a 3-year Masters Programs after leaving High School. A handful of American students will be able to keep up with that grind.

  4. Sharpshooter

    I’m certain that when Prof. Turner starts to refuse a paycheck, his comments will start to make sense…
    you can’t have free education when we have overpaid professors and administrtors in the university system…

  5. Gunnhild

    There is a two fold glitch in Turner’s idea. First, entitlement beginning at seventeen/eighteen years old only encourages entitlement further down the pike of adulthood. This is bearing out in European countries like the UK, Greece, and Italy. Students must have some skin in the game. Secondly, college/university is not for everyone and many jobs only require a bachelors because that has become the new diploma (high school) equivalent. At one time, having a high school diploma was a sign of achievement and only requirement for many jobs, now it has become the bachelors. Many of these bachelor programs are nothing more than exaggerated high school semester classes with neither the student or employer able to determine the value, worth, or utilzation of the program’s degree.

  6. enness

    To run with what Gunnhild said about having skin in the game: I used to work for a campus box office. There was a lecture series that cost nothing, but patrons had to have a ticket. We always had a huge stack of tickets afterward from no-shows. A handful of them called (generally the day of the event). Most probably forgot, or didn’t care.

    It must be nice living in fantasy land…at least until the chickens come home. Some countries in Europe have resorted to paying a couple hundred to a couple thousand bucks for each child a woman has. The US has managed to stay ahead there, but not by a lot. Who do you think is going to pay for your retirement, Prof. Turner?

  7. The Conn-servative

    I wonder if this libtard,socialist professor would forgo his kids FREE tuition(at least UCONN does this) and anti-up the tuition.What a nice perk that we all have to pay for. If anything,we are going in the opposite direction with Danny’s brain dead idea of expanding public sector employment with the ever increasing employees at UCONN and the monstrous increase at the health center. With more private sector jobs leaving the state monthly,it only means that each one of us are on the hook for more taxes to pay for this garbage.

      1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

        Good to see you back Doc. You were vintage Galt vs Obamacare. That the press dismisses the illegal delay of a key piece of this garbage legislation is more proof of their complicity in it.

        Happy 4th. How are things down in the new American retirement villa? Is everything working out for you and the family?

        1. Johngaltwhereru

          Hi Kim – I think. Why did you change your profile name? I think I could guess.

          We are doing fine here. Love the weather the people and the limited government. If you and the the wife ever want a little vacation, just say the word.

          1. johngaltwhereru

            Why would someone impersonate me on a non-partisan post?

            CT Circling,

            My family and I am great. Thanks for asking.

            I have been off the site for a while, so I am not sure who everyone is. Seems like impersonation is something the Troll would do, but I have not heard from him since the Obama Administration started getting exposed, in media outlets other than Fox, for the corrupt, iron-fisted lying thugs we have always known them to be .

          2. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

            That would be billy trying together a rise out of someone he thinks is Kim.

            I am the former Jim. Billy is still trying to catch up.

            I am glad you are well and glad to have others help to expose liberal lies at the Federal and state level.

          3. Jimmyboggs

            Hi-a JimNasum, OK, I’m now convinced you are not Kim. but you sure sound like him. Or, as we libtards are want to say; “they all sound alike to me.”

            Johngalt: Just having some innocent fun. deal with it.

            And no, Jim, we liberals (with some conservatism included) don’t tell lies. We have a belief system not unlike yours. using your terminology, I should call your conservative pronouncements lies. I have called them everything else but never “lies.”

  8. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

    That’s rich coming from you professor. Higher education costs have been increasing at double digits for decades to feed the beast that is professorial salaries and benefits. Now you complain the cost is unaffordable. Gee, we wonder why.

    Get a real job and live in our world.

    You, sir are a hippocrite.

        1. fred

          Drain Man, try a 3.5% increase every year for forty years. The result is a 400% increase over that forty years. You take 1.035 to the 40th power.

          You really ought to stop saying “double-digit for decades” because it is not true. Single digit. Nothing to do with liberal. Just math.

          Then there is inflation. $100 dollars in 1973 is worth about $500 in 2013 just due to inflation. This means college is actually cheaper now if it only went up 400% to $400.

          1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain



            I’ll concede on the rate of increase. However, the attached shows the rate of increase in college tuition and fees is 3 times the rate in growth in median family income. A college education is increasingly unaffordable for the average family. At nearly half the after tax income of the median family with doubtful prospects for many who graduate, the value of a college education is called into question.

            Subsidizing student interest rates with more federal money we don’t have is not the answer. Making college affordable in the first place is the answer.

            If you think that college cost is reasonable, you haven’t put a child through college.

          2. Connecticut is Circling the Drain


            More data showing how inflation adjusted tuition cost is far outstripping the ability of families to pay for higher education.

            Of course the academic answer from the professor is to subsidize the exploding student debt. Thatofcourse would allow him to get his defined benefit pension and his free medical for life retirement benefits. Why address the real problem when we can get the taxpayer to ante up, right?

          3. johngaltwhereru


            While I appreciate your quest for accuracy on rates of increase, you jumped far off the rails on your comments comparing general inflation to tuition.

            Since 1986, the overall inflation rate has risen 115.06%, while tuition has increased 498.31%.


            Your comment at the end of your post seems to indicate that you erroneously believe that tuition has risen at a rate lower than general inflation. This has no basis in reality.

            Now, I understand we picked different starting points. You picked a starting data point that included the massive inflation and misery of the Carter years to help your argument. But to pretend that tuition inflation is on par with general inflation destroys your credibility.

          4. fred

            John, I picked those dates because Drain Man said 40 years. Sorry, using the dates he mentioned does not “destroy my credibility.”

          5. Jimmyboggs

            Johngalt: speaking of picking different points. you have stated that medical costs are going off the charts as a result of Obamacare. But you neglect to mention that these same costs have been steadily raising in this manner for decades but more so in recent years much before Obamacare was a distant hope on the hearts and minds of most Americans.

          6. johngaltwhereru


            I will bet you anything you desire that, once all mandates are implemented, insurance premiums will increase greater amounts, in both dollars and percentage, than they had been prior to the 2009 passage of the bill.

            Anything. You name it.

          7. The Conn-servative

            The Unaffordable Healthcare Act itself has caused and will continue to cause healthcare premiums to rise on mere speculation and greed alone. What a perfect time to get everyone with their pants down, raise rates and blame it on this bill.They are in the business to make money,but they are not going to risk losing so much as a penny,so they are using this bill as covering fire to justify rate increases. Obamacare and illegal immigration if passed,in unison, will destroy our country exponentially quicker.

          8. Jimmyboggs

            johngalt: then maybe we aeught to place price controls on costs. here… I am reading a receit from emergency room care for me dated July 25, 1961. Laceration, vortex of skull. Emergency: $5.00, Spec. med: $1.00. CT Blue Cross: $6.00 paid.

          9. johngaltwhereru


            Here we have a specific example using 1973.


            As you can see, general inflation has increased 187% since 1973, whereas tuition at KU increased 1728%

            But that is just one example from Kansas.

            This chart, if you were to look at tuition and mandatory fees at 4 year public universities, it shows a 1200% increase since 1973. This stops at 2006-07, so it is really much higher than 1200%.


            And yes, when you post information that is blatantly false, it does destroy your credibility.

          10. johngaltwhereru

            Billy Boggs,

            This is a great opportunity to address your statement from the immigration story.

            But first, the human skull has no vortex. Your skull might, but it is more likely you lacerated the vertex region of your noggin. Of course, if you hear a giant sucking sound when you try to think, perhaps your skull does have a vortex.

            Now, onto price controls. In 1961 there was no Medicare or Medicaid. People were responsible for their bills, and that simple fact stopped doctors from charging rates that people could not afford. The health insurance plans that did exist were indemnity plans with 10 or 20% co-pays. Again, this caused people to be directly involved in payment for their care, which is the only way other than government force to control costs. However government force comes with the top tier of providers opting out of government health care.

            As much as I would like to ignore your comment that I believe people should pay or die. That is only partially true. I believe there should be a safety net for those who are unable to care for themselves. This safety net should not be available for those who are able but choose not to care for themselves.

            The Individual Mandate, while against every fiber of my being, is the only good thing in Obamacare. Of course they managed to F that up as well by making a penalty which costs less than an insurance premium.

          11. fred

            John, are you serious? An inflation from 1973 to today (39 years) of just 187 percent? John, when you post information that is blatantly false, it does destroy your credibility. You need to look long and hard at that ridiculous 187 percent number. I mean, just as a rough indicator, do you remember how much people doing your job made back then? Remember, also, that this includes what you call the “misery” of the Carter years.

            This is the link I used that says inflation was 424 percent from 1973 to 2013.


            Lets see what you say now, smart guy. Seems your credibilty is destroyed. I said nothing about the cost of college other than to use Drain Man’s 400% number. I was simply saying inflation was close to his 400% number. You may well be right about college costing more. I’m not arguing about the cost of college.

          12. Johngaltwhereru


            Now you are not arguing about the cost of college? Isn’t that what this entire article and discussion have been about.

            As far as the 187% number, it came directly from the NBC story to which I linked. You can argue, that through the use of an extremely liberally biased and illegitimate news source like NBC, I am losing credibility, but not my use of numbers.

            As for your link, you provided a CPI calculator from BLS. There is a difference between CPI and General Inflation, smart guy. Read about that difference, and see if you can figure out why NBC would use 187%. Is it an illegitimate number from a corrupt news outlet, or did they use the most severe example of a legitimate number to make their point?

            We aim to make you smarter every day.

  9. billy boggs

    Jimmy Drain; I like that remark. It made me laugh.

    Dr No; You also made me laugh. Indeed “vertex” is correct. you win a glass of ice tea from China.

    There is no second guess my statement that we should observe other nations and their medical coverage and borrow the best from different sources. I will admit that I can’t say which system will work best at cost containment at the same time covering everyone who needs medical.

    I simply don’t know. but I do know that every one should have accsess to medical care. funny part is that everyone already did but we all indirectly paid for the uninsured when ever a person visited emergency. and we all paid via increased premiums.

    Keep those insults coming. I love ‘em.

  10. lee

    I don’t think Big Government is working well. Lets keep government out of education and health care. Government is the real reason costs are going up, up and away.

  11. freedom lover

    Dear Jesse Turner,
    Put your money where your mouth is – decline all compensation for your services and teach for free. That’s probably the worth of your subject matter anyway, given your ridiculous position.

    Once you give up your compensation, you can get meals from Dannel. You’ll have to sit with the children though

  12. Kim

    Mr. Turner, could you please speak up? I’m having trouble hearing you from up there in your ivory tower.

    On second thought, cancel that request. Nothing you say is worth hearing. It’s easy to be so generous and magnanimous with other peoples’ money, especially after you’ve already made yours.

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