Chris Murphy Talks About His Financial Troubles

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Daniela Altimari talked with Chris Murphy today at the Crocodile Club luncheon, where he said his failure to make rent and mortgage payments over the years were the result of carelessness.

In this clip, Murphy says his financial mistakes are nothing like the mistakes the Linda McMahon made when she went through bankruptcy decades ago. The McMahon campaign is not releasing all documents connected with her bankruptcy.

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16 thoughts on “Chris Murphy Talks About His Financial Troubles

  1. John

    Amazing…only the Courant can turn a story about a dem candidate’s malfeasance into an attack on the republican candidate. How about some more digging on Murphy’s connection with Webster Bank, or where he got the money to make the back payments from?

  2. beantownbilly

    Effective response by Murphy. He stopped the bleeding. Why didn’t he do this three days ago? Hmmm. Although this is the first time I have heard Linda accused of the crime of Billionarity.

  3. Deborah

    We all make mistakes. It is what you do about it that matters. Chris Murphy acknowledged his errors and corrected them. That is a man with good character.

  4. John

    …acknowledged his errors 9 and 5 years after the fact….also, why is the video titled “murph on Linda”. Objectively, isn’t this story about Chris Murphy? Shouldn’t a reputable newspaper like the Courant, use the Congressman’s full name? Or is the reporter so tight with Murphy that they are on a nickname basis? Where is the objectivity?

    1. kristen

      speaking of last names, i find it funny linda doesn’t even use her last name on her website or signs. just linda for senate… ??????

  5. Sharon

    The big difference here is the simple fact that the McMahon campaign has never attempted to hide from or cover up the bankruptcy. In fact Mrs. McMahon is very open about it. Mr. Murphy refused to answer questions about this for three days and still claims that there was only carelessness involved.The average citizen worries about making these payments on time and this is repeat behavior with the single largest expense most people face, the roof over our head. I did see where the bank is now claiming that there was no special treatment, how many other people with a foreclosure filing in their personal history get low rates for a larger loan? I doubt many if any at all. Yes his income increased, but my understanding is that credit is based on history and ability to pay. This still smells bad!

  6. Bret

    Man he blew it. But, I’d rather have a public servant who forgot to pay their bills than a woman who founded and was CEO of a company that peddled sex and violence to teenagers. Yea, Chris OBVIOUSLY made massive mistakes. But, when it comes to integrity it is HILARIOUS THAT THIS IS EVEN A DEBATE!!! Linda was CEO while her husband, on TV, had a woman get on all fours and bark submission to him. No matter what mistakes Chris made, if she is our Senator this is a sad, sad world for women (and educated men).

    1. Michelle Bondra

      Brett, You think that getting a sweetheart loan that no one else could get, is somehow not as bad as a TV show that everyone knows is fiction? Women do not need men like you standing up for us.

  7. Richard

    The real problem here is the Courant has no smoking gun or improper relationship. Is this the “WWE as porn” payback and an attempt to make Murphy a martyr by the mentally deficient in the media?

    Will Murphy bozo bin the MSM like McMahon?

    A real indictment of Murphy would discuss his legislative record, the bills he sponsored (not co-sponsored) that were passed in 6 years, and compare him to a go-getter like Paul Ryan. Compare the ebb and flow of tax dollars in the 5th to Paul Ryan’s district in the last 6 years and you wil understand why Murph can’t be elected. Do you hate CT that much? And love Tennesee?

  8. earle decker

    “result of carelessness.” And this is a guy who sits on the finance committee? At taxpayer expense??

  9. Lee

    It is clear that the Courant is only interested in getting Democrats elected. The point is if Murphy is irresponsible with his own money, what do you think he will do with other peoples money. Also, how does the he reconcile that there are honest law bidding people who have lesser jobs, sometimes multiple jobs, doing what they have to do to just to make ends meet. Does he and the Courant expect those people to vote for a bum.

  10. sam mcclure

    According to the Courant no Repub candidates have ever done anything wrong, or lied, or been behind on their bills. McMahon says she had to file for bankruptcy and lost her house. Have any of the reporters, columnists or editorial writers checked out this claim? What year was that? Which state? As far as I know, there is nowhere where you will lose your primary residence as a result of bankruptcy. I’ll be interested in what lengths the HC will be willing to go to in order to destroy yet another campaign with a candidate Chris.

  11. Jim

    Think about the re-election power of incumbency, folks.
    Murphy is 39 and already has a significant history of screwing up and not dealing with things until forced to. Elect him to the Senate and he could be there for life. Do you really think his skills, habits, and ethics will IMPROVE election to the Senate? Do you really want this lightweight representing Connecticut for practically forever?
    Say what you want about McMahon’s business, but she is (a) smart and (b) in her mid 60s, so she’ll be gone after 2 terms max (call it “de facto Term Limits”), and incumbent Republican in CT get a tough challenge every election anyway.
    If you really want a Democrat then geez lou-eez at least wait for a smart one. Murphy’s not up to it.

  12. Jay

    I don’t know, but it seems to me that if Chris Murphy doesn’t think it is important to pay his bills, sees nothing wrong about forcing the taxpayers to spend money to have the courts remind him to make his payments, and generally thinks that rules apply to everyone but him, he would fit perfectly into the Senate.

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