Cities And Towns Looking For More Money; Committee Decisions In Next Two Weeks

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About 70 municipal leaders descended upon the state Capitol complex Wednesday to seek more money when the state budget is finally hashed out.

The leaders arrived because important decisions will be made over the next two weeks by the budget-writing appropriations committee and the tax-writing finance committee that are facing deadlines on April 23 and 24, respectively.

During a policy briefing at the Officers Club adjacent to the Capitol complex, the mayors and first selectmen heard from top legislative leaders, including Senate President Pro Tem Donald Williams, House Speaker J. Brendan Sharkey, Senate Republican leader John McKinney, and House Republican leader Larry Cafero.

\”We were encouraged,\’\’ said Jim Finley, CCM\’s CEO and longtime chief lobbyist. \”All the leaders on either side of the aisle said they were committed to holding municipalities harmless, but both Don and Brendan said there are challenges to do that.’’

The legislature\’s education committee rejected various cuts for municipalities, but the final decisions will likely not be made until late May or early June by the full House, Senate, and Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

“What we’ve heard from legislative leadership is they are inclined to keep the state property PILOT where it is and keep the Mohegan funding in place where it is,\’\’ Finley told Capitol Watch in an interview. \”The House Speaker is talking about keeping some base funding for Pequot-Mohegan. Right now, that is just under $62 million that would be saved for us.\’\’

He added, \”We’re encouraged by our discussions with legislative leadership. They understand how important this budget is to towns and cities.’’

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3 thoughts on “Cities And Towns Looking For More Money; Committee Decisions In Next Two Weeks

  1. johngaltwhereru

    My apologies for posting off topic, but I am confident the gun control zealots at The Courant did not get the expected outcome in the Georgia Firefighter hostage standoff, and because of that, proper coverage is finished.

    We are now more than 11 hours past the time when the SWAT team killed the hostage taker and the Firefighters were freed alive. However, you would not know this by reading The Courant. Nope. This “news” organization still has a front page “hot topic” of an active hostage situation.

    Does anyone believe that had one or more hostages been killed, the Courant wouldn’t have found a way to stay up to date on this story?

    And as to the gunman’s motive; he was angry his power and cable had been turned off due to non payment. Is the Courant going to blame the Liberal driven entitlement mindset for this hostage situation?

    Perhaps The Courant should decide if they are an advocacy organization or a newspaper.

  2. Johngaltwhereru

    7:30pm Wednesday is when the hostage taker was killed, and when this Courant Hot Topic became inaccurate propaganda.

    16 hours and counting of Yellow Journalism.

    1. johngaltwhereru

      The Courant has now removed the story with no mention of the resolution.

      I guess we should be impressed that the Courant didn’t erroneously report that all 4 firefighters, plus the entire SWAT team were killed by the hostage taker.

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