Citing Gun Vote, Enfield Town Chair Will Skip GOP Dinner This Year

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The chairwoman of the Republican Town Committee in Enfield is skipping the state GOP\’s annual Bush dinner to protest the party\’s decision to present Senate Republican leader John McKinney with its top award.

\"mary\”The man may have done many things in his career that would warrant this accolade,\” Mary Ann Turner wrote in a letter to her fellow chairs from north central Connecticut.

\”But with the gun bill  just passing and his finger printers [embedded] in the cement – I can\’t support this total disregard for our constitution and our personal liberties,\’\’ she wrote.

\”What you do is up to you and your town committee, but this may be the time we finally will get \’leadership\’ to understand, they can\’t lead if we won\’t follow,\’\’ Turner\’s letter states. \”Enfield is taking that stand.\”

The Bush dinner is the state party\’s marquee event and fundraiser. This year\’s gala is scheduled for May 30 in Stamford and will feature a keynote address by Wisconsin governor, and conservative favorite, Scott Walker.

McKinney, a Republican from Fairfield, will receive the party\’s top honor, the Prescott Bush Sr. Award. \”The Bush Award recognizes leadership and Senator McKinney is the definition of a leader — he is a leader in his community, a leader in the Connecticut Republican Party and a forceful leader in the State Senate,\’\’ party Chairman Jerry Labriola Jr. said in a press release last month announcing the award.

In a phone interview, Turner said she agrees that McKinney has an impressive record of service. \”I don’t disagree that Sen. McKinney has done some marvelous things for the state,\’\’ she said. \”I don’t disregard the man for his long service but this gun legislation is … trampling on our liberties. It\’s what our forefathers bled for.\”

McKinney and House Republican Leader Larry Cafero, who are both considering running for governor, were instrumental in crafting bipartisan gun control legislation that cleared the legislature last week.

\”Sen. McKinney\’s a good man, Rep. Cafero’s a good man,\’\’ Turner said. \”But this was a terrible loss to our liberties.\”

McKinney\’s district includes Newtown, where 26 children and educators were killed in December in one of the nation\’s worst mass shootings.

\”I get it, these are his children and his district,\’\’ Turner added. \”He\’s caught in between a rock and a hard spot…but his votes impact all of us.\”



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43 thoughts on “Citing Gun Vote, Enfield Town Chair Will Skip GOP Dinner This Year

  1. Mitch Beck

    I am proud that I have gotten to know Mary Anne Turner and I am even more PROUD that she has taken this stand.

    Good for her…

    I wholeheartedly agree with her position in that the Republican Party has misguidedly chosen to honor a man who led the charge to rob Constitutionally guaranteed rights from the citizens of this state.

    While John has spent a long time in public service and who I had speak at my, “Rally For Republican Unity” last year, he, along with Larry Cafero, pushed through the largest tax increase in state history and has now has taken a step that crossed the line in pushing a gun bill that, as Mary Anne said, “trampling on our liberties.”

    I’ve been called a Republican Activist by the media before and I guess that’s okay, though to be truthful I don’t see it that way, I have previously said that, like Ms. Turner, I too will not attend The Bush Dinner for the same reason.

    So again, I commend Mary Anne Turner for having the strength and conviction to stand up publicly and speaking out in this manner. If we had more Republicans and Republican Leaders in this state willing to do that, perhaps we might be doing better in making our case to the citizens of this state.

    1. Randy

      No body is watching this gun debate more then I am. I can tell you what time these people take a wee wee. I stand with you 100%. Both McKinney and Cafero voted by emotions not by facts of the gun information presented to them by the Newtown and the State Police reports that kind of dribble out a little at a time. We all know our state senators are going to bone us on this. I do give a great ya for John Kissel for standing up for our rights and I hope his.

  2. Chris O'Brien

    What was that wind?

    Oh holy cow… a Republi—- …

    a… LEADER? From Connecticut? Wow!
    FINALLY, a wait.. REPUBLICAN Leader?!

    I guess there is one or two left in this state!

    1. Palin Smith

      The Enfield Republican Town Committe can teach everyone about leadership. In fact, attending last night were an RTC chairman and an RTC vice chairman from different nearby towns.

      Enfield is the biggest town by population in Connecticut’s 2nd Congression District. The GOP candidate for 2nd District Rep. failed to visit it one time during the 2012 campaign. How’s that for the established Republicans in the 2nd District?

      Do you think they should be following Enfield’s lead? You betcha!!

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  4. David Bouley

    “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

    Senator McKinney has, to the surprise and dismay of those in his party, displayed his true measure. He had an opportunity to stand up for what is right in the face of extreme pressure from those around him, and he failed. Mary Ann Turner is making the right call by refusing to honor the Senator. I stand with her.

    1. David Vesce Sr.

      I agree!! Mrs. MaryAnn Turner is a Highly Respected Lady and I will Continually always support and Respect her values of Learn, Revive, Preserve,and Protect our U.S. Constitution !! The Highest Law in the Land as Stated! it is too much Ignored and abused, and misinterpreted ! MaryAnn has gone thru great lengths to Preserve Our Great Republic As Article 4 sec. 4 states.! and our Great Pledge of Allegience states and our Battle Hymn remindes us. God Bless MaryAnn!! ” YOU GO Girl!! ” God Bless America !!

  5. Quiet Eye

    McKinney was in a Westbrook town hall meeting last week and a number of Westbrook citizens refused to shake his hand including myself. I applaud Mary Ann Turner for her principles and her action. I also applaud the Republicans Art Linares and Marilyn Guliano for voting NO on the gun bill. The gun ban is a Constitutional issue, one worth fighting for. If we loose the 2nd Ammendment fight, we also loose the 1st and 4th Ammendments.

  6. ricbee

    McKinney & Cafero deserve to be shot & Turner got those waffling cowards right between the eyes.

    1. David Bouley

      Just stop. You aren’t doing anyone any good by making completely inappropriate comments like this.

  7. SRD06416

    It is such illiterate comments and rants, including the homicidal lunacy of ricbee, that really distinguish gun owners and second amendment defenders as the classiest and most intelligent citizens of our state.

    1. David Bouley

      Nice try. Aside from ricbee, every comment in support of our 2nd amendment rights and/or Ms. Turner is well thought and completely respectful. Move along.

      1. ben shapiro

        Every group has its share of ignorant jerks. ricbee happens to be ours this time around. I’m sure the anti-gunners have their share as well.

  8. Pamela Robinson

    This state party of insignificants squabbling among themselves over good and much needed legislation designed to protect leads me to conclude how off the main they have become. It is a sight to behold.

    1. Forest Chump

      it’s YOU who are insignificant billyboy, whether you’re in mens’ or womens’ clothing.

  9. Moderate Conservative

    Aside from Kissel, Enfield goes blue for everything (Kissel probably even loses in Enfield). So, clearly Mary Anne is useless and maybe it’s time for some leadership changes there. McKinney is a good man – much better than the losers that Enfield nominates for state rep seats.

    1. Enfield GOPer

      Nice try, Moderate Conservative. Enfield has had a GOP mayor and council super-majority since 2007.

      Mary Ann is a highly organized efficient chairman who knows how to run a winning campaign. In the last four cycles, under-ticket candidates for state office have significant headwinds because the GOP has put losers like John McCain, Mitt Romney, Linda McMahon, and Tom Foley at the top of the ticket. If the GOP wants to get serious about winning towns like Enfield, they need to stop running self-funded Fairfield County millionaires. These people have zero street cred with ordinary voters and struggle to connect with them.

      1. Moderate Conservative

        So, the party should be running people like John McKinney…not people like Tom Foley – who Mary Anne will undoubtedly support since McKinney and Cafero both are in her crosshairs. No one ran against Kaupin last time – that shows his strength, not hers. Why can’t any of these losers win state rep seats? Enfield has two, if I am correct – both Democrats.

  10. Jonathan Gilman

    Let me first say I like Mary Ann Turner and she is a good Republican but in this protest she is hurting the very Party is wants to help. Did she think that the Party in power was not going to pass gun control legislation? I didn’t agree with how many Republicans voted but I will not turn on my Party when we need financial resources to win future elections. One Party rule is killing us. I will attend the Bush Dinner so we can get the votes to win next time.

  11. Bob MacGuffie

    The key to rebuilding the Republican Party is to take the principled stands for limited govt, Constitutional law, and fiscal responsibility – no matter the demogoguery from the Liberals. When people see the GOP really stands for something it will attract tons of those coveted “unaffiliated” voters and the state will turn Constitutional red. McKinney just missed a golden opportunity to stand on Constitutional principles and expose the Liberals for the statists they are – these sorry Republicans just don’t have the stomach for the fight and their electoral results prove it.

  12. Dan Hunt

    McKinney is merely the symptom of a far greater problem. Neither Republicans nor Democrats have existed as two distinct parties for decades. They are two distinct parties only on the ballot but merged ideologically long ago into one big Socialist Republicrat regime for the purpose of controlling we the people by usurping our Constitutional rights. The fact the so called state GOP would honor someone who has knowingly and willingly violated the state Constitution illustrates that fact. It is a slap in the face to all Constitution loving Americans. Any registered Republican, who believes in the Constitution should be boycotting and protesting this event instead of attending.

  13. Sarah Passell

    How does the Second Amendment trump the Fifth Amendment, which says, in part, “No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.” Those 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook were deprived of life and liberty without any process other than the thoughts that went through Adam Lanza’s mind. What counts more in our civilization: your assault rifles or their lives? A convicted felon’s right to amass an arsenal or the lives of those 26 slaughtered innocents? I admire Senator McKinney. The Second Amendment doesn’t guarantee anyone the right to own machine guns, shoulder-fired rocket-propelled grenade launchers, nuclear weapons or even hollow-point bullets.

    1. David Bouley

      First, no amendment trumps any other. Giving someone the right to bear arms does not infringe on the liberty of any other being. What a whackjob does with guns he steals is a completely different story.

      Also, when asked, your golden boy Senator McKinney freely admitted that the legislation he just helped to pass would not have prevented or even mildly improved what happened in Newtown. And he is right.

    2. CT Citizen

      Point #1, A convicted felon has no right to have a firearm by laws already on the books. Point #2, Its not whether assault rifles or twenty six murdered people count more, its about the Constitution of the United States, and Point #3, If you admire McKinney, you are probably a liberal and like going to the proctologist.

    3. ben shapiro

      “How does the Second Amendment trump the Fifth Amendment,”

      You’re misinterpreting the constitution. The constitution puts limits on the STATE’s power. When it says that the people can’t be deprived of life liberty and pursuit of happiness, it is saying the GOVERNMENT can’t deprive the people of those rights. That does not mean that there is an onus on the government to ensure that people don’t deprive one another of that right. Only that the government can’t take it away. Much like the government cannot infringe on our right to keep and bare arms. Unfortunately, they have not yet gotten the memo.

  14. CT Citizen

    Three cheers for Enfield! Perhaps an awards dinner can be organized in the northeast part of the state instead of Stamford, Greenwich etc.(We can have a few school buses available to transport the “GOLD COAST” high rollers) I propose that the first award given out be the “Distinguished Backstabber of the year award” In this case, I think the award should be graciously given to two deserving recipients. McKinney and Cafero! Two most deserving Republicans! We can present them with gold plated bayonets for them to cherish as a remembrance of this day! When either of them attempt to run for Gov., their motto can be “DONT TURN YOUR BACKS ON US”

    1. Joey

      Sarah Passell,

      Your statement moves me “Those 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook were deprived of life and liberty without any process other than the thoughts that went through Adam Lanza’s mind.”

      The media has made us aware of how much the Sandy Hook families have suffered. Please take the time to further understand why other parents should be heard.

  15. McIntosh

    Thank you Mary Ann Turner! McKinney and Cafero did not represent the will of their caucuses and neither should be honored by the GOP. I am amazed at how key Republicans in the NY and CT legislatures cut deals rather than make a principled stand. The Federal effort on gun-control, now promoted using a few misguided Newtown families, makes little, if any, mention of improving access to mental healthcare. No problem was solved with SB1160. No future violence will be prevented with SB1160.

  16. sam

    Mrs Turner should run for office. She is not afraid to stand up for what is right. Not like the representatives we have now that just follow Malloys lead.

  17. Brian C. Duffy

    Republican cannibalism. Gotta love it.

    First, Tom “Ethics” Foley, now this.

    All we need is for Linda McMahon to chime in about, let’s say immigration, to make it a trifecta.

    But don’t worry, you can always blame the liberal media.

    Happy Tax Day Monday!

  18. AmusedInCT

    As a someone who tends to lean to the left – I would be thrilled if the CT GOP supported more individuals like Mary Ann Turner as it will ensure that they will be even less of a factor in state politics for many years to come. Keep up the good work Mary Ann!

  19. Kim

    Thank you Mrs. Turner. It’s wonderful to see a principled politician. McKinney screwed the good guys with his vote

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