Climate Change May Claim Connecticut\’s Ski Areas By 2039

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ICYMI over the weekend, these warm wet winters may become the rule:

Scott and a co-author Jackie Dawson predict in a scholarly paper to be published next year that \”the impact of climate change will likely lead to the closure of highly vulnerable ski areas.\” In particular, they point to one scenario that forecasts the disappearance of Connecticut and Massachusetts ski areas within 30 years – or less.


Below is one scenario that Canadian researchers Daniel Scott and Jackie Dawson predict could happen under a lower than expected CO2 emissions scenario over the 21st Century. The boxes show the declining number of ski areas over time.


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One thought on “Climate Change May Claim Connecticut\’s Ski Areas By 2039

  1. johngaltwhereru

    I am still looking for a politician to act on my recommendations on climate change. I believe much of the left’s lust for harsh global warming policies lies in the fact that every solution is centered in hindering Capitalism and funded by intra-US and worldwide wealth redistribution. So I offer the following, both as a solution to the stated causes of global warming, and as a bluff calling to the left:

    We should offer any entity, including evil oil corporations, that develops a clean, renewable energy source which is as abundant, readily available and cost effective as fossil fuels a tax free monopoly on US sales for 50 years. To protect the public, the price of said alternative fuel could only rise with general inflation rates.

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