Clint Eastwood Convention Speech

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I was listening on the radio and I didn\’t realize he was talking to a chair. Who on earth thought of this?

Clint\’s speech seemed goofy, weird and yet it appeared to be most unscripted scripted moment of the entire convention. It felt kind of like your wife-to-be\’s father, after a couple of cocktails, giving advice about life.

Certainly more folks with be searching for this today than Romney\’s speech.


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12 thoughts on “Clint Eastwood Convention Speech

  1. Bill Hosley

    Clint Eastwood is a national treasure in a way few pold ever are. They were so lucky to get him. The skit was fine

  2. Bob

    He’s Clint. He is 82 years old. He is entitled to be as weird as he wants to be. He had a greater grasp on reality than Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney and all of the rest of them who have a bad case of political amnesia about what has actually happened over the last four years.

  3. Lee

    Clint Eastwood added a bit more substance to the convention. His subtle clarity was on target and he is no “hot dogger” The convention as I watch from CSPAN was the best convention I have seen over the past 60 years. Watching from CSPAN spared me from the pundits and I got a real sense of Romney as human and American. It is going to be interesting to see how the Democrats perform with their convention. I am still waiting for Obama to show me how he stands for American values.

  4. Eric

    There are certain things that an 82-year old man should never try. One of them is talking to an imaginary president in a Republican convention. This shtick called for a Bob Newhart or George Burns-type of an octogenerian, not Clint. At times I worried, as I was watching the spectacle, that the man was drifting into senility.

  5. DGarr

    How many ways can one say, “mistake”?
    Republican convention went off the rails with this one.

    Is this a taste of what Republican good judgment looks like?
    What the hell were they thinking?

    This was the last night of the Republican convention.
    And we are given this?

    I am going to try to forget this misstep by this great actor, director.
    Right now, I can only managed to feel sorry for him.
    And to feel sorry for the poor bozo who talked the convention committee into this stunt.

  6. Lee

    I reflect back when America was considered the bastion of freedom, democracy and prosperity. In those days entertainers like Bob Hope, Red Skelton, Jimmy Durante, Ronald Reagan, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart and etc would have most likely have provided great ridicule of Obama more so than Eastwood. In those days people and many in the media, liked American and what it stood for. Now days we have a Democratic Party and media rooting for something no one likes. Maybe we should check the graves of those past entertainer and make sure they have not flipped over.

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