Conspiracy Watch: Martha Dean And Newtown Truthers

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Rennie has a stern warning this morning about Martha Dean. The former Republican candidate for attorney general is talking about a Newtown Setup. Revolting.

Seems like folks need some FB training.

\"marthaDemocrats are now piling on:

Today, the Connecticut Democratic Party strongly condemns the actions of former Republican nominee for Attorney General, Martha Dean.  Dean has been directing people to a controversial YouTube video claiming the horrific shooting in Newtown is actually just a conspiracy. 

“Someone who purported to be qualified to be the attorney for the State of Connecticut should know better,” said Nancy DiNardo, chair of the Connecticut Democratic Party.

Dean’s actions come just weeks after Republican State Representative DebraLee Hovey took to Facebook to criticize former U.S. Representative and gunshot victim Gabrielle Giffords for visiting Newtown and privately meeting with families of victims of the shooting. [Link]

“First we had a State Rep. chastising a gunshot victim for offering aid and comfort.   Now we have a former GOP nominee for a statewide office directing her followers to a conspiracy video about the shooting,” said DiNardo. “Chairman Labirola, Minority Leader McKinney, and Minority Leader Cafero, should condemn her actions, and do so immediately. Another non-apology apology will not going to cut it this time.”

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6 thoughts on “Conspiracy Watch: Martha Dean And Newtown Truthers

  1. Palin Smith

    They should condemn Linda McMahon’s actions the week before the election. She trashed her own Republican presidential candidate by running with Obama. When will Mrs. McMahon be expelled from the Republican Party?

  2. Adam J Schmidt

    I wasn’t aware one could be expelled from a political party that you join by checking a box on voter registration form. That said I have about as much respect for these so called “Newtown Truthers” as I do for the “9/11 Truthers” and the Westboro Baptist “Church.”

  3. Shortcircut

    Martha must have some sparking & arcing upstairs to place any credence in this trash. Seldom, if ever, will clear and concise facts emerge as chaotic events unfold. First Responders are relaying information as they encounter/receive it and investigators sort it out later. In the meantime Martha should take down her post and reflect on the loss of 26 humans she once dreamed of serving.

    1. Ruby

      Talk about mental health being an issue in these tragedies! Boy, Martha is definitely a candidate for an intensive evaluation. It’s frightening to think she is a gun owner, too. What a warped, twisted mind she has. Thank god she is not our Attorney General. I find her so disgusting and certainly put her in the same class as Irving Pinsky. Just wait until the things she said on Rowland’s show today come back to haunt her in the form of a defamation lawsuit for the horrible things she said about some of the parents and their facial expressions!! How absolutely ridiculous her comments were. Just a sick, sick woman.

  4. Martha Dean

    Friends, let me be clear once again: I have never endorsed — and do not — endorse this video or any conspiracy theory making the rounds. This video is out there in circulation and my post asked only for comments on “what’s wrong here”? Comments of all sorts — criticizing the lack of information, criticizing the investigation thus far, criticizing the video, criticizing the decision to post the video, etc. — have come in on my page and elsewhere. The private messages that I have received, with first hand information — information that will eventually come out and put many rumors to rest — have convinced me that posting this specific video should have been done with a clear statement of my position at the outset. Those of you who are familiar with my Facebook page know that I generally try to avoid expressing my view at the outset in order to allow a free-ranging discussion. But, in this case, I agree with my critics that I should have clearly expressed my view up front or, better still in the view of some, not posted the video at all. There will be times when I get it wrong, but you know I will always try to err on the side of a greater flow of information and a more robust discussion of issues and the importance questioning facts.
    At this point I will leave my original post up so there is a clear record for anyone who wishes to check what I actually said.
    To the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre and all those touched by this tragedy: know that you and your lost friends and family are in my thoughts and prayers, and in the thoughts and prayers of millions and millions of people from here around the world. I feel your deep sorrow. I offer my apology for any pain that my posting of the video that is circulating or the inquiry process, generally, may cause you. Know that we share the common objective of getting to the truth. I extend my love and I offer my assistance to you in whatever way I can be of service to you personally in this situation. – Martha Dean

  5. Martha Dean

    Dear Hartford Courant readers, here is the Dennis House interview that appeared on Channel 3?s “Face the State” yesterday. It will answer most of your questions. I post this only to ensure that you understand the reasons behind my decisions and actions: (click on the middle of the three thumprints on this page) — here’s the link >>

    Once again, let me be clear: I have never expressed support for the controversial Sandy Hook video or any of the possible theories that it suggests. (My original Facebook post is still up on my wall, if you would like to check it.) Even so, I have issued a written public apology to the Newtown families for any pain the discussion of this video, and questions in general about the investigation of what happened that day, may cause them. I have no interest in keeping this going — only in being heard (since Mr. Rowland did not allow that). Thank you for your time and fairness. – Martha Dean

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