Consultant on UConn Salaries: OK, But Policy Lacking

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In the wake of controversy over salaries and compensation at the University of Connecticut, the school\’s board of trustees commissioned a careful look at what people make at the state\’s flagship school.

The Special Committee on Compensation\’s report, which includes recommendations from Sibson Consulting. Kathleen Megan will have more later, but here\’s an important finding:


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6 thoughts on “Consultant on UConn Salaries: OK, But Policy Lacking

  1. sue

    What a JOKE. And did you think a consultant PAID for by the university would find otherwise. This consultant would get NO other work from universities. WE the TAXPAYERS KNOW the salaries at UCONN are WAY WAY WAY out of whack. I say to the alums STOP DONATING TO THIS CESSPOOL

  2. Dr. Aki Bola, Esq.

    A consultant paid for by the school determined that the school pay is about even with other overpaid schools, so it’s all good. Carry on.

  3. Nick Cartell

    Really? A consultant hired by UCONN Trustees came up with a report that says the pay rates they approved are okay. Really? Just because other institutions overpay their administrators, doesn’t mean we should. And how about the number of administrators, has that been studied as well? I graduated from college in 1984. Cost per year = $10,000. Same school today $52,000. 420% increase. Inflation over the same period totaled 147%

    Avg. startin salary in my field in 1984 = $23,000; 2012 = $50,000. I do not believe that it is the professors’ salaries that is causing the increase.

  4. Richard

    This has been the game for some time. Hiring consultants to evaluate aspiring executive payrolls with the “best of breed” colleges, Athletic Departments, and Medical Facilities.

    Notice there wasn’t a per capita taxpayer weighting

    They could commission a study for “The Best Values of the Top 250 Colleges in the Nation” and speak to Staff Salaries in that context. Value.

    IF we were to talk about Warde and Susan in the context of the present Athletic Realignment I’d give them a crisp one Dollar Bill. If you knew how little respect UConn has under Herbst you’d lock her up in jail for funsie and commission a study on that.

  5. Jon Arnow

    I’ve been saying this for a while, the mission statement for UCONN is broken. It was broken gradually over the last 40 years by over zealous alumni, who,perhaps, couldn’t get into an Ivy league school and had to settle for UCONN and will do anything to see that their Alma mater becomes at least as good if not ‘better’ than an Ivy at all cost.It was broken by an over zealous administration, who , because of the income tax, got money drunk. And we must not forget our sacred sports programs. Winning is an obsession and addiction with this school for all sports. That’s all and well. But this school was originally set up for Connecticut residents, never supposed to be an ‘IVY’. It was a simply a place to send their kids to get a good education at an affordable cost.Tuition is way out of whack at UCONN.I would hate to be around in twenty years and see how much the administration has raised it by then. Who cares as long as the principles are paid way beyond their worth. They authorize and pay for the scrutinizing of their own pay? What is wrong with this picture? The semiprofessional sports programs that dominate the news are no more, for the most part, than farm teams for professional and semiprofessional sports commercial sports teams. Coaches are way too powerful and wield far too much power. All this headiness started with these programs and has trickled down into the ranks of the faculty and administration and what do we have …..the current monster called UCONNADON. UCONNADON is where administrators are getting lavish pay packages and benefits and finding people , anyone, to say that it’s okay.. Currently,35% of the kids that attend UCONN are from out of state.It used to be 5-10%. Pretty soon it will be 40-45% maybe higher and they can then remove UCONN as the name of the school and call it something like BIG EAST UNIVERSITY, UBE or even better, the University of the WORLD , UWORLD. Why should anyone from this state, living here , why should they give a plug nickle to a school that has blown the cost of a good education out the window for the middle class Connecticut family to satisfy the egos of a few administrators and alumni who see it as ‘their’ cash cow. What a shame. Dollars wasted and spending out of control at our expense. They don’t have to earn the money, it does not come from their pockets. Their own money would be far harder to justify spending.It’s so much easier when it the other fellow’s buck.

  6. George

    It’s time to REMOVE AND REPLACE THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES. They have been allowing the overpayment of UCONN Staff for years now! They are still allowing fast paced hiring, while the State has been experiencing budget problems. They even gave management employees raises a few years ago, while other State Managers were frozen. UCONN Trustees are operating in their own little world to make UCONN the best School in the nation. Who will be able to afford it? I wonder if the Board Members are looking to have their names on one of the buildings built with the Billion dollar UCONN 2000 program… I’m all in favor of good education and a good reputation for UCONN but it’s time to smell the coffee Larry and Company. How much do the Trustee’s earn a year anyhow and who sets their compensation??? Time to make changes Governor Malloy, and sooner than later…

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