Consultant Sues State Republican Party in Small Claims Court

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A Hebron-based communications consultant is suing the Connecticut Republican party in small claims court, alleging he was never paid for work he did more than four years ago.

\"\"State party leaders dispute the claim.

The consultant, Ron Winter, prepared a strategy document for 2008 1st District congressional candidate Joe Visconti. That research was then put into a booklet that the party presented to town chairs in the 1st District, Winter said.

State party leaders approved the work and said they would pay for it, but never did, Winter said.

The dispute \”shows a clear division between the upper level of the party and the rank-and-file doing the work,\’\’ Winter said. [Party leaders] \”can\’t win elections but the people that can help, the rank-and-file, are treated like doormats.”

Bryan Cafferelli, executive director of the state Republican party, said the party never had a contract with Winter. \”There was no contract for services with the party, it was with a congressional candidate,\’\’ Cafferelli said. \”We\’re not responsible for it and we\’ve told him that…we can\’t be paying debts that candidates incurred.\”


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4 thoughts on “Consultant Sues State Republican Party in Small Claims Court

  1. Joe Visconti

    Well after Cafferelli’s comment above including the words “that candidates incurred” I guess I will have to attend Court regarding this matter to tell/show the Judge what I know/posses regarding Mr Winter’s services which he performed at the request of then State Party Chairman Chris Healy and the CTGOP.

    Very sad turn of events here folks, especially considering the party insiders that will be testifying publicly on this matter over such a small amount. Maybe both sides will settle this before Court on January 2, 2013.

    Lastly – I will even hold another CTGOP Fundraiser to get them the money to pay Ron if they are willing to claim their responsibility.

    Tick, Tock……

  2. Amada Price

    You know what bothered me about this news item? It’s that it has been more than four years already. I guess, justice delayed is justice denied – and the adage can’t be any farther from the truth.

    While I was checking out the Web on how to file for claims, I’ve encountered this blog from eQuibbly that shows how expensive it is to do so. It’s not even a day and it will cost you almost a thousand bucks already. I don’t blame folks who opted to leave things to karma instead. Is the justice system beyond repair? I rest my case..

  3. Mary Ann Turner

    I know all about not being paid. Joe Visconti owes me $900 for photos he used in his 2008 campaign and I took him to small claims…guess what I won, but Visconti still ignored the decision and I still don’t have the money. Calling the kettle black?

  4. Joe Visconti

    Hey Turner my committee also owes others which wil show in Court on the Winter vs CTGop case that Winter didn’t do the work Cafferelli/Labriola claims he did for me. As you are aware I authorized you to take those great photos of me. Not so in this case.Thanks for being patient.

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