Courtney on Syria: Bring Congress Back from Recess

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\"Courtney\"U.S. Rep. Joe Courtney is calling for House Speaker John Boehner to cancel the remaining 10 days of Congress\’ summer recess so lawmakers can address the crisis in Syria.

The Democrat who represents Connecticut\’s 2nd District also said he was encouraged by what he heard from the Obama administration.

\”Last night, the administration took a good first step in crafting the U.S. reaction to the events in Syria by briefing Congressional leaders,\’\’ Courtney said in a statement released Friday. \”While a course of action is still being formulated, I am pleased to hear that the administration is not considering any ground invasion or open-ended military commitment. After ten years and two wars in the Middle East, any indefinite commitment of our military forces is an unacceptable option.\”

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11 thoughts on “Courtney on Syria: Bring Congress Back from Recess

  1. lee

    Oh great, didn’t Joe vote for Obamacare without reading it and now he wants us to believe anything he says.

  2. Sharpshooter

    Desperately trying to keep Congress relevant, Courtney calls for a recess from vacation….will he be able to convince Obama to come off his never-ending vacation/campaign trail to address this.

  3. Tim White

    If Obama attacks Syria without a Congressional VOTE, then I hope Obama gets impeached, convicted and removed from office. The Authoritarians, including Obama, need to sent a message. Congress needs to reassert its authority.

    I don’t expect Congress to assert itself, but it would be nice.

  4. Connecticut is circling the drain

    Where are the WMDs? Oh wait, that is reserved for Republicans.

    The hypocrisy of liberals is a wonder to behold.

    1. Billy Boggs


      If you were not so blinded by your partisanship, you would know that there was no WMD in Iraq. It was all made up per instructions of your drunken coke head hero, W Bush. Now there is real evidence that will and is being presented before a strike is made. Further, if it hadn’t been for the lies on Iraq and the British being led to war like a dog as they were called at the time, we might have them as active partners on this anticipated attack. Instead, Parliament has chosen to not be our lap dog again. Another lasting effect of the dark days of W Bush.

      If Prescott Bush had only been neutered we wouldn’t be in such a mess today. BTW, (please say yes,) were you neutered before coming of age?

      I hope.

      1. Connecticut is circling the drain

        Exactly how were all those Kurds killed again Billy? Your selective amnesia is kicking in again.

        whats the statute of limitations on blaming Bush again?

        1. Billy Boggs

          Hey old man in military rags, let me guess. You don’t know the time difference between 1988 and 2003. Space and time mean nothing. You’re really Billy Pilgrim but everyone knew you as Nancy. But you dream of being R2-D2 for the long term.

  5. enness

    I seem to remember a grade-school tactic with our parents that involved asking for something completely crazy, so that what we really wanted in the first place would seem reasonable by comparison. I hope the reps are at least half as smart as our parents but I’m not going to hold my breath.

      1. enness

        Hmm…I was gonna say “too clever by half.” I would argue that the smartest children realize their parents have been around a while, but thanks anyway.

  6. John R. McCommas

    As much as I couldn’t stand Sam Gejdenson, one always got the impression he was one of the players. Not so this guy. Courtney is a backbencher. Does the Speaker even know who this guy is?

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