Cruz and Feinstein Face Off: \’In Sandy Hook, Youngsters Were Dismembered\’

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This morning Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Diane Feinstein go at it over banning assault weapons at a U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee meeting:

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3 thoughts on “Cruz and Feinstein Face Off: \’In Sandy Hook, Youngsters Were Dismembered\’

  1. Fake Thomas Jefferson

    Nice job Senator Cruz to expose her hypocritical bill. Also it is apparent that she is quite cranky after serving for 20 years and should consider retiring for her health. Looks like the left side of her face has some sort of paralysis, maybe some sort of a palsy. She sould reduce her stress level.

  2. sam

    Senator Cruz did a great job. As far as the Fienstein woman maybe she has been in office to long and the power may have gone to her head. Sounds like she sees the constitution as a document you can twist and turn to fit her needs, I wonder if that is what our forefather’s intentions were when they drafted and signed it. These liberals need to be run out of Washington. They are destroying our country.

  3. johngaltwhereru

    Obviously Rick believes Durbin, Chairman Sanders and Feinstein won this debate, otherwise the link to the video would never have been provided.

    I think all people who believe Legislation should be passed based on emotions will believe Rick is right. I believe those who believe Legislation should be passed based on logic believe Senator Cruz won the debate.

    One thing is for certain; liberals who like to quote Heller ignore the fact that the Court upheld the 2nd Amendment and, more importantly, Liberals intentionally misrepresent Scalia’s opinion on the case. Scalia stated the 2nd Amendment is not absolute, and that is where they leave it. They ignore the fact that Scalia specifically indicated that restrictions on owning functional tanks, M-16 FULLY automatic rifles, and ownership by criminals and the mentally ill. He does not say any of the proposed bans are Constitutional.

    These lies of ommission have become standard protocol for the left, and those who blindly follow the left’s propaganda.

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