CT Delegation Expresses Outrage Over IRS

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Several members of Connecticut\’s all-Democratic congressional delegation expressed anger and disappointment Monday over revelations that the Internal Revenue Service targeted conservative groups.

\"blumenthalU.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (in an interview): \”There absolutely needs to be an investigation as promptly and effectively as possible. I say that as a former federal prosecutor who jealously protected the neutrality and confidentiality of the IRS.

\”These allegations, if true, are clearly repugnant and reprehensible…and they violate the core ethos of the Internal Revenue Service.\”

The incident \”takes us back to the Nixonian days of politicized IRS functions, which were put behind us with strong legal protections to individual taxpayers. We need to make sure we zealously safeguard the credibility and trust that the IRS has.\”

\"himesU.S. Rep. Jim Himes (in an interview): \”It looks outrageous…It appears there was malfeasance and targeting of group based on their ideology.

\”Clearly there\’s got to be an investigation here and if it turns out that groups were targeted because of their ideology,\” action needs to be taken.
\”The people within the IRS, starting with the IRS Inspector General, should be asked some tough questions by the United States Congress.\”
U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty (in a statement): “These are incredibly unsettling allegations that should concern all Americans. It’s completely unacceptable for the IRS to target groups or individuals based on their political views. A full Congressional investigation is warranted, and anyone who acted inappropriately or abused power must be held fully accountable.” 

U.S. Rep. John Larson, a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, which has oversight over the IRS and will hold a hearing on the matter Friday (in a statement): “We should never have a situation where any group is singled out for extra scrutiny based on their ideological perspective, and such actions are absolutely inexcusable. Everyone deserves to be treated equally under the law. I commend Chairman Camp for calling a hearing this Friday to fully investigate this matter.”
U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro (in a statement): “The IRS’s conduct is a disappointing abuse of power. There is no place for this kind of activity in our politically neutral agencies. I hope that those who participated in inappropriate activities are held fully accountable.”
U.S. Rep. Joe Courtney (via Twitter): \”The actions taken by the IRS should alarm all Americans. A full investigation is warranted.\”
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16 thoughts on “CT Delegation Expresses Outrage Over IRS

  1. johngaltwhereru

    And the demand for an investigation when Tea Party groups complained of this treatment?

    Yeah, I’m sure they are outraged. They are outraged that the IRS admitted their actions and outraged that their normaly complicit media reported on the subject.

  2. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

    Another day, another scandal from the Obamanation. Buncha liars and thieves.


    1. johngaltwhereru

      Hey, the good news is this time the Obama Administration attacked and violated the Constitutional rights of the AP. (Again, no mention of this story here at The Courant.)

      Maybe now the AP will actually report on the incredible and, in my opinion unprecedented corruption of this Administration.

      The most grotesque thing about The Courant ignoring this latest incidence of thuggery by the Administration is that the phone records illegaly and secretly obtained were from New York, D.C. and HARTFORD. No reason to cover that story, right Courant?

      1. Bill

        I agree. This is incredible laps of journalistic responsibility. I can’t believe the Courant isn’t covering this. I have terminated all my friendly contacts with the Hartford Courant.

        Shame on them. but the people will voice their disdain in 2014. That, I am sure of.

  3. Quinte West

    Read Blumenthal’s comments again…..is this cadaver for real? Always looking to somehow reference the Republican party whenever a Democratic administration is caught red- handed. Newsflash Dick–when you pull”Nixonian” comparisons out of the air,you are asking us to relate today’s events to something that happened in the 70’s.. you remember the 70’s, when you were a war hero in Vietnam.

    1. JohnKN

      The Benghazi situation is constantly related to Watergate, and sometimes even the Iran Contra… neither party is innocent. Get off your high horse, idiot.

      1. johngaltwhereru

        If you are comparing Watergate and Iran Contra to Benghazi, you need not worry about other people getting off their high horse and worry about the part of the horse in which your head stuck.

        Iran-contra resulted in 14 indictments and 11 convictions. Watergate resulted in a sitting President resigning.

        You know what Benghazi will result in? I do:

        An overinflated historical distortion of the Obama Presidency and a Hillary Clinton nomination for President.

        See any differences now?

        And don’t be surprised if the reason Clinton and Obama lied so hard to hide this is because the mission of the CIA at the Benghazi outpost was to supply the opposition with weapons. You know, like the Iran Contra Affair?

        1. Midas Mulligan

          I have already written about this mess for a publication but I won’t post it here. If I had your contact, I would send it to you, Johngalt. But I am not asking for it. Just saying.

      2. Quinte West

        You are correct John that both parties too often don’t take responsibility for their own shortcomings. They are both guilty of raising the spector of the “other guy’s”. My comments were directed to Blumenthal making a career out of pointing the finger. If you have followed his blatherings, you know it to be true.
        Also, if I ever do get on a “high horse”, I’ll get off it when I feel like it. Not when someone as offensive as you tells me to.

  4. Common_Tator

    The real outrage should be knowing that we have now established a bi-partisan validation for partisan use of the IRS without consequences, the next republican president spells the death of their (and Kermit Gosnell’s) beloved Planned Parenthoods…

  5. Disgusted former Democrat

    Semper Lie Blumenthal in full damage control. Paging Rob Simmons to run and end this mans sorry career.

  6. Paisley

    All the more reason that Obamacare should be repealed. The IRS should not be given any more responsibility and authority until they can show that this rampant abuse of power is no longer going to happen. While affordable healthcare for all americans is a good intention – Obamacare is proving to be too costly for anyone. I personally know of several NW Corner businesses getting ready to lay off 30% of their workers in expectation of Obamacare. Businesses will not survive it.

  7. walls

    The Alabama AG is asking all ‘Tea Party’ and ‘Patriot’ groups who might have been targeted in his state to contact his office; he wants to investigate and is contemplating suing the fed on behalf of Alabama groups who were disenfranchised.

    Now there’s a strong, principled AG for you ….

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