CT Democrats Invoke Perry Job-Poaching Tour in Fundraising Email

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Connecticut Democrats are using Texas Gov. Rick Perry\’s jobs-poaching trip to the state in a fundraising email.

\”This afternoon, Rick Perry will be in Hartford to try to lure Connecticut business away to Texas,\’\’ Jonathan Harris, executive director of the Connecticut Democratic party, wrote in an email. \”This isn’t about gun manufacturers; he is meeting with pharmaceutical and financial services companies as well. We need your help to tell Rick Perry to stay away from our jobs! Please donate $10 to help make sure that people around the state know what is happening today.\”

The email bolsters the notion that the so-called battle over jobs between Texas and Connecticut is nothing more than a publicity stunt for all involved.


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9 thoughts on “CT Democrats Invoke Perry Job-Poaching Tour in Fundraising Email

  1. The Conn-servative

    News flash Jonathan Harris,leader of the state socialist,anti-business party: Gov. Perry isn’t luring CT business as much as your party,led by Danny + company are intentionally driving it out.

  2. Lee

    good buy jobs and over-taxed citizens. Connecticut has become a left wing bastion of failure.

  3. Quinte West

    I would rather donate money to have people around the state know what has been happening for the last 2 years–that the Malloy administration, in concert with the Democratic majority, have put us on a path of ruination.
    Put that in your fundraising appeal.

  4. DrHunterSThompson

    Rocket science 101: when you are pushed away follow the path of least resistance to recovery.


    1. Kim

      This is the second time I’ve agreed with you over the last 2 months, Doc. One of us must be ‘seeing the light’

  5. Jim

    Fundraising? Really? Why not pay a visit to the companies you are alienating and trying to push out of the state and ask them what you can do for them as politicians to keep them here. That hasn’t happened because Malloy, Blumenthal and Murphy and other state Dems are too smug and high & mighty to do a simple thing that might repair the strained relationships with any of the companies that you have dumped on. That won’t cost anything, stop bleeding the state dry and do your jobs!

  6. Sharpshooter

    as usual…the Dems go on a fund raising campaign when their territory is threatened…what will they do with the contributions…lower taxes…attract international and national businesses to Connecticut…no… they’ll give it to candidates who will double down on the Dem agenda…stronger public unions, higher taxes…more give aways and perhaps a busway that will connect Willimantic with Meridan….

  7. Kim

    gee Daniela, which ‘notion’ is that being ‘bolstered’. Gotta love your tried-and-false practice of spinning virtually everything you ‘report’ on. Maybe ‘sparse’ was touted as a good thing when you were in school.

    Your writings ‘bolster’ the ‘notion’ that you were hired not for talent or objectivity – or even investigational tenacity – but to shill the liberal viewpoint whatever the cost. Should look good on your resume

  8. StoptheFraud

    Gov.Perry was right on when he stated that Malloy was deflecting the embarrassment of another Governor coming to the vulnerable State of Ct to entice business owners to leave. This should be a wake-up call for the Democrats that we cannot be taxed anymore. Not only the residents want to leave but so do the Businesses that generate the jobs. This State needs a total rehab of our-tax-you- to-death mentality. And by the way how many out there realize that the gas tax will increase another 4 cents on July 1st.

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