CT Dems Take Aim at Romney, Trump and McMahon

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Connecticut Democrats have a new web video out linking Republicans Mitt Romney, Linda McMahon and Donald Trump.


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4 thoughts on “CT Dems Take Aim at Romney, Trump and McMahon

  1. SmGovGood

    After 30 years of control in the CT legislature, look how well the Dems are doing…..Raised taxes $3.5 Billion and it may not be enough! #1 Highest debt per person of the 50 states. Highest Electric rates in the USA! Lowest Job growth in the Private sector for 20 years! CT is about the only state with Negative population growth. CT is the #1 worst place to retire, What an endorsment of our state’s over taxation. Bond rating lowered, the world is noticing how badly CT manages money…spend, Tax and spend more. Sad, very sad!

  2. Palin Smith

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. America is sick and getting sicker. Connecticut has been infected with “tax-eating” disease. Such a beatiful state with the ugliest political agendas!

  3. SherriJane

    Anything coming from CT Democrats is not believable. They have ruined CT and if I could afford to move I would. Every one of them is in lock step with the White House and they don’t dare be independent in their thinking. Let them go back to playing solitaire during meetings. That’s about all they are good for and that’s what they are getting a good salary for. Frankly I would think the good citizens of CT would be sick and tired of paying these incompetents.

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