CT Gun Bill Signing

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Malloy signs the bill:

Families hug legislators after the signing ceremony:

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13 thoughts on “CT Gun Bill Signing

  1. Connecticut is Dying Too

    The village idiots are assembled and its time to ram another liberal agenda item down our throats. Meanwhile, Rome burns and Dannel Obamalloy plays the harp.

    What a ship of fools.

  2. Himmler

    Now we must continue with the next step a ban on all weapons. The SS I mean DHS must be ready to knock down doors and take these weapons of mass destruction out of the hands of gun nuts. Only governments need guns and criminals wont be a problem they will not attack the government only the sheep. Russia got it right in 1929 only had to kill about 20 million people.

    1. The Conn-servative

      Hey Himmler,everywhere Hitler(Danny boy) goes, Eva Braun(Wyman) goes. So hear me out on this.Since the bathroom bill was passed two years ago, does that mean they use the same stall together. You gotta admit, it’s not to far fetched.

  3. Jeb

    Does this mean he can get back to the job of governing? Or is there more campaigning to do for him to get his job in DC. Lord knows he doesn’t stand a chance in hell of geting re-elected.

  4. William Shannon

    What a surprise ! First they give death row inmates a reprieve now the punish honest,law-abiding citizens. This socialist agenda only creates a bigger problem. The next election period ought to be interesting.

  5. Ian

    I found this interesting

    “dangerous weapon offender” registry:

    “…we also have “the nation’s first statewide dangerous weapon offender registry”. An idea that Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney has proposed before (here‘s a 2011 Courant article on that proposal), the registry requires that: Individuals must register with DESPP if they have been convicted of any of more than 40 enumerated weapons offenses (mostly gun offenses) or another felony that the court makes a finding involved the use or threatened use of a deadly weapon.
    from http://apublicdefender.com/2013/04/01/state-to-establish-dangerous-weapon-offender-registry/

    So, they are defining a “Dangerous Weapon” as a person who has committed a crime with a gun? So by logic and reasoning, any mass shooting or any shooting at all, the dangerous weapon is the person who used a gun, and when a dangerous person inflicts harm (assault) on others they therefore become an “Assault Weapon” thereby they are defining the ‘assault weapon’ as the ‘person’ and not the inanimate object.

  6. A Great Day

    This is just a start. Next year we will begin to ban more weapons and raise fees so no one can have a gun in this state. The tea bagger fascist NRA members can stamp their feet and cry but this is a BLUE state. As for Colt go. You are an embarrassment to our state marketing your killing machines and causing the carnage in the inner cities. I only hope they invite Jim Carrey to the Obama speech at University of Hartford. If one child is saved by this it was worth it. So proud of Beth Bye a woman with a huge political future.

    1. Joey

      A Great Day,

      I’ve read headlines like:

      HARTFORD — Gov. Dannel P. Malloy continued his surprise overseas mission on Wednesday, visiting service members stationed in Afghanistan as part of a Department of Defense program for governors. (tax dollars at work!)

      I understand your hatred for guns to some degree. Asking Colt to leave Connecticut doesn’t make ANY sense to me. If Govenor Molloy had to go to Afghanistan and tell our troups, Sorry, Colts closed, no more guns, not many big rocks here, just throw sand in their eyes, he would be retuning home in the same plane with ALL of our troups.

      Please, try to look at the BIG picture. Count the number of countries where our military has been deployed. Do they go there unarmed? WHY are they there? Some feel we are there because their government is treating them unfairly.

      Myself and MANY of my family and friends have served in the military and felt we did it to preserve the liberty and freedoms we have in the United States. We maybe didn’t really like the thought that had to carry a gun and the reality that our govenment expected us to take another person’s life to DEFEND or nation. I have many family members that are in law enforcement who are faced with the same reality.

      Our military is there to protect us at home and overseas. Our police are here to protect us in our towns an cities. Who are these people who put their lives on the line to protect us. For me, they are the people sitting around the table at family gatherings. My family and friends ALL think that taking another person’s life is a last measure when reason will not resolve the conflict.

      Some of us want our government to protect us and some accept the responsibilty to protect themselves. Guns at times are the last resort. In the miltary and police, the higher command dictate the type of gun to be used and when. In selfdefence you make that choice. If the govenment feels it should make that choice for us, they need, purchase and distribute guns and ammunition to those who chose to protect themselves.

      Sandy Hook was tragic. Please do not forget the 58,195 names on the Vietnam Memorial Wall and forget that they gave their lives to defend our FREEDOMS.

  7. walls

    More background checks coming folks …. so why can’t we have one starting with the Kenyan? Here are some questions I’d like answered …. maybe Danny boy can ask question #1.

    1. Why does Obama have a CT SSN? Did he ever live here? How come this question has NEVER BEEN ANSWERED????

    2. Per Sheriff Arpaio, all flight records into Hawaii the week of Obama’s birth are MISSING. Just one week for the whole year, and they are all MISSING? Why???

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. Maybe some of the libtards and progressives have the answers … I’d really be interested in hearing the answers.

    Background checks …. they only apply to certain people. It’s the liberal way ….

  8. yaba daba doo-time

    A birther. No wait, an elaborate flaming birther. I should have known. Siri: messages from walls, ignore.

    1. walls

      You didn’t answer the questions, fool. I’m still waiting ….. Name calling and changing the subject are typical libtard responses.

      1. yaba daba doo-time

        I don’t have to answer the question, I’m a name calling low info voter!

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