CT Legislators Write Congress: Pass Obama\’s Gun Control Plan

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Nearly 60 state legislators, including members of the Democratic leadership, have written a letter to all Members of Congress urging them to support President Obama\’s gun control initiative. The list does not include Republican leaders. Here\’s the letter:


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18 thoughts on “CT Legislators Write Congress: Pass Obama\’s Gun Control Plan

    1. Rally Against Guns Bill

      What’s it to you? Nothing better to do with your life?

      We are going to have server restrictions of guns whether you like it or not.

  1. peter

    This letter and their names have been forwarded to the NRA and Connecticut Sportsmen Group which will work to remove these legislators in the next election.

    1. Mike Robinson

      Wait a sec. I was told the NRA was simply a gun safety organization. You mean they strike fast and hard to influence legislation and drive their political agenda? I’m shocked.

      1. Connecticut is Dying Too

        Yeah Mike, and we’re all shocked of moveon.org, realclearpolitics.org, the AARP, SEIU/labor, Planned Parenthood, and all the other Democratic interest groups also.

  2. Mike

    From 2001 to 2007 about 27,000 arrests for gun related violations in CT. Including felons trying to buy guns. 71 percent were not prosecuted! Legislators only wish to pass laws to pad their résumé to the great unwashed! If they cared abou results they would correct shortfalls like this on implementation of existing laws and check impact before passing additional legislation.

  3. sam

    @Rally Against Guns Bill, I want to know if any of the idiots I voted for signed it. Thats what it is to me lol. Again Rally these gun restrictions will do nothing to curb crime and I am sure you know that. This is just feel good vote gathering politics is all this is. To any politician that needs a little more media exposure come jump on the gun bam band wagon. This state is run by fools and the liberals just keep putting them back in office term after term.
    By the way there are not 60 names on that site, I think I oply counted like 31 or so.

    1. andy

      So, what is your solution to curb gun violence? Which I think we can all agree is a problem in the U.S. Give us detailed examples.

    2. gun control bill

      Sam; if we ban all semi automatic weapons nationally and we ban magazines over 7 capacity, and we launch a buy back, and we increase the penalties for possession, then in time it will have an effect. Just like in Britain. Just like in Australia.,

      but I know you need your 2nd amendment rights over the rights of children’s lives.

      1. Austin says

        @gun control bill, say all law-abiding citizens are disarmed who will protect the our children from the criminals who buy weapons illegally. the police respond but most of the time it’s to late. Taking 2nd Amendment right away will not protect our children, but it will leave them vulnerable.

  4. Thomas Fitzgibbons

    The 60 legislators obviously made up their minds regarding gun control way before the Newtown tragedy. The whole process was a sham. Shame on them! The legislators chairing and running the so called “hearings” interrupted the testimony of one pro gun person who quoted Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. The chair person said, “I want to point out that both Lincoln and Kennedy were killed by guns” Shazam! How many people didn’t know that? The same legislator ran the 3rd hearing at Newtown. He allowed a group of people wearing white “T” shirts with green broken hearts on them to go over the three minute limits all night. The pro gun people never received equal time. What a joke the hearings were. Perhaps the next right to be rescinded will be the 4th Amendment prohibiting illegal search and seizure by state and federal government. Why not? Just trample the Constitution because you do not like the particular right that amendment concerns.

  5. Connecticut is Dying Too

    Whats next on your list after guns wildbilly? Paychecks? Speech?

    Dr. John, please save me a spot in Costa Rica. I may need it if this creeping liberalism/ socialism/ progressivism tumor metastasizes further.

    1. rally no guns BillY

      He needs somebody to shine his shoes, common sense. You’re his man. Bring boot polish.

      BTW: Don’t expect to purchase a gun for protection. Costa Rican law won’t allow it.

  6. sam

    @ Gun control Bill, Do you have any hard facts on the Britian and Australia having less crime? The reason I asked I looked that up the other day and found a couple articles that said both Britians and Australia’ gun violence crime rates actually have gone up in recent years. I guess if “law abiding” citizens arent aloud to have guns to protect themselves from criminals, it makes it that much easier for “law abiding citizens” to become victims of gun violence. Please let me know where you found your information I would like to look that over. Seriously.

    1. Mike Robinson

      Sam, John Howard prime minister of Australia from 1996 to 2007 published this op-ed in the NY Times Jan 16, 2013

      “today, there is a wide consensus that our 1996 reforms not only reduced the gun-related homicide rate, but also the suicide rate. The Australian Institute of Criminology found that gun-related murders and suicides fell sharply after 1996. The American Law and Economics Review found that our gun buyback scheme cut firearm suicides by 74 percent. In the 18 years before the 1996 reforms, Australia suffered 13 gun massacres — each with more than four victims — causing a total of 102 deaths. There has not been a single massacre in that category since 1996.

      Few Australians would deny that their country is safer today as a consequence of gun control.”


  7. Austin says

    Ban assault weapons high capacity magazines but people will find a way to buy a gun, just like they do Marijuana. In Chicago they have strictest gun laws in the country and the highest gun violence. so when everyone is disarmed who is going to protect you from the criminals who buy weapons illegally, what the police who by the time they show up you are shot or killed. gun control is not the best solution, mental health awareness would be the best solution. because most of the recent shootings involved somebody with a mental health issue.

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