Democrats Feeling Gun Vote Fallout Too

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Connecticut Republicans aren\’t the only ones likely to experience fallout from the recent gun control debate at the state Capitol.

In Bristol, at least one Democrat is furious at one of the city\’s Democratic representatives in the legislature for voting against the new law.

According to Steve Collins in Bristol Today, Joella Bouchard Mudry, a member of the Democratic State Central Committee called lawmakers who voted against the gun bill \”a bunch of cowards.\” She also said she would not work for their reelection.

One of those Democrats is Rep. Frank Nicastro of Bristol. In a speech on the floor of the House, Nicastro explained why he voted against the bill. He cited a hypothetical case of a 17-year-old member of the military who served in combat yet could not legally buy a gun when he returned home because the law restricts such purchases to those 21 and older.

\”If I\’m good enough to be able to handle an M-16…go overseas and fight for people\’s liberties, and fight for this country, and put my life on the line then why should I be denied the right to buy a rifle?\’\’ Nicastro asked.


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6 thoughts on “Democrats Feeling Gun Vote Fallout Too

  1. sam

    I commend Rep. Frank Nicastro of Bristol, here is a man who has a mind of his own and voted with common sense. This was a BS law from the start that was fueled by emotions and not common sense. Hopefully it will be overturned in the courts.

  2. Disgusted former Democrat

    The Democrat party in Connecticut has become a very far left group of intolerant elitists. They view themselves as a self entitled ruling class.

  3. tmj

    Frank is a good man. He is a true moderate Dem. which does not occupy the party anymore. He is also a Wartime Vet, so the question he rises is not without meaning/impact. Those idiots in the Legislate know full and well the Northwest/Northeast Corners are moderate to conservative population. Sen. Welch voted against the radical bill as well. Losts of people will lose there jobs come re-election. Maybe those towns/cities in the southeast(NYC Puppets) will hold on, most will experiance the unemployment line of sorts. There are millions of law abiding gun owners in the state, and most are registered voters. Don’t forget your retired police and military veterans have been effected and will voice it at the polls as well.

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