Democrats Fire Back At Republicans On Esty Criticism, Saying \’They Have No Ideas\’

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\"jonathanThe executive director for the state Democratic Party, Jonathan Harris, responded late Saturday afternoon to criticism of U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty, D-5th District, by state Republican Party Chairman Jerry Labriola and Republican 5th District congressional candidate  Mark Greenberg.

Both Republicans had blasted Esty for accepting campaign contributions from people in the energy and environmental industries, which her husband, Dan Esty, regulates in Connecticut as commissioner of the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. The contributions were the subject of a Courant Government Watch column that was posted online Friday night.

\"esty\"Harris said: \”Republicans in Connecticut have become like the Republicans in Washington; they have no ideas, so they spend all their time attacking and blocking.   It’s all rather sad and depressing.

\”The Republican Party has been attacking and trying to make an issue of this for the past couple of years.  With each attack, Elizabeth has addressed the issue in a forthright manner.   The voters had a chance to assess those attacks and her responses and decided to elect Elizabeth to Congress.  Case closed.”

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24 thoughts on “Democrats Fire Back At Republicans On Esty Criticism, Saying \’They Have No Ideas\’

  1. Quinte West

    Jonathan Harris is a good man. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him when he was a Senator from West Hartford.I always found him thoughtful,measured and fair in his opinions and approach.
    But, in this instance he is dead wrong, and he knows it. He cannot defend the ethical lapses of either Commissioner or Congresswoman Esty, so he attacks the criticizers, the Republicans. Jonathan’s tepid defense tells me that even a Party loyalist like himself can’t condone the rampant hubris and blatant disregard for ethics that has become the norm for the Democrats in this State.
    We all know for certain that if this was a Republican Congresswoman or an appointee of a Republican Governor, Mr. Harris and his folks would see it differently.

  2. George

    Ethics don’t go out of style. Esty showed her true character with this campaign financing SNAFU, and it is not attractive.

  3. Hubris

    Elizabeth Esty believes she can do no wrong – her husband believes the same. It is because they believe they are part of a privileged class – a little better, a little smarter than the rest of us. They think they know better what is good and what is right – they think they have achieved their positions because of that. It’s dangerous ground to stand on.

  4. Bob MacGuffie

    Esty was just doing what comes natural to the ruling class – greasing their campaigns thru those over whom they hold leverage. We’re just not gonna take it any more and will remind the citizenry of our poor choices in representatives right thru to the next election. Government is supposed to be our servant, not our master and we will work to churn this wretched bunch till we get people who understand how it’s supposed to work.

  5. Jeb Capoblappo

    Elizabeth Esty, aside from a few minor gaffs, will make a fine congresswoman over the long haul that she will be in her seat.

    We will make this a certainty. Mark my words.

    1. Quinte West

      Who is “We” Jeb? Do you work in the energies or environmental industry?

      1. Jeb Capoblappo

        The “we” that I refer to are good, intelligent-thinking and level-headed citizens who seek and support good leadership. Esty was chastised for taking these monies and she returned it. Fault the system that forces every office holder to take in as much money as possible in order to fund the next election cycle. They system is broken. John McClain tried in vain to fix it. But the reality is that the pressure is so intense that frequently monies are accepted when they should not be. I am in favor of mandatory limited public financing of elections and a short campaign period.

        Quinte: The problem exists on both sides. Don’t single out Esty simply because you are a Republican. First fault the system.

        1. Quinte West

          Jeb: I agree with you that it is on both sides, and in more states than CT. But, she is our Representative and if we don’t start holding our elected officials to a higher standard then there will be no standards of conduct.
          And for the record–you are incorrect on my party affiliation.

      2. Jeb Capoblappo

        And no, I don’t work for the environmental industry. I was the happiest when I read that indeed she had accepted these monies. but unfortunately,this is the reality in politics.

        1. Jeb Capoblappo

          correction: I was “not the happiest…”

          I don’t think that all democrats act with intelligence. but with the further parting of party ideology to extremes especially republicans,there is no way that I will ever side with a republican. which I guess leaves me no choice.

          1. bkatz

            gollum advertises his subjectivity for all to see. This in direct contradiction to his previous claim of ‘keeping an open mind’.

            His idea of an open mind is to never ‘side with a republican’.

            ‘Nuff said

  6. Mike

    In the political arena any kind of ethics violation is viewed as OK if you can get away with it. If not you make some type of lame corrective action and all is forgiven! In the real world you would loose your job period!
    The fact that we do not have this type of standard in politics is part of the problem we see daily with elected officials today. No accountability!

  7. Mike Burke

    Mrs.Esty, this stinks. However, the bigger problem is that you and your defenders can’t smell it. I sincerely hope that you and other arrogant, self important politicians like yourselves will be out of work soon. Then you can go work directly for the corporations that pay you.

  8. Marcela

    Asking questions are in fact fastidious thing if you are not understanding anything fully, but this piece of writing gives nice understanding even.

  9. Disgusted former Democrat

    She should be investigated and held accountable for utter lack of ethics. Not protected and coddled like a recalcitrant child.

  10. Hubris

    She did not return “these monies” – that’s the point. She returned only the toxic NU monies and only when they became politically toxic. The story says she got at least $30k more from energy and other regulated companies that she is keeping. And so far the only one to say anything is Jonathan Harris? Why isn’t Elizabeth Esty telling her constituents what she is going to do with the money?

  11. Sharpshooter

    I didn’t think the issue was about ideas….I think it’s about corruption…anyone from any party knows corruption when they see it…why all the misdirection on issues….


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  13. John M

    Democrats always stand up for each other even when they are wrong.Harris looks foolish.Esty should never have taken the money and must return the other monies.With her husband in charge of DEEP there is no questions what she has been doing looks bad. Does she really want to be known as the Congresswoman who has been bought and paid for. She is supposed to be working for us, not energy interests.

  14. johngaltwhereru

    How is attacking Republicans a valid defense of Esty’s actions?

    If there is no problem with politicians taking money from industries their spouses regulate, then just say that. Tell the people you think more arrangements like those of the Esty’s should permeate Congress on both sides of the aisle.

    Also, the smug arrogance Mr. Harris displayed in his “case closed” statement is astonishing. A Congressional seat is not a lifetime appointment. Every 2 years, the voters will have a chance to decide whether financial/regulatory arrangements of this nature are relevant to their vote. The case is not closed until the people say it is closed. Esty won her last election by 8088 votes, and she got crushed everywhere but her Districts 4 largest cities. Next time she will have to win without the benefit of riding the wave of minority voters that came out to re-elect Obama.

    1. Just Curious

      Mrs. Esty was a one-term State Rep, and she’ll be a one-term Congresswoman.

  15. DBCG

    Esty is awful and should resign! How bad do you have to be for people to realize you don’t belong in government?

  16. Hubris

    Here’s an idea – and it’s not even from a Republican: Don’t take money from people who are regulated by your husband!

    It seems simple enough, but apparently, the philosopher king Elizabeth doesn’t get it.

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