Democrats Say McKinney\’s a Nice Guy Who Has Voted Against CT\’s Middle Class

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With Republican John McKinney\’s candidacy for governor finally official, Connecticut Democrats wasted little time slamming his record.

McKinney is \”a nice guy,\’\’ said Jonathan Harris, executive director of the state Democratic party. And, Harris noted, the state senator from Fairfield has a long record of public service.\"mckinn\"

But that\’s where the praise ends. \”More often than not, as demonstrated by his legislative record, he has voted against the interests of Connecticut\’s middle class,\’\’ Harris said. \”And for the most part he cheered on the two Republican governors who drove Connecticut into the ditch Gov. Malloy has been working so hard to pull us out of.”

Harris cites McKinney\’s opposition to raising the minimum wage and mandating paid sick leave as two areas where McKinney has \”voted against the middle class.\”

\”[W]hen he had the chance to lead, he supported people and policies that got Connecticut into the mess in the first place,\’\’ Harris said in a statement. \”Gov. Malloy is focused on Connecticut\’s promising future; Sen. McKinney would like to revisit and relive the failed policies of the past.”

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23 thoughts on “Democrats Say McKinney\’s a Nice Guy Who Has Voted Against CT\’s Middle Class

  1. CT Resident

    Dan Malloy has been working to pull us OUT of this mess? He’s been driving us deeper in the hole! And Rowland and Rell didn’t write those budgets that got us here – the Democrats who ran the state house did. Let’s get our facts straight, guys.

    McKinney is a strong voice for reasonable government. He’d be an incredible Governor, but even mediocrity would shine in comparison to this current administration.

  2. Steven Rosenbaum

    If Jesus Christ himself were to run for Governor as a Republican, Daniela Altimari’s headline would read, “Long Haired Fundamentalist to be GOP Standard Bearer”

  3. Business Owner

    Yes Malloy has done quite the job pulling us out of the Democratic budgets that have been passed with him and our Republician Govs. Malloy has gone out of his way to reward the low income people of CT (Earned Income Credit and record money spent on low income housing in his two and a half years of reign) at the expense of the middle class. He has raised taxes across the board on the middle class via sales, gas and income taxes but yet we have still overspent our means. The Dems should look at the population figures and realize your college grads and your retirees are fleeing the state. Less people mean more taxes for who is left. Please anyone then this complete idiot Malloy.

    1. fred

      You are wrong. People are NOT leaving Connecticut. Population is increasing slightly per US census estimates:

      3,287,116 – 1990
      3,405,565 – 2000
      3,574,097 – 2010
      3,586,717- 2011
      3,590,347 – 2012

      Sorry if the facts get in the way of your imaginary narrative.

      1. Business Owner

        Sorry you are wrong Fred. The population in CT in 2010 was 3,574,097 and based on the birth rate in 2007 of 41,660 and deaths reported of 28,651 we should have a natural population increase per year from 2010 of 13,009. Take that number for 2011 and 2012 our population should have grown by 26,018 leaving us with a population of about 3,600,115. But as you stated our population in 2012 is 3,590,347. Given the birth and death rates will flucuate but not a great deal. That would appear flat to negative to me Fred.
        Sorry if facts get in the way of you thinking CT is going gang busters. Common sense appears to also be lacking in the 3rd most expensive state to live in and actually #1 in the continental US.

        1. fred

          You were the one who said people were “fleeing.” I never said anything about “gang busters.” I just said CT population was increasing, and it IS increasing despite your speculations about what the population “should be.” Pretty close to flat. Hardly fleeing.

          Connecticut has the 4th highest median income.

          1. Business Owner

            They are leaving. I hope you do well with lower home valuations and higher taxes. It doesn’t matter if you are 4th in highest median income when you are 3rd in expenses to be paid. There are no businesses coming in and no small business can afford to start here. I know someone that put 40 resumes out in CT. She got 2 interviews and no offers. Sent 10 out in MA and got 6 interviews and 3 job offers. Tell me CT is doing well again and I’m wrong. In the last year alone I know at least 15 people that have gotten jobs out of state and have bolted. Another 4 were in my offices today and yesterday planning their exit from here.

          2. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

            @ Business Owner: you have probably noticed by now that Fred is the Bagdad Bob of the Malloy administration. Fred always has a happy statistic like median income handy to tell us how wonderful things are in Connecticut. Please ignore all the anecdotal stories about people leaving the state or such meaningless information as budget deficits, unfunded entitlement liabilities, assumed growth rates, or borrowing for operations. It’s all good in our liberal utopia called the people’s republic of Connecticut. Do not fret comrade. Liberals are in charge and people like Fred know what’s best for us. If it can work for Detroit, it can work for us, right?

          3. ccbeachcomber

            Fred is ouchogroucho in drag – how many of those in the increase are gainfully employed? And how many came here to freeload off Democrat vote buying legislation paid for by the taxpayers of CT?

          4. Scott

            I would like to see the numbers broken down by makers vs takers. Why do I suspect those numbers wouldn’t be pretty. Just wait to the wealth of Fairfield/Litchfield counties starts its migration. I know of 4 families with very significant assets who are actively planning their escape. This isn’t 4 nuclear families but 4 clans with multiple generations. Probably exceeds 200 heads. I can’t even begin to imagine what their total wealth is. I know in my circle its a very active and ongoing discussion. I realize that the next comment will be something along the lines of “good riddance, etc”. This fine as that is your perogative. Just realize that this is what happened in Detroit.

          5. fred

            The anecdotal “people are leaving” stories are weak. Every year about 30,000 people move to CT from other states and about 30,000 move out. Almost by definition you don’t know any of the people moving here. So your unscientific sample of only people you know is also badly skewed to only those people living here now. As a practical matter I don’t think it is necessary, or even possible, for CT to provide a job to every college student graduating here. We have good schools that attract people from everywhere.

            I don’t know if the people moving here meet your high standards. I do know that businesses are doing OK with a flat GDP for the last few years. We are keeping good people, or efficiency is rising enough to cover the slackers.

            $197.20 billion GDP in 2012
            $197.45 billion GDP in 2011
            $197.61 billion GDP in 2010
            $195.24 billion GDP in 2009


  4. Megel

    This is Megel again. Us undocumented workers like a CT, so much is free. You have a so much and don’t mind paying more taxes. You like a sheep here. No complaining, just a keep paying. My a wife so a happy with big welafare check we get. We live a like kings. We a come by the thousands, and you a keep paying. Ha, ha, ha. We a call you sheeple.

  5. Mark

    McKinney may have voted against the damaging redistributionist Democrat policy that’s created more poverty than prosperity in places like Bridgeport and Hartford but he didn’t vote against the Middle Class. Dan Malloy gave hundreds of millions to Billion Dollar Corporations like NBC, ESPN, and Cigna. Dan Malloy is buying jobs and votes with the Middle Class Tax Payers money. He’s a union lackey for supporting the CT Fastrac. CT is on the Fastrac to Detroit.

    1. Michael

      Texas is #1 in lack of health insurance, #2 in poverty and #49 in high school diplomas. CT receives 27% of it’s state budget in Federal grants and TX receives 40% of it’s state budget in Federal money. Lets also remember most of the TX delegation were holding up Sandy relief, as if TX will never have a tropical storm or tornado ever again. You have that TX big shot Governor Perry, visiting CT to poach Connecticut jobs, as the CT taxpayer supports the TX state budget and no embarrassment about TX holding up Sandy relief.

  6. Michael

    As imperfect as the Democrats may be, why vote Republican? Why should the dwindling middle class, working poor, retired, recent graduates and minorities vote Republican? What can the Republicans offer the non-wealthy? As there is a 50/50 chance for a Governor Foley, it’s easy to imagine him putting more cash in the hands of the wealthy, under the excuse that they are the ‘makers’, the job creators. The last time the Republicans did something gutsy is back in ’95, when Rowland had welfare people pay a monthly visit to Social Services to get their benefits, stopped the inmates from receiving welfare, and tightened the benefits of having too many welfare children. What’s so attractive about the current-day Connecticut Republican party that they deserve to lead state government??

    1. enness

      I would use a stronger word than “imperfect”; that’s an understatement. Still, you have a point.

  7. Quinte West

    Thank you Jonathan Harris for your insightful expose of Senator McKinney. I’m sure that you reached your opinion of the Senators voting record as a result of an exhaustive search of General Assembly voting records. Or maybe you relied upon your own personal knowledge of his voting record from when you were a Senator from West Hartford and served next to him in the Senate.
    Or maybe Senator Harris, you realize as do more and more of your Democratic party members and office holders, that the train wreck of collusion between the Malloy administration and the Majority Dems in the General Assembly is hurtling down the tracks coming right at you. And because of that you will say anything to distract the voters from the truth and to protect the true culprits who have done grievous disservice to our once proud State. Your Party members.
    When the Dems controlled all but the Governors seat, they railed against the power of the Executive branch. Now, for the last 2 and a half years with full unchecked control, they blame former Governors who had to compromise with the same group of Democratic legislators for years .
    It doesn’t pass the smell test—the State is under Democratic control–it is their fiscal policies , their tax increases, their stagnant economic non-recovery, their widening poverty gap and , perhaps worst of all , the growing sense of despair and unhappiness being expressed by all of Ct–the poor, middle class and yes, even the affluent.
    The lack of leadership, absence of civility and dearth of thoughtful public policy by the Majority Democratic Party has brought CT to where it is today.
    It is time to stop the downward spiral.
    Remember in November.

    1. Michael

      Come November, vote for who? The Connecticut Republican party is totally directionless, and doesn’t have any talent to stop that downward spiral. The question still remains, why should the stressed out middle class, working poor, retired, recent graduates, and minorities vote Republican? How can the Republicans help the non-wealthy, without first putting cash in the hands of the wealthy, waiting decades, hoping that cash will dribble downward?

      1. Quinte West

        We have seen in a very short time what happens to open government, transparency and spirited debate on proposed public policy when there is one party rule. Whether we elect a Republican Governor or shift the balance of exclusivity and power in the Senate or House, we need a more balance checks and balance system of government in CT. Neither party should have total control and domination, because when they do, we all suffer.

  8. Alpinglow

    A trust fund baby from the gold coast who doesn’t even pretend to practice law, he voted for the economic development program he says he now is running against, and who voted against the clean elections program… but is taking the money.


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