Dems Budget Would Hike State Spending By Nearly 10 Percent Over Two Years

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A key Democratic committee voted Friday to increase state spending by nearly 10 percent over the next two years in a state budget that cuts millions from hospitals, increases salaries for judges by 5 percent, cuts college scholarships, and extends a tax surcharge on corporate profits for two more years.

Legislators on a separate committee voted to reject Gov. Dannel P. Malloy\’s highly controversial plan to eliminate the property tax on most cars for the next two years, but Democratic leaders left the door open Friday for a possible compromise in the future.

Gasoline prices would increase by 2 to 4 cents per gallon on July 1 under a previously approved tax increase that is now scheduled to take effect for the main summer driving season. The increase would occur under the state\’s highly complicated, two-pronged gasoline tax, and the exact amount of the tax would vary because the percentage is pegged to the fluctuating wholesale price of gasoline.

The budget committee restored some funding for cities and towns, but the chief lobbyist for municipalities described the decisions as \”a mixed bag\’\’ that will be subject to further negotiations. Lawmakers also rejected Malloy\’s plan to consolidate the legal staffs of the Freedom of Information Commission and other watchdog agencies, rather than keeping them autonomous.

The budget-writing appropriations committee called for spending $21.5 billion in the fiscal year that starts on July 1 and $22.36 billion in the following year. The combined total is $49 million higher than Gov. Dannel P. Malloy proposed over the biennium – essentially the same level as the governor on a two-year base of more than $43 billion.

Democrats who control the House and Senate said the budget and tax decisions were reasonable in a time of economic sluggishness. Sen. Toni Harp, the influential co-chairwoman of the budget committee, said the proposal was \”a little better\’\’ than the plan offered in February by Malloy.

Friday\’s proposals re-set the table and set the stage for the final budget negotiations that will involve Malloy and the top legislative leaders. The final decisions will likely not be made until late May or early June as the legislative session is scheduled to end on June 5.

But Republicans blasted both the taxing and spending decisions at the committee level.

\”This budget does not curtail government. It grows government,\’\’ said House Republican leader Larry Cafero of Norwalk. \”We are growing government by leaps and bounds.\’\’

Like Malloy\’s proposal, the committee plan includes deep cuts to the state\’s hospitals that total about $550 million statewide over the biennium. Malloy\’s budget director, Ben Barnes, questions whether it is fair to describe the changes as cuts, but the hospitals say they are definitely cuts – coming on top of reductions that were made by the legislature in a deficit mitigation plan that was passed in December.

Bristol Hospital says the cuts would amount to $3.2 million over two years, while Griffin Hospital says it would be cut by $6 million over two years. Malloy, however, says the hospitals statewide have seen huge increases from the state over the past 10 years.

Harp mentioned during a news conference that hospital chief executive officers are currently earning huge salaries that sometimes exceed $1 million per year.

\”Executives in the for-profit businesses don\’t make that kind of money,\’\’ Harp told reporters at the state Capitol complex.

The two committees were meeting simultaneously on Friday afternoon as they crafted the state\’s budget. The tax package was approved by 31 to 17 with six members absent. The spending increase was approved by 32 to 17 with four legislators absent.

The overall spending increases over Malloy\’s budget would be $10.7 million in the first year and $38.3 million in the second year.

Barnes, in a statement, thanked the two committees for their work that he said is close to Malloy\’s budgetary framework.

\”There is a lot in this budget we agree on,\’\’ he said. “There are also problems that will need to be addressed, including the need to continue key bipartisan education reforms, to support economic development initiatives that will grow jobs, and to provide real tax relief for middle class families.  As it stands, this proposal doesn’t get there.\’\’

He added, “Despite those and other concerns, we believe the announcement today is a good step toward putting together a responsible budget for the coming biennium.  We’re confident that working together in the weeks ahead Connecticut can achieve an honest budget that does not raise taxes.”

Senate Republican leader John McKinney of Fairfield said he was outraged that about $8 million in college scholarships would be cut for students at schools like Fairfield University and Sacred Heart at the same time that jobs in the state bureaucracy were being saved.

\”It is absolutely abominable,\’\’ McKinney told reporters at the Capitol complex. \”This is a disappointing day.\’\’

The gross receipts tax on gasoline is scheduled to increase July 1 under a previously approved schedule, which could generate an estimated $60 million per year for state coffers. Republicans offered an amendment to block the tax increase, which is a percentage of the wholesale price of gasoline, but the effort failed. If no changes are made in the coming months, the gross receipts tax – which currently has an effective rate of 7.53 percent of the wholesale price – will increase to 8.81 percent on July 1.

\”We all feel the pain when we\’re at the pump,\’\’ said Sen. John Fonfara, a Hartford Democrat who co-chairs the finance committee and opposed the tax cut. \”But we also have a debate every year on how we\’re going to maintain our infrastructure and pay for our roadways.\’\’

Even before the votes, Republicans harshly criticized the proposals. Cafero told Capitol Watch earlier this week that the budget was being balanced by \”smoke and mirrors,\’\’ adding that the various financial moves are \”ironically, a dramatic turnabout from what this governor said he would never do – borrowing to pay operating expenses.\’\’

The massive state budget covers everything from dental care for prison inmates to salaries for state commissioners. The committee budget would keep in place a series of commissions that various governors have tried to consolidate, including the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women, the Commission on Children, and African-American Affairs Commission. Rather than being consolidated and seeing their budgets cut, the Commission on Children would see an increase of $50,000 in each of the next two years, and the women\’s commission would see an increase of $20,000.

In addition, pay for judges – who have not had a pay raise since 2007 – would increase by 5.3 percent.

State Rep. Christopher Davis, an Ellington Republican, said he could not support the tax package because he says it does little for the business climate. \”We\’re not saying we\’re open for business,\’\’ Davis told colleagues on the finance committee, choosing a phrase often used by Malloy.

Rae Ann Knopf, the Connecticut Council for Education Reform’s executive director, was disappointed in the budget committee\’s work.

\”From the perspective of education reform, this budget is very disappointing,\’\’ Knopf said. \”It takes many steps backwards on too many of the reforms that were signed into law last year.  For example, it decreases the number of commissioner’s network schools from 21 to 12; allocates no funding for implementing Common Core; and allocates half as much funding as needed for districts to phase in the new teacher and principal evaluation and support system. Making these changes in Connecticut schools is critical to closing gaps in learning for Connecticut’s low-income and minority students.\’\’

She added, \”We understand lawmakers are facing very difficult decisions, and we get that they’re trying to do everything they can without the necessary funding.  We’re sympathetic to their plight.  But this is about priorities.\’\’

Like two Republican governors before him, Malloy proposed consolidating state commissions in an attempt to save money. He was trying to eliminate six commissions in order to create a new agency that would be called the Commission on Citizen Advocacy. The six commissions currently have a combined 26 employees, while Malloy’s new entity would have 18 and save more than $1.6 million.

Malloy’s plan was similar to those offered several times in the past by Republican governors John G. Rowland and M. Jodi Rell, along with Republican legislators. Each time, the Democratic-controlled legislature rejected the ideas, saying that the nonpartisan commissions regarding women, children, aging, Asian Americans, African Americans, and Latinos and Puerto Ricans should remain as independent, standalone agencies.

The leaders of those agencies – one by one – testified in February in front of the powerful budget-writing appropriations committee.

“The Permanent Commission on the Status of Women rejects the governor’s recommendation,’’ Teresa C. Younger, the group’s executive director, said at the time. “It is important to have diversity at the table. The merger of these organizations would be detrimental.’’

Created in 1973, the 40-year-old agency focuses on gender discrimination, pay equity, gender inequities and other issues of concern to women.

The Connecticut Community Providers Association, which represents non-profit agencies that receive money from the state, said in a statement Friday: \”We appreciate that the appropriations committee has attempted to mitigate the impact of the Governor’s proposed budget cuts to mental health and addiction treatment services in the state.  The committee has restored approximately 75 percent of the governor’s proposed cuts to these critical services.  While this is a beginning to restoration of funding, the fact remains: a cut is a cut.  Services to individuals with serious mental illness and substance use disorders will be compromised.\’\’

The CCPA added, \”Additionally, services to individuals with developmental and physical disabilities remain seriously at risk, as virtually no changes have been made to the Governor’s proposal which amounts to roughly $21 million in embedded cuts which are passed along to providers. These providers are financially fragile and cannot withstand yet another budget cut while maintaining access to high quality services for extremely vulnerable individuals.\’\’

The Courant\’s Daniela Altimari reports the following on the committee debate Friday:

Rep. Melissa Ziobron, R-East Haddam, questioned a proposed pay increase for judges in light of the state\’s still-struggling economy.

\”In light of the economy, I\’d like somebody to explain to me how we can approve [an]…increase at this time,\’\’ Ziobron said.

Rep. Craig Miner, R-Litchfield, said he found some things to like in the budget, including an addition $3 million for the state\’s vocational-agricultural schools over what Malloy had proposed, and more money for charter schools.

\”There are a number of things in here I am grateful for,\’\’ Miner said. \”But it is build on that same flawed foundation, that $585 million hospital catastrophe that is the underpinning of this budget.\”

Sen. Rob Kane of Watertown, the ranking Republican on the appropriations committee, said lawmakers did not look to state employees for additional concessions, nor did the so-called \”suggestion box\” established by Malloy to uncover efficiencies yield significant savings.

\”We are going to be staring at future deficits and future tax increases if we continue down this same road,\’\’ Kane predicted.

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54 thoughts on “Dems Budget Would Hike State Spending By Nearly 10 Percent Over Two Years

  1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

    It would seem that the Democrats are trying to outdo each over state spending. No one seems to care about borrowing to cover operations (who does that) or trying to rein in unsustainable spending.

    Welcome to the new math in the libtardian parallel universe of ideas. BOHICA.

    1. code green

      how many right wing nut posters here are all from the same old tired kim the trolling men’s room predator? richard is probably the only clean one. ha.

      1. Out of CT

        So glad that the 2011 tax hike finally forced the business I worked for to lay me off so I could find a job south and leave CT to its mess Hartford created over the past 3 decades. I pay less tax (like 1/3 of what I paid in CT) and my salary nearly doubled for doing the same work. Want my advice; get the heck out of CT while you can.

  2. Finster Baby

    With a State economy in the toilet and zero job growth (except for State government jobs)the Malloy-Democrats have, once again, showed their true colors with this budget. They simply cannot end their perpetual addiction to more taxes and more state spending. Does anyone in CT really believe we will be better off with more state spending AND Taxes???

    1. Fed Up

      Have no fear, finster. They’ll negotiate and meet somewhere in the middle and call it a ‘great victory’ for ‘fiscal prudence’ and ‘common sense’, proving once again how the democratic process is such a success.

      The sad part? Most voters will buy it and vote overwhelmingly for Democrats at the next opportunity

      1. Michael

        Fed Up— What is it about the Konnecticut Republican party platform that’s attractive to young voters, the working poor, the struggling middle class and retirees??? I’m afraid that it will be another another dose of trickle-down economics that has been a 4 decade failed experiment.

        1. Betrayed Democrat

          Besides all the handouts and class warfare, what about the Demokrats is attractive to CT voters?

          There is no doubt that the R’s need to do better. Being of the Libertarian persuasion, I don’t have much faith in either party. But do you really think that R’s would win in CT by standing up and saying they’re going to cut off the freebies?

          The government-owned, freeloading society is what Democrats have been pushing for for years. You might find that it appeals to a certain type of voter, but that doesn’t make it right.

        2. Johngaltwhereru

          I thought the 80’s, which saw median income rise at the fastest level in history, along with the bottom quintile of earners seeing their largest increase in earnings in history went pretty well. Certainly better than the misery of the 70’s, which preceded trickle down economics.

          I thought the 90’s, with miniscule unemployment and the largest peace time expansion of the economy in history went pretty well. Couldn’t have gone too poorly for the working poor and retirees, who to this day still put Clinton on a golden pedestal.

          I thought the first half of the 2000’s, with continued miniscule unemployment, despite catastrophic events not seen since WWII, went pretty well. If you recall, Democrats kept their fat mouths shut about the economy during the ’04 an ’06 elections, as things were humming along quite nicely. Democrats were pretty focused on Iraq and Bush hating black people because he made Hurricane Katrina so terrible.

          Any of this stirring any reality into your memory?

    2. Johngaltwhereru

      What do they care about spending. The vast majority of their voters don’t pay taxes.

  3. America Is Dying

    Your taxers will rise since 100’s or 1000’s more private sector employees lose their jobs like in the gun industry.
    Your taxes will rise because the public sector payrolls are not sustainable.

    1. Fed Up

      and when those public sector people are let go, there’ll be a huge increase in disability applicants. Early retirement (after 20-25 years) will suddenly become the norm. Then the TRUE costs of their benefits will kick in, really hitting the wallets of the CT taxpayer (the only ones who will truly suffer).

      To accommodate those who aren’t eligible for retirement because they’ve only been working for the state for a couple of years, Malloy will ‘negotiate’ a new deal with the unions to reduce the requirements; approve early retirement with big payoff bonuses; and contract out services to higher-priced consultants who work for companies owned by – or donating to – state politicians.

      1. Palin Smith

        The smart people have exited the state already or planning to move soon. The tax eaters are insatiable. The leeches are fat and sassy.

  4. Richard

    What about the Permanent Commission on the Status of White Men Employed by the Private Sector?

    According to UConn’s Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis and today’s economic report on the State of the State we are an endangered an dunder represented species with that massive $24 Billion in underfunded pensions and retirement benefits to state workers great and small.

          1. wildbill

            not me – I spend too much time on my knees to be on any commissions. Can’t talk with my mouth full either

  5. Forest Chump

    Where is the money for the ‘Permanent Commission on the Financial Solvency of Taxpayers’? Or the ‘Permanent Commission on the Status of Freedom in CT’? How about the ‘Commission to Rein in Government’?

    Imagine the horror of prisoners and criminals having bad teeth? Heaven forbid they invade homes, engage in carjackings, or rob banks without a nice smile. This, while their victims suffer from lack of dental care because its’ too expensive.

    State commissioners obviously need increases in their salaries, what with everyday costs increasing (medical, taxes, etc). Can’t have state employees losing one single penny of their percs and benefits – the taxpayers will pick up the tab with a double-hit. Taxpayers get to pay the increases from their own meager paychecks, and again to cover the state employees increase in their salaries.

    Are you still wondering why honest, law-abiding citizens need to protect themselves from overreaching government? Time to stock up on pressure cookers and backpacks, because you can’t get a gun or the ammunition for it when you need it.

  6. Betrayed Democrat

    On a side note: Has anyone heard anything about the immigration status of the Boston bombers or their families? Could they possibly be illegal immigrants? Can’t have that information floating around out there in the middle of total amnesty talks for the millions already here.

  7. Underdog

    Time to can all of them….time to get a hacketman into government to get rid of the DEAD wood!

  8. Buttpincher

    Mr. Keating, isn’t there a law that requires the budget to not grow more than 3% per year?

  9. America Is Dying

    The massive state budget covers everything from dental care for prison inmates to salaries for state comissioners.

    Nice Spelling! Commissioners!

  10. sue

    I told you folks some time back the tax man is a cometh and he did. DANNY BOY and the ‘RATS continue to spend this state in oblivion and they could care less since as others have stated the low lifes who vote for them pay NO TAXES and now thanks to DANNY BOY and the ‘RATS get a refund know as the earned income tax credit. 3.5 million is the population of the state and 700,000 are on welfare. of the 3.5 million how many are children who can’t vote. there is the math. Reward the lazy with welfare, food stamps, section 8 housing, free breakfasts and lunches in school, force the public utilities to give them free natural gas and electricity and on and on and on. And when the sell their SANP cards for cash they go to the nearest food pantry or pantries. On the Jim Vicecich show last week one volunteer called about a women who hits up 20 food pantries/week. This is why barrack and the ‘RATS are pushing for amnesty for the 60 million illegals who want a free ride and will be permanent ‘RAT supporters.

    1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

      Maybe enough ‘RATS will fall off the sinking ship called Connecticut. Only then do we have a hope of restoring fiscal sanity to this state.

  11. Mark

    Politicians are spending for their own benefit and to get elected. They have no clue about the economy or good government nor to do they care. Let the state go broke so we have forced austerity and they have to cut really deep. We give these political fools too much power. There’s more people voting for a living than working for a living in CT. God forbid we enabled the free market. Politicians love control and won’t let it happen. They want to hand deliver wasteful politically charged grants and ask for more and more money. CUT THEM OFF!!!

  12. enness

    Are you freaking kidding me? Ten percent? Into what black hole is that going to go? No way do I believe it’s going to go into the roads — if they aren’t doing what they have the strongest mandate to do already, forget it.

    “dental care for prison inmates”

    Toothbrush, paste, floss, Listerine. Five bucks a person tops. (Okay, I know that is simplistic…still, I bet a lot of people share the sentiment!)

  13. enness

    Honestly, do they want me to get the hell out of Dodge at the earliest opportunity? Why can’t we throw these people out?

  14. Brian C. Duffy

    The usual CABs are out in full force here.

    Proud of Boston this week and especially tonight. The taxpayers got a bargain.

    Yea, keep complaining about the big, bad government.

    1. Johngaltwhereru

      Thank God for the Earned Income Tax credit. Thank God for Obamacare. Thank God for Green Energy Spending.

      Without this spending, they never would have caught the Bomber.

      And there is no difference, no difference at all, between wanting a reduction in wasteful Government spending and wealth redistribution schemes, and desiring complete anarchy and dissolution of our local police and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. None.

      And if you believe differently, Chris Matthews’, Al Sharpton’s, and Brian C. Duffy’s heads will simultaneously explode in anger.

      This is as simple as black and white. Democrats want the biggest Government possible paid for by the Rich. Republicans want pure anarchy, no Government, poor people and minorities dying from thirst while laboring on the expansive lawns of the rich, only to have their bodies used as fuel for their evening fire.

      Grow up, turn off MSNBC, and try thinking for researching what you say for once. Try naming a Republican President that has ever reduced the size of Government. Try to find a decrease in spending, as opposed to a decrease in the rate of increase in spending in The Ryan Budget. You sound like a moron.

      1. Bill

        Johngalt: Calm down. you have accused me of flailing away in exasperation. It doesn’t to your blood pressure any good. Stop being so sarcastic and try today, God’s day of rest, to speak plainly.

        Speaking of hookers, decades ago, as I returned to my then apartment at midnight, a lady smiled at me as she approached my car. I warmly smiled back and brought the window down as she asked me if I was going out. I responded that, “no, I’m just coming in.” I illustrate this because I am sometimes dense and not always quick to understand someone’s twisto sarcastic logic such as yours here.

        If you castigate MSNBC, then please include that yellow journalism trash vomit face Fox News or your statement is irrelevant.

        Brain Duffy: You are equally a numb scull as it applies to your statement. The expenditure of police, especially after they had cornered him in a covered boat, with a cordon of 2,000 police, is not only a major waste of money, but it almost says that a few of these big boy black-clad troopers couldn’t handle a slim wounded 19 year old hiding in a boat. So you think tax payers got a bargain? Even ex congressman Barney Frank, when interviewed, mentioned the huge cost of this police action. Besides, it was individuals who had the greatest import with the pictures that were taken.

        So Johngalt and Brain Duffy, you both have some sand between your toes. Clean them before you go walking.

        1. Johngaltwhereru


          What do you think about the Hartford Pravda putting the kibosh on our last conversation.

          I left you with a question: What specific treaty, doctrine or accomplishment can be credited to Mrs. Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State?

          Traveling to a lot of Countries and being a “good ambassador” mean nothing.

          1. Bill

            Johngalt: I noticed. I don’t think anything was said that deserved a delete. It beats me. I could always call him and ask him but I won’t waste his time. I know what you asked. I will need to get back to on this one after doing a little scaning because i don’t follow every step of every leader in DC. Capici?

            I note that you didn’t respond to any of my points. R U that single-minded?

            Oh, and the cab to a house of the rising sun; ya, the video should run as she says, “Hola, senior, como stas?” as I respond by opening my mouth with 4 spikes embedded in my upper gum now exposed as she flees out the back door with me in hot pursuit.

          2. Johngaltwhereru


            Could you repeat the questions or points?

            Last I remember, we were talking corrupt media, the false narrative of Clinton’s magnificent tenure as Secretary of State, and your need to travel out of Country due to Obamacare’s complete failure to lower the cost of healthcare.

          3. Bill

            Dr picklehead: Reread above.

            Also; Obamacare had nothing to do with dental coverage. but since you are such a wind ding, I’m not surprised at the remark.

            Don’t be such a… no, never mind. Go take a drive up to San Jose and stop off at a Hooker’s Ranch. You need a break.

          4. Bill

            Please recall my telling readers here that I have a life and don’t visit these pages any longer. This ‘life’ that I have suddently found is full and very rewarding, resulting in my no longer reading – or posting on – these pages.

            I know that some of you won’t believe me – but that’s only because you are all ignorant, single-minded, wind ding, numb scull pickleheads who can’t see the truth in front of your faces. I couldn’t care less if you believe me or not

        2. Johngaltwhereru

          Not sure what I am re-reading. If it is the yellow journalism, I did respond.

          I said all media outlets, including Fox are biased. I said all outlets provide the most moronic person they can find to present the opposing point of view to the one the network supports.

          I also said The Hartford Pravda goes another step further by flat out ignoring anything opposed to their agenda.

          1. Bill

            Dr Picklehead:

            On to Clinton:

            First, you should know that a Sec of State does not cut the ribbons. She builds and moves forward the president’s agenda as a team player. So if you are seeking ribbon-cutting ceremonies to justify your unfair and simply partisan view of her, then you have set me up and who cares.

            1) Her first efforts in office was doing damage repair that the previous administration had a wild boy’s time screwing up.

            2) Pushed for expanded global economic presence.

            3) initiated the Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review.

            4) Initiated the Global Hunger and Food Security program which battles world hunger as a strategic part of US foreign policy.

            5)the Turkish-Armenian Accord.

            6) Became a human face at street level in Pakistan and if you think this was unimportant, you are wrong.

            7) Pushed for military intervention in Libya – remember that dictatorship that sent agents to bring down an American airliner? I call that payback at the appropriate moment.

            8) Opened relations with Burma.

            As I said on the outset, her position is one of being a team player. she spent much of her time traveling the globe representing American interests and for this she almost lost her life.

            I think she was one of the best Secretary of States in our time.

            I just wasted a perfectly good 15 minutes of my time.

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  16. sam

    This state is run by fools. These dumb ass politicians need to tighten their belts and control their spending just like the us taxpayers that pay for these budgets have to. Need to stop letting the governor give away millions to companies that will do nothing for our economy or our unemployment rate. A 500 million dollar busway, (before cost over runs) Yeah that will do a lot for the economy. These idiots keep raising their budgets and and wasting our tax dollars and we keep having to cut back on our personal budgets. We really need to down size government they are out of control.

  17. justme

    Spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend and when we finally get everyone’s money barrow, barrow, barrow, barrow, and finally bankruptcy. That is the goal post these days. Some call it Socialism/Communism.

  18. Disgusted former Democrat

    We need to get rid of our angry man liberal lawyer Governor with a Messiah complex in November 2014. Thin the herd of out of touch corrupt career liberal politicians for this state to have any chance. It may already be too late….

    1. justme

      This will not happen easily with the Media supporting the liberal agenda. The easiest solution would be to move to a moderate state with low taxes and responsible fiscal policy that does not support unions. After that fight hard to support traditional Americans at the Federal level. Connecticut is lost…..

  19. Johngaltwhereru

    And you wasted 45 seconds of my time.

    Let’s compare to some real S.o.S’s:

    John Quiny Adams negotiated the acquisition of Florida and helped formulate the Monroe Doctrine.

    William Seward convinced Britain and France not to recognize Confederate America and negotiated the purchase of Alaska.

    Hamilton Fish, you know like the bridge on 84 in NY, has a list too long to mention, but he paved the way for the acquisition of Hawaii.

    George Marshall Developed the Marshall Plan, NATO, and the Truman Doctrine.

    Henry Kissinger. Enough said. We will not be comparing his accomplishments, nor his intelligence to that of Mrs. Clinton. She is not worthy of washing his feet.

    I will move on to others later, but right now I think I have to find out who to talk to about removing a giant crocodile that just decided to get in my pool.

  20. Bill

    Tell me what % of the doctrine was Adams and what part was Monroe?

    Seward only avoided war with England after he released two confederate imprisoned commissioners after they were taken from a British mail vessel heading toward England in order to seek England’s help.

    Ya, and I guess Henry Kissenger shulped enough young ladies during his term in office to pale in comparison to Bubba’s fandangos.

    Every term as a S or S has its own demands. And so I stand by my remarks.

    Although you are not fit to wash the croc’s feet, I much encourage you to jump in the pool with it and see what happens.

    1. johngaltwhereru

      Last night, for the first time in my life, I felt emasculated.

      3 skinny locals came to my house, lured the croc to the shallow end with a live chicken on a rope, then physically removed the beast by hand.

      Now granted, I prefer to retain all 10 of my fingers, a trait none of these gentlemen enjoyed, but my balls are not nearly large enough to perform the task I witnessed.

      1. bill

        Up top, one of your protegees has co-opted my name. I guess i trained him well.

        Who is John Montysko? I hope it is Kim. he threatened the governor on another blog and now sits in jail with a $100,000.00 bail. John happens to own an assault rifle which was quickly removed from his possession.

        what a laugh. Your NRA at work.

  21. Betrayed Democrat

    C’mon folks. Where do you think the money for the new gun registry department is going to come from? Someone has to pay to have honest citizens’ lives turned inside out for every bit of information on what should be their personal lives and choices, and to gather all that information on a government ‘hit list’.

    Drones cost money, especially when used for surveillance purposes. You WILL obey

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