Dick Morris: Romney Will Win Big

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Political pundit, former Bill Clinton buddy and campaign advisor Dick Morris came to Connecticut to tout Mark Greenberg in the 5th District. He had a few words for Amanda Falcone about the presidential race.

Although no polling suggests this, Morris believes Mitt Romney will win big:

\”I don\’t think this is going to be an especially tight race.\”

You heard it here first.

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6 thoughts on “Dick Morris: Romney Will Win Big

  1. Richard

    The Colorado and Wisconsin polls have the GOP excited.

    North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin look winnable for the GOP.

  2. badbob

    How much is Mr. Greenberg paying you to be his friend Dick? Your bacon is on the cash cow. Don’t care who represents you, eh?

    Not that there is anything “wrong” with that.
    Happens every day in Vegas and its legal there too!

  3. badbob


    I really hope you’re right, however, this ain’t gonna be a cakewalk and as we say- hope ain’t a srategy. It’s Romney’s to lose.

    You’re wrong on Mr. Greenberg. He’s a rich, NY carbetbagger, albeit Republican, come to CT. This kid Bernier can actually win this year here except he can afford to buy you a cup of joe…

    1. Realty check

      Badbob……The only person who thinks Bernier can win is Bernier! He did tell everybody he was going to win the convention and barely got 20%. He has no money, no organization, no support, and a bad attitude. Good luck on the Bernier train and I won’t fill you in on the truth about the tooth fairy as it may really ruin your day!

  4. Steven Cleary

    I can’t begin to tell you how utterly disgusting it is to watch the backbiting political campaign commercials.. McMann…Murphy…Esty… It is downright embarrassing to be a part of this pathetic state. This is our future leadership?? God help us all. Rell did nothing.. Malloy is worse.. What’s next?

  5. badbob

    Realty check? Is that Mr. Greenberg? Realty? Cute.

    I’m toothless and waiting for the fairy! NOT.

    Mr. Cleary- I feel your pain….folks won’t have a chance for a future in CT until they see through the BS and vote for a Bernier. Why do you think the state republican party (country club back bench organization- Roraback and thhat fat dude) froze him out the last couple years? They are scared of him just as the Dems are scared of him. Isn’t that alone a good reason to vote for a guy? J

    ust because a candidate is a self-funder just allows them to get in the game. Mr. Greeberg hasn’t the passion or the background. He should be supporting a better man with his $$ if he really wanted change- Bernier.

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