DiNardo: POTUS \”Ready and Willing to Get Down to Business\”

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State Democratic Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo released a lengthy statement Tuesday afternoon praising President Obama\’s approach to the fiscal cliff impasse.

\"\"“When people in Connecticut went to the polls on November 6th, they sent a clear message to Washington: they want their elected leaders to cooperate to find a solution to bringing down America’s deficit and to work together to find a balanced approach. President Obama has a plan that reduces our deficit by $4 trillion. It asks the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share and continues making the investments needed for economic growth – such as key investments in small businesses, American manufacturing, education, and clean energy. The President remains open to reaching a compromise, but throughout these discussions, his bottom line will always be a balanced approach that’s best for middle-class families.

“As we find ourselves in the holiday season, both parties should work together to pass a renewal of tax cuts for the middle class, so Connecticut families can have some added certainty. If we take swift action, we can avoid a blow to consumer spending, which constitutes roughly 70% of the American economy. Through an extension of middle class tax cuts, every single American will receive a tax break on the first $250,000 of their income, and income taxes will not increase for 98% of families and 97% of small businesses. But if we don’t pass an extension, hardworking families will get hit with an income tax hike of $2,200 in a matter of weeks.

“Republicans in Congress have indicated they share the President’s view that new revenue must be a part of any deal that responsibly reduces our deficit. Now they need to get serious about the specifics. Connecticut’s middle-class families cannot afford a tax hike at this crucial moment for our economy. It’s time for the Republican Party to come to the table and agree to a credible plan that pays down our nation’s deficit and protects the investments that will continue to grow our economy. The President is ready and willing to get down to business – working with both Democrats and Republicans to move the middle class forward.”

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8 thoughts on “DiNardo: POTUS \”Ready and Willing to Get Down to Business\”

  1. Joe Visconti

    ” Continues making the Investments needed to grow our economy ” and “Protects the investments that will continue to grow our economy” Nancy must be talking about New Stimulus $$ Obama wants to payoff the Unions for their hard work (taking election day off while being paid and working the polls nationwide). Keep the economy growing with $$ needed to grow John Olsen’s Union due cache for the CT Communist Party’s AFLCIO faction. What a Joke. Keep them printing press’s going full steam ahead…..

  2. Richard

    It’s estmated that the Fiscal CLiff will cost the state of CT at least $1 Billion in Grants and Funding (Pew for the States). Could be higher with the Medicaid Expansion.

    CT will send Washington another $10 Billion in taxes (the Tax Foundation).


    Half the taxes are from the AMT. THe others are a variety of taxes including the largest–Bush Taxes and the 2%payroll tax relief.

  3. Da Troof

    Where was the President for four years while he racked up $5T in debt and spent like a drunken sailor? Now he wants us to believe he’s the adult in the room who wants to cut the deficit? His “budgets” were so ridiculous that the last one got nary a Senate or House vote. His crowning “achievement” Obamacare is another massive entitlement that will break the bank.

    Continue to believe this lying snake at your peril.

    1. Kim

      Agreed Da Troof. Obama is ‘ready and willing to get down to business’ as long as everyone does things HIS way. He’ll continue to accuse Republicans of partisanship while maintaining his completely partisan positions – and the recipients will swallow it whole.

      He’ll continue to insist that everyone should jump on his tax-and-spend bandwagon while promising to deal with excess spending ‘later’ or ‘at another time’. We’ve heard this story before – in fact, it got us precisely to this point. The current ‘negotiations’ over the so-called ‘fiscal cliff’ are themselves the ‘later’ he is talking about – he simpl wants to extend the ‘later’ to ‘later yet’. What a joke – but the recipients and socialists will swallow it whole.

  4. Kim

    The truth about the Bush Tax Cuts and why they should NOT be allowed to expire.


    “For those who find that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” they need only see the graphs published in the November 30th issue of Investor’s Business Daily.

    What both the statistical tables in the “Economic Report of the President” and the graphs in Investor’s Business Daily show is that (1) tax revenues went up— not down— after tax rates were cut during the Bush administration, and (2) the budget deficit declined, year after year, after the cut in tax rates that have been blamed by Obama for increasing the deficit.

    Indeed, the New York Times reported in 2006: “An unexpectedly steep rise in tax revenues from corporations and the wealthy is driving down the projected budget deficit this year.”

  5. Lee

    Obama and his minions want to go over the cliff. His ideology is over-ruling his objectivity. Prosperity is an enemy to the Democrats.

    1. Kim

      exactly. his ideology is overruling his objectivity AND his oath to defend and protect the constitution. He has no sense of patriotism even while proclaiming his love of America.

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