\’Don\’t Tread On Me,\’ Says One Student

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Not everyone came to President Obama\’s speech to support his guns agenda. Craig Bentley, a senior at University of Hartford, came dressed as a Second Amendment defender.

\”Some people say maybe it\’s a little offensive and that was not my intention,\” Bentley said, voicing opposition to magazine limits and an assault weapons ban.

Bentley did say, however, he supports illegal trafficking laws and universal background checks. The latter measure has been divisive in the Senate and is likely to be pushed by Obama in his speech later.


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29 thoughts on “\’Don\’t Tread On Me,\’ Says One Student

  1. The Conn-servative

    Good for him! Show the liberal establishment in academia that other opinions due matter.They must all be saying,”Who invited this skunk to the lawn party Lovey?”

    1. Fed Up

      his next battle will be with his professors flunking him for non-conformance.

      Why would he be afraid of being ‘offensive’? He’s obviously not commited to his position. It is no more offensive than what our glorious leaders are doing to honest citizens and individual rights under the constitution..

      Thanks for standing up son, but you’ve got to own it

  2. The e-Conn-omist

    Bentley did say, however, he supports illegal trafficking laws and universal background checks.

  3. GunsKillKids






    1. gunskillkids

      Don’t misinterpret my passionate posts as meaning I am against gun ownership because I am not.

      A big ‘thanks’ to the taxpayers for providing me the help I need through electroshock therapy – it’s helped a lot. I truly am grateful

        1. WildBill

          I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it until you realize I’m lying: I am no longer interested in these blogs and will not be visiting anymore

  4. justme

    After watching how Obama has shown little or no leadership towards our well being, I have no respect for him. He the worst President I have witnessed in my life time.

    1. Conservatards are Destroying America says:

      After 4 years in office, President Obama beat Romney by about an 18% margin in Connecticut.

      1. Liberalism is a mental disorder

        What’s your point? This is fast becoming the most liberal state in the country.

      2. Jen

        Like that is a surprise. This state has low information voter written all over it. I hear Malloy is thinking about making it the new slogan for license plates

      3. Fed Up

        good for you billy/conservatard – lumping yourself with other ignorant voters who can’t see beyond rehetoric. Not a surprise at all

    2. Fed Up

      He has no leadership abilities. All he knows how to do is campaign. Now he has an open checkbook to do just that, and he is using it mercilessly with no regard to taxpayers.

      But it’s fine to save money by eliminating White House tours and releasing known criminals in the name of austerity. This man is a danger to the U.S.

      His only concern is going down in history. If he can take down the U.S. while he’s at it, then that is a ‘plus’

  5. Not an NRA nut job

    These people are delusional and fear their government scanning the sky for black helicopters. Barack Obama is the greatest US President since FDR. He is going to end the carnage, and save the children. Health care for all citizens, and immigration reform, while supporting Gay rights and marriage. Anyone criticizing him is an NRA gun nut, part of the catholic cult, or a racist.

    1. Liberalism is a mental disorder

      Little willy again speaks for the party of tolerance. He is the poster child for why this country is going down the crapper.

      Well done billy.

    2. Fed Up

      billy never outgrew his flower-child mentality. It’s nice to see that many readers are beginning to recognize that he’s 2 tacos short of a combo platter. He is the typical anti-gunner

    3. wildbill

      you mean FDR, the guy who prolonged the recession by almost 10 years via his New Deal policy? That FDR?

      Perhaps you’re right comparing Obama to FDR from that perspective

  6. AmusedInCT

    Always love the fact that the vast majority of all comments to virtually anything even remotely political is dominated by angry conservatives who do not understand the concept that elections do have consequences. I lived with eight years of Bush and continue to live with a US House dominated by a small group of vocal Tea Party members. The world is changing and you are very much in the minority so rather than name calling (and this holds true for liberals as well – we all need to grow up)it would be nice if we all urged our leaders to work to forge acceptable compromises. The gun legislation which included a lot more than changes to our gun laws including major initiatives to provide more preventive mental health care and plans to improve school safety, is a wonderful example of both parties giving and taking and coming up with a plan that attempts to produce positive change. Hopefully this bodes well for efforts to balance the CT budget and other major issues as well.

  7. Fed Up

    According to amused: “The gun legislation which included a lot more than changes to our gun laws including major initiatives to provide more preventive mental health care and plans to improve school safety, is a wonderful example of both parties giving and taking and coming up with a plan that attempts to produce positive change.”

    If this legislatin were so wonderful, amused, why did they have to sneak it in Chicago-style without due process? Obama’s hand is evident in this methodology.

    Time will tell if freedom lovers and believers in the 2nd Amendment are in the minority, as you claim. I hope you’ll be as even-keeled and accepting when this ‘wonderful’ legislatin is overturned and attempts at the same at the national level are demolished. We’ll look forward to your example of ‘adult behavior’ at that time.

    1. AmusedInCT

      There were hours of testimony on the various elements included in this legislation – the gun rights advocates covered virtually all the bases and many of their arguments simply failed to convince and overwhelming majority of legislators. Another hearing would merely have delayed the passage of this bill it would not have derailed it.

      This law will not be overturned – it has been attempted in the past when the state passed its first assault weapons ban and nothing that has been done in this law will be overturned. Many constitutional rights are regulated to some degree but if it makes you feel better to think this is all going to go away – you have every right to do so.

      You are probably right about efforts to pass anything nationally as Congress is clearly afraid of the NRA and angry second amendment folks like many of those posting here. But at the end of the day – law abiding citizens will still be able to buy all the guns they could ever really need – it just might take a little more time and effort to do so.

      1. Forest Chump

        and you’ll decide what everyone ‘needs’ right amused? If we’re lucky, someone else will get to decide just how much you’re allowed to speak and post – how many words, why type, the message, etc.

        If you’re paying any attention you’ll notice that a bill to keep government secret to a great extent has advanced another step here in CT. When you’re not allowed to speak out against such secrecy maybe you’ll have a glimmer of understanding of just how foolish your words are. Of course, you’ll want those who have the ability to fight back to do your dirty work for you.

        But then – given your posts – you’ll be all for government secrecy. After all, how much information does the average citizen really need when it comes to the workings of government.

        And to think that brave folks fought and died so you could spout nonsense. If it makes you feel better to believe otherwise, you have every right to do so – for now.

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