Dueling Politicos: Gov. Malloy Announces His Own Tour

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\"danGov. Dannel P. Malloy Monday announced plans for another statewide tour — a community forum on Wednesday evening in Middletown \”to discuss the state’s pressing issues face-to-face with state residents.\” This comes as state Sen. John McKinney — who has said he is interested in challenging Malloy in 2014 — begins his own \”fiscal responsibility\’\’ tour of the state.

Malloy said:

We have a number of critically important issues facing the state, and I am eager for the opportunity to hear from residents about their concerns, so that we can move forward together. The last two years, I attended more than thirty events like this at venues across the state.  I think being out there, talking with people face-to-face so that we can have an open exchange and I can hear what is on their minds helps all of us in government be more effective at serving the people we represent.

Wednesday’s forum in Middletown will be held at the City Hall at 245 deKoven Drive and will run from 7-8PM.  Those who would like an opportunity to ask a question should arrive a little bit earlier to fill out the sign-up sheet. More dates will be scheduled.

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13 thoughts on “Dueling Politicos: Gov. Malloy Announces His Own Tour

  1. Sharpshooter

    Taking a queue from his mentor, Obama, when Dan is not in Washington he’ll be campaigning in Connecticut… governing is such an arduous task leaving a path of responsibility no irresponsible politician would relish

  2. The Conn-servative

    “We have a number of critically important issues facing the state, and I am eager for the opportunity to hear from residents about their concerns, so that we can move forward together. The last two years, I attended more than thirty events like this at venues across the state. ”
    Are you kidding me? This imbecile embarked on this same charade almost two years ago, eager to hear from residents and solve the budget crisis.And we’re at now cause of what he didn’t do then.Nothing like giving part of your voting base,state employees, a guaranteed no layoff clause for 4 years,on top of the two Gov Rell gave them. Yep,six straight years of a guaranteed job during the height of the worst recession since the Great Depression. But wait,of his recently proposed budget increase of 10%,John Rowland is reporting that 4.5% of it is for state employee raises. Spending money on union vote buying jobs with s(t)inkholes like Jackson Labs,da busway,Rt 11 troll bridge,and early prisoner release,which to date has racked up two murders: but ban those guns Danny! You can’t make this up.

  3. Connecticut is Dying Too

    Attention Governor Obamalloy: Stop campaigning and start governing. Do the job you were elected to do.

    Cut the crap.

  4. Rickey P. Humpage

    There is no law that you can pass that will stop someone so deranged that they will murder their mother and kill 20 children and 6 adults in an elementary school.

    Concerning Gun Control; there is no acceptable compromise to be had here; there are sufficient laws already in place, Enforce what we have.

    WE THE PEOPLE have hired you, the politician, through our votes as our agent to act in our behalf. WE THE PEOPLE have authorized you, the politician, to legislate as our agent. WE THE PEOPLE are your CONSTITUENT, not your subjects. Your allegiance belongs to us, THE PEOPLE, not the “party line”! Those politicians that have not forgotten this simple fact are those who will be able to remain in or progress to a higher level of service. Those who abuse the privilege, who disregard or distort the voice of the people, who set their own agenda for their own personal gain will not be invited back. Do not disallow the strength, the determination, the will of the American people as a whole, when the agenda in government is contrary to the, Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness of WE THE PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. Know that, WE THE PEOPLE believe in the constitution, as structured, to be able to provide the necessary balance and boundaries of government. WE THE PEOPLE, who have fought for and stood for Liberty, will continue to STAND for liberty, STAND for freedom and as necessary we will defend OUR Constitution!

    Remember what happened to the makeup of the U.S. Congress after they passed the “Assault Weapons Ban” of 1994. This can and should happen to you if you strive to implement similar laws on us in Connecticut. Understand that we will be actively campaigning and working to ensure that you will not win your election for their next term if you vote on any restrictions on our rights.

    Rickey P. Humpage
    25 Boughton Road
    Old Lyme CT 06371

  5. james pelkey

    Ricky p.humpage I am very impressed and so very appreciative of your honest and intelligent comment and intentions when at the polls nov 14, and i thank you sir.I too will be sending inept out of control rape the citizens resources and spend spend spend Dan p. malloy packing as soon as the polls open nov 14. james,pelkey,39 [facebook dedicated to terminating Dan p. malloy's inept employment]

  6. james pelkey

    I have questions for Dan p. malloy.1 do you remember sitting on the corner of your desk talking into the camera all sweet,calm and gentlemanly and asking for us citizens to elect you? 2 do you remember saying “if you elect me i will not BURDEN the middle class with new taxes? 3 Dan p. malloy do you remember enacting the biggest tax hike IN CT. history “BURDENING THE MIDDLE CLASS” as soon as we took you at your word and elected you? 4 Dan p. malloy do you remember going on a united states tour bragging to all the other state governor’s of your deceit to us ct. citizens that took you at your word and elected you,and telling them “ALL OF YOU GOVERNORS SHOULD HAVE DONE WHAT I HAVE JUST DONE IN CT?5 Dan p. malloy do you remember when you sacrificed your integrity when asking us citizens to elect you and proving to the citizens of ct. that you DAN P. MALLOY has no credibility and in fact proved yourself to be a pathological liar? 6 Dan p. malloy do you remember when you where on the radio SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS THREATS,DEMANDS,DICTATING “YOU PEOPLE HAD BETTER RATIFY THIS DEAL, BECAUSE IF YOU DONT YOU WILL NOT BE SAFE, PEOPLE WITH TWENTY YEARS WILL NOT BE SAFE, NOBODY WILL BE SAFE, SO YOU PEOPLE HAD BETTER VOTE YES”? 7 Dan p. malloy do you remember committing those felony criminal acts of extortion and proving yourself to be a dictator? 8 Dan p. malloy do you remember going from town to town targeting and demonizing the teachers and making derogatory and insulting statements to them i.e.”YOU EDUCATORS ARE FAILING OUR STUDENTS” ALL YOU EDUCATORS HALF TO DO IS SHOW UP AND YOUR VESTED” meaning when the teachers show up they fail the students with incompetence and can still keep their jobs and retire.9 Dan p. malloy do you remember the educator that “showed up” to each of your personal vendetta meetings against the educators because of your past complaints of being mistreated at school as a kid with dyslexia,holding up her sign ” I SHOWED UP NOW WHAT”?10 Dan p. malloy do you remember how many teacher bashing and demonizing meetings you had scheduled to attend in the near future when the new town tragedy brought your insults and attacks on the educators to a screeching halt? 11 Dan p. malloy do you remember proving yourself to be a bully? 12 Dan p. malloy do you not agree that us ct.citizens deserve an honest head of state?13Dan p. malloy do you know that you have proven yourself to be a bully,pathological lying dictator? 14 Dan p. malloy do you honestly believe that us citizens of ct. are going to reelect you?15Dan p. malloy do you know that i have a facebook account of your past two years of ineptitude,lying bullying and victimizing us citizens and failure as governor of ct. dedicated to terminating your inept employment when us citizens are at the polls nov 14.? Dan p. malloy it is james,pelkey,39 on facebook. And i am dedicated to keep reminding the citizens of ct.so when at the polls your victimizing us citizens will be fresh in thire minds.Dan p. malloy please answer thoes 15 questions because i have many more to ask you. thankyou james pelkey 8606818857

  7. james pelkey

    I am so ashamed as to the poor condition of this once great state of ct. at the hands of incompetent Dan p. malloy. Dan p. malloy will continue to falsely promote himself. What Dan p. malloy must remember is the fact that us citizens already know from experience that Dan p. malloy will tell us citizens ANYTHING that Dan p. malloy believes he needs to say to get elected just as Dan p. malloy did 2 yrs ago. But now that Dan p. malloy sacrificed his integrity to get elected the first time and now has no credibility,Dan p. malloy,i am in awe, what is your reasoning,your thinking,your what ever it is that drives you to think that when you talk, you think anybody I SAY ANYBODY REMOTELY HAS ANY RESPECT FOR YOU AND YOUR FALSE RHETORIC, LET ALONE INSULT THEIR INTELLIGENCE BY BELIEVING YOU? Dan p. malloy believes he has narcissistic immunity,and that my fellow citizens of ct. is again,what we all need to remember when we are at the polls electing an honest head of state that we can trust and believe, that we the citizens of this once great state of ct. deserve.Dan p. malloy was on the radio 99.1 about a week ago and as soon as Dan p. malloy finished with his pleasantries the VERY FIRST THING THAT HE SAID WAS”REMEMBER I INHERITED THIS MESS FROM MY LAST 2 PREDECESSOR’S” referring to the massive debt that Dan p. malloy ran up, and continues to run up followed by the lie “this is moving ct. forward” but just the fact like so many times Dan p.malloy has done in the past is blame his incompetence on others and believes we believe,UNBELIEVABLE. that is one example of Dan p. malloy exercising narcissistic immunity. And people that is a problem we need to terminate when at the polls nov 14. governor cafero jan 15

  8. james pelkey

    Dan p. malloy in all honesty your resignation effective immediately would be greatly appreciated. That i could at the very least honestly say i would have respect for. thankyou.

  9. james pelkey

    Thankyou billy, but if you did not read it sir,than how did you come up with your “hill of beans ” opinion than sir? but again thankyou sir.

  10. james pelkey

    So i need to ask Dan p. malloy this question. Dan p. malloy if you are really serious about asking us citizens to reelect you,will you be repeating your past criminal acts of threats and extortion and dictating?If we do not elect you, are we not going to be safe? Are you going to usurp your authority as you have done in the past against us citizens of ct. and take our property,our resources, OUR FREEDOM??? As a victimized citizen of Dan p. malloy’s past extortion,threats and dictatorship, it is out of fear and sincerity for me and my family that im compelled to ask this legitimate question.

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