Edith Returns: Prague Named Commissioner of Dept. On Aging

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\"prague\"Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has named Edith Prague as the first commissioner of the newly-created state Dept. on Aging:

Senator Prague has dedicated herself to improving the quality of life for senior citizens—with her background and expertise, she is a natural choice to lead the Department on Aging. I know she will make an immediate impact as the Commissioner on Aging and am eager to work with her to address the needs of our state’s growing senior population.
Prague, who served as a state senator from 1994 to 2012. She was the c0-chair of the Committee on Aging. She also served eight years as a state representative and as commissioner of aging for Gov. Lowell Weicker.
The new agency will assume programs currently handled by the state Department of Social Services and the Office of Long Term Care Ombudsman. Prague must be confirmed by the General Assembly.
She will earn $120,000.
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18 thoughts on “Edith Returns: Prague Named Commissioner of Dept. On Aging

  1. pete

    WHAT A JOKE. The state is BANKRUPT AND DANNY BOY creates a BS job for a old useless geezer. Guess you reward those old useless geezers who support your liberal left wing agenda. Remember this old bitty voted against revoking the death penalty after the killings in Cheshire but then when DANNY BOY wanted to curry favor with barrack Edith was right there to support him so what is her reward a cushy $150K do nothing job for a senile old bitty

  2. Will

    Why are they creating a new unecessary Department when the state is millions of dollars in?

    Besides, the aging people are leaving the state because it is so ***** expensive.

  3. Caitydid

    Didn’t Prague retire her seat after suffering multiple strokes which resulted in dementia?

  4. Paul

    Shouldn’t she be dead yet? Why can’t that old, biddy, know it all just go away. She screwed up security in the Department of Corrections by forcing the metal detectors to be so insensitive for under wire bras you can now carry a gun inside a prison. Way to wealthy to ever know the needs of average citizens, and gladly takes on a do nothing state job for big money. Connecticut, how much longer will you suck the pipe?

  5. steve

    she did nothing for working people from columbia all she did was give everything to the old people go sit in your rocking chair where you belong

  6. We are Doomed

    Hey Rick, you really should have put a better picture of Edith up there. The vacant stare look isn’t a good one for her.

    I thought pictures like that were reserved for Republicans. You’re slipping.

  7. Richard

    Is the economy strong enough to create jobs for 88 year old women before younger unemployed men?

    That’s 3 jobs right there at $40,000 each that didn’t get created.

    1. We are Doomed

      Government doesn’t create jobs. All they do is redistribute private sector wealth to unproductive Government activity.

      That’s another $150K down the crapper that adds to our $1B deficit.

      Malloy spends like he’s Obama.

  8. Will

    This is completely bizarre – the old buzzard is 88 years old. I guess she figures she can steal just a little more taxpayer money for her causes.

    Don’t forget, she wanted to raise taxes even more than Malloy (hard to believe).

  9. Ben Haith

    The new commissioner of the Department Of Aging has to find out what the status is on the current investigation of the Rose City Senior Center in Norwich. The Center is being investigated for racial discriminatory practices against people of color. I brought the discriminatory practices claim against the Center in November 2012. I am concern that the investigation has the potential of covering up the facts that show there is clearly discrimination practices against people of color at the Center. I wrote to the Connecticut Attorney General and asked his office to make sure that this investigation is done fairly without any favortism toward the the Center which is a City facility. The City has hired their own lawyer to investigate this case. Edith Prague knows this facility very well. She visited the Center frequently as our State Senator. I met her at the Center and talked to her about my hometown of Stamford and my former high school classmate former U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman. I wish her well in her new position.

  10. Lawrence

    All of you — except Kim — are literally, and truly, not even fit to carry Edith Prague’s purse.

    You will never in your miserable, whining, inward-looking lives accomplish one one-thousandth of what she has accomplished as a mother, a businesswoman, and a legislator.

    Take that to your graves.

    1. We are Doomed

      Feel better Lawrence? Now that you’ve judged people you don’t know, does that make you feel superior?

      You must be a liberal.

      1. Oingo Boingo

        We Re Doomed: I do believe that Lawrence is on the conservative side. One of the very few intelligent ones on this site.

        And he is perceptible enough to point out Kim’s strengths.

  11. David

    It sounds like an unnecessary level of bureaucracy. I’m certain that Mrs. Prague is a qualified individual, but at some point, an overtaxed and poorly budgeted state needs to find a way to become more efficient and frugal with taxpayer dollars. The two departments already involved need to get the job done.

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