Enfield School Board Upset Over Unfunded Mandates

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The Enfield school board met on Tuesday, and they voted to spend $125,000 to create a new state-mandated district-wide teacher evaluation program.

Board members said they only voted in favor of spending the money because it would hurt the school system if they chose not to do so. There could be repercussions from the state, they said.

During the conversation about the expenditure, board members expressed anger at the state for imposing unfunded mandates on local school districts.

\”Do legislators even look at what they are proposing and passing?\” said one board member.

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One thought on “Enfield School Board Upset Over Unfunded Mandates

  1. richard

    The implementation is moronic. The US is the laughing stock of the world when it comes to Information Technology.

    Can you imagine if the state required each district to write their own SAT or Mastery test, create their own IT systems to administer and grade it, and then the resulting slop would be sent to Hartford to somehow create a standard report with some sort of comparative meaning?

    Moronic you say? Inefficient? The work of fools? A decentralized mess?

    Something only public sector unions and politicians could possibly devise after a compromise?

    That’s CT’s teacher evaluation system. And that’s Obama’s decentralied plan for Medical Records. Protect every little feifdom. No matter how small. Mandate they use computers in the least efficient way possible. It’s a form of sabotage.

    Obviously is should be a state standard with a state IT system to support it.

    THe US: laughing stock of the world. What’s next? Local and town issuance of Drivers licenses on paper again?

    Having worked for the state you have no idea how badly its run. This is a tip of the iceberg SEBAC/Malloy. And no, the GOP isn’t any better.

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