Esty Hit From Both Sides on Obamacare

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As Capitol Watch\’s Daniela Altimari reports, the state\’s Congressional campaigns for 2014 are largely quiet this summer. There\’s only race with announced contenders is the 5th District, where businessman Mark Greenberg is making another run at the seat, this time against incumbent Elizabeth Esty.

So far that race has been almost muted in comparison with the 2012 contest. But in an early-morning email Thursday, Greenberg took a shot at Esty over the federal health care overhaul that became law in 2010 and has been a major issue in the past two congressional elections.


\”More debt and more taxes are the wrong ways to fund anything,\” he said. \”Yet incredibly, Elizabeth Esty continues to be one of the country\’s staunchest advocates for this big-government boondoggle that may actually increase health care premiums for Americans by as much as 30 percent.

Esty\’s unwavering support continues even while a majority of Americans now oppose Obamacare because they fear its financial and regulatory implications.\”

Esty, of course, didn\’t get to vote on the actual bill that was Obamacare. But she has gotten to vote on the issue since taking office.


The Democratic congresswoman is also under fire from the liberal group for her support earlier this month of a bill that would delay the requirement under the law that individuals purchase health insurance.

She was the only member of Connecticut\’s House delegation to support the bill in a vote that was almost entirely along partisan lines.

\”Based on the concerns I’m hearing from small business owners and folks on the ground in my district, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to allow folks an extra year to prepare and figure this out,\” she said in a statement on the day of the vote.

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4 thoughts on “Esty Hit From Both Sides on Obamacare

  1. Richard

    I’m thinking we will see a repeal.

    The rates in the exchanges are too high. There’s little excitement here. Nate Silver has the GOP picking up enough Senate seats in 2014 to make the 2015-16 election cycle an Obamacare referendum just as costs are peaking in 2016. The decision to postpone the employer mandate and exempt employers with 50 workers or less? Not good. Anemic job growth and a recession will kill this program.

  2. Billy Boggs

    And perhaps we should replace it with a single payer system a d get rid of private insurance companies altogether. Step in line with most other developed countries.

    Obamacare didn’t go far enough.

    1. Connecticut is circling the drain

      Yes billy. Lets entrust 1/6 of our economy to the gubamint who gives us trillion dollar deficits and tens of trillions in unfunded medicare liabilities. Excellent idea.

    2. Richard

      Single payer is union talk. “One policy to heal them all” is what’s needed. The unions hate rolling SEBAC state worker policies, Medicaid, and Exchage policies into one policy. They will confuse people over single payer when the real administrative gain is from single policy.

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