Fiery Democrat Phil Sherwood Leaving New Britain For New Hampshire

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Phil Sherwood, a fiery personality in New Britain, is leaving the political clashes behind and heading back to his home state of New Hampshire.

Sherwood is currently the deputy chief of staff to New Britain Mayor Timothy O\’Brien, a Democrat who is well known at the state Capitol as a former legislator.

Before serving with O\’Brien, Sherwood – as the leader of the Democratic-controlled city council – was known for memorable, sharply bitter clashes with Republican mayor Timothy Stewart that were explosive even by the heightened standards of New Britain politics.

\”Phil Sherwood?\’\’ the fiery Stewart once asked The Courant. \”He\’s a carpetbagger and a partisan hack. I don\’t like him, and I don\’t respect him. Never did and never will.\’\’

Sherwood and other Democrats were absolutely delighted in November 2011 when outspoken Republican council member Lou Salvio was defeated in the local election.

\”The I.Q. of the council just rose 20 points!\’\’ Sherwood bellowed upon Salvio\’s defeat.

Salvio had unleashed blistering attacks against Democrats, including describing O\’Brien as \”a faker who has never held a real job\’\’ and an \”inveterate prevaricator.\’\’ The Courant\’s Don Stacom, who has followed the sharp clashes for years, reported that Salvio had angrily told his fellow council members to \”rot in hell\’\’ at a public meeting.

Sherwood, a former employee of the liberal Connecticut Citizen Action Group, will be leaving all that behind as he heads north to New Hampshire – the state where he and his wife were raised. She is transferring her job up north, and Sherwood did not discuss his immediate job plans with Stacom.

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