Excerpts: Written Testimony To Senate Judiciary Committee

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Among the speakers at Wednesday\’s hearing on a proposed assault-weapons ban before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday were Neil Heslin, whose 6-year-old son, Jesse Lewis, was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, and Dr. William Begg, emergency services medical director at Danbury Hospital. Here are excerpts from their written testimony, delivered to committee members in advance.


Neil Heslin

I guess we still don’t know exactly what happened at that school. Maybe we’ll never know. But what people tell me is that Jesse did something different. When he heard the shooting, he didn’t run and hide. He started yelling. People disagree on the last thing he said. One person who was there says he yelled “run.” Another person said he told everybody to “run now.” Ten kids from my son’s class made it to safety. I hope to God something Jesse did helped them survive that day. …

I don’t want to relive that day talking to you here about it. It would be easier for me just to stay home. But I know that’s not what Jesse would do. Jesse died screaming at a man with a gun. He died yelling at the top of his lungs so maybe some of his classmates could get to safety. I’m not going to scream at you, but I hope that maybe I can use my voice like my son used his. Maybe if I make enough noise a few beautiful innocent children like my Jesse won’t have to die.

The full text of Heslin\’s written testimony is available here.
Dr. William V. Begg III
My goal is to bring my background as a doctor and as a parent to convince you that gun legislation that you are considering now will make a difference. It will make a difference in the lives of many and could prevent future tragedies like Newtown. …Specifically, I am asking that you pass Senator Feinstein’s assault weapons ban to take military-style assault weapons and large capacity magazines off the streets. … Second, I believe we need universal background checks for all gun purchases. … Third, I believe that we must strengthen our mental health care system by ensuring that students

and young adults get the proper treatment they need. Fourth, please let us do some gun research that is real by ending the freeze on gun-related research at the Centers for Disease Control and other federal agencies. Lastly, preserve the rights of health care providers to protect their patients and communities from gun violence by allowing them to talkto their patients about gun safety …
The full text of Begg\’s written remarks are available here.


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