Exclusive: U.S. Senators Blumenthal, Murphy Say CT Will Give Them Momentum in Washington, D.C.

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Saying that Connecticut can help the national effort on gun control, U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy came to the state Capitol in Hartford to congratulate Democratic senators for passing one of the strongest gun control bills in the nation.

Both Blumenthal and Murphy said Connecticut\’s vote Wednesday will give them momentum in Washington, D.C. for a federal ban. Opponents, however, say that votes by state legislators in Connecticut will have no impact on U.S. Senators from states like Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia and Mississippi who are skeptical of gun efforts.

\”It\’s bipartisanship. It\’s a tremendous example for the United States Senate,\’\’ Blumenthal told Capitol Watch in an interview. \”For Republicans here to stand up to the NRA and the special interests will send a resounding message in Washington and around the country. By the way, we need all the Democrats. It\’s not just about Republicans.\’\’

\”We\’re drawing inspiration from the bipartisanship,\’\’ Murphy said outside the Democratic caucus room. \”We can\’t pass a bill without Republican support. This is the most visible display of Republicans willing to support gun control in the nation. This is a really important moment because it shows Republicans in Washington that it\’s OK to support sensible gun measures.\’\’

When reminded that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said there was fewer than 40 votes in the 100-member Senate for reinstating the assault weapons ban, Blumenthal responded, in a tongue-in-cheek remark, \”That was before Murphy and I went to work.\’\’

Murphy said, \”There are a lot of members who oppose the assault weapons ban who will support a ban on high-capacity magazines. Our job now is to make sure there are enough of those members to get that passed.\’\’

Earlier Wednesday, some gun and magazine manufacturers said they were uncertain about their futures in Connecticut after knowing that one of the nation\’s toughest gun laws was going to be passed. Since the bill bans the possession of high-capacity magazines, they questioned whether a truck that was leaving a magazine manufacturing plant in New Britain could be stopped under the law banning possession.

\”I don\’t think transporting either assault weapons or magazines from the point of manufacture to an ultimate destination is possession as intended by the legislature,\’\’ Blumenthal said. \”That would be my view as a prosecutor. The enforcement of the law, like the law itself, has to be reasonable, and I\’m assuming it will be.\’\’

Murphy added, \”I think these companies are going to stay because they have lots of reasons to stay in Connecticut, but our first obligation always has to be protecting our citizens.\’\’

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63 thoughts on “Exclusive: U.S. Senators Blumenthal, Murphy Say CT Will Give Them Momentum in Washington, D.C.

          1. Truefacts

            When the crime rate goes up just like in other strict gun controlled areas.
            Only the governmnt is happy about that helps them get more assistance. Then the people will see and vote them out. To bad more will have to die before you see this.

  1. enness

    All this crowing about bipartisanship ignores the reality that in this state, one often cannot tell the difference. Let’s be realistic: the rest of the country is not Connecticut. I know, I have lived elsewhere.

  2. Mark W

    Blumenthal and Murphy have no clue. The only momentum will be the gun manufactures moving production out of the state.
    3000 plus jobs lost because of the actions nut case and the democrats.

  3. Mitch

    One wonders where such pathetic excuses for politicians like Murphy and the former DA were when it came to addressing soaring debt and deficits in our nation. One of them has a knack for just not being able to show up to meetings and the other one is just pumping out press releases and appearing on TV. If there was as much effort and passion shown toward the economy, sealing our borders, dealing with the debt and deficit issues, this country might be going in the right direction, instead, it’s noting but banning “assault weapons” which have already been banned. Disgraceful what happens when the media and the general public allow people like this loose and not answering to anyone.

  4. Jack

    Now the script is apparent. Throw the kitchen sink out in every proposal imaginable – make people waste their energy chasing ghosts. Strike a deal behind closed doors – don’t allow public opinion on the surviving items. Announce the deal 48 hours before the vote. Have the lackey newspapers link to the bill the morning of the vote to silence / prevent any analysis / criticism. Keep the little man out of sight behind the curtain who is going to say this is just the beginning of things to come – dupe the fools who think they’re being bipartisan – then crush them in the next election. Finally try to use the ram-rodding thru of the bill’s passage to cow every else to follow like sheep across the country.

  5. Kiss This

    The Murph and Blumenthink says rights confiscation will help them in DC. Really? They can’t undo sequester, can’t pass a budget for multi-years; and the Murph in particular while crying over sequester, didn’t think the fiscal cliff that would have the nation default on its obligations is any big deal. Quite extraordinary.

  6. kuma138

    soon you’ll see The State of CT in the obituaries section of The Hartford Courant. thanks to all of you piles of scum for turning law abiding citizens into criminals and forcing us (gun manufacturers) out of the state. good luck to all of the tax payers in this state trying to cover the 1.75 billion dollar hole these jackoffs just created

  7. TJ

    To little, to late. Shame on us for allowing the mentally ill to stock ammunition and assault riffles. Is this really what the founding fathers intended?

    I will have a heavy heart for the rest of my life. I can not imagine the grief in that community.

    1. Jack

      Shame on us for turning our backs on the mentally ill by closing the hospitals that used to keep them from harming others or themselves !

      1. Jeb Capoblappo - God of the Univsrse and Conservatives

        Jack, you have a point there. Letting everyone out and allowing them easy access to guns is a dangerous elixir. Maybe now, we can round up the guns.

        1. Jack

          Jeb – no, the armed citizen is the last check and balance on a tyrannical government. Just showed your hand on where this is meant to go – confiscation.
          Maybe now, we can address housing/committing the mentally ill amongst us. God knows keeping them at home for people like Nancy Lanza to cope with isn’t working.

        2. Jeb

          The imposter and coward Kim, aka Patick Henry, who hangs out in men’s bathrooms, posted it. He is a sociopath.

  8. Connecticut is Dying Too

    The country and state are in the crapper so why not pass a feelgood do nothing bill that will not reduce crime and will punish the law-abiding?

    Why? Because they’re libtards.

  9. Mary

    Most pro-gun posters are really furious at their fellow citizens who contacted their legislators and urged them to support this bi-partisan bill. Call us libtards if that makes you feel better but passage of this bill was democracy at work.

    1. Jeb Capoblappo - God of the Univsrse and Conservatives

      Mary, we know. Bullies shout names and scream insults. It is unfortunate that the price must be so dear for such legislation to pass.

      1. Jeb Capoblappo - God of the Univsrse and Conservatives

        The imposter and coward Kim, aka Patick Henry, who hangs out in men’s bathrooms, posted it. He is a sociopath.

    2. Bo Dega

      Mary: Instead of being bullies, we all worked silently behind the scenes and successfully lobbied our representatives. We choose the more effective approach.

      Maybe they, the opposition might learn something. It was despicable the way the pro gun groups bullied their way around the state capital screaming at any opposition walking the halls.

      1. Billy Bob

        That’s laughable and you know it. This legislation would have been passed regardless given the veto-proof Democrat majorities. As for opposition, I’ve never known liberal opposition groups to be wallflowers (witness Occupy, pro-abortion, gay rights, etc).

        Once again you are full of crap.

  10. Henry Salo

    Blumenthal said that when Harry Reid said that there was only 40 votes out of 100 Senators to put an assault weapons ban in effect and he also stated that was before he and Murphy went to work. For you information, Blumenthal, it still has to go through the House which is GOP controlled. You think that you and your puppet, Murphy, can get anything through?

    1. Fake Thomas Jefferson

      Last night I was watching CNN and a couple of pundits were discussing if the CT laws would have any effect in the Senate. They both laughed and said no. Thye said that although Harry Reid stated he could not get 40 votes for legislation the real tally was he can’t get even 30 votes. They said there will be a debate and maybe something on trafficing but that is it, it will die in the Senate, the House will forget about it and Obama will not ever have a chance to even pick up a pen. that is the reality at the federal level. Northeast and Pacific coast Senators can bluster all they want but the rest of the Senators want no part of this legislation.

  11. glenn hamilton

    Communists,dictators in our government. They forgot their aligence to our Constitution when they were sworn in.
    Blumenthal, what are you going to do now? Your mommy and daddy will not be able to keep you in office with that lack of character.
    Murphy, you mind as well get a home in the loony toon west coast state of Califorincopia.You will not be in office too much longer.

  12. voice of reason

    First they come for the gun nuts and I didn’t say anything because I didn’t own a gun.

    Next they came for my large sugary drinks and I didn’t say anything because I don’t like soda.

    Next the came for my red meat and fried foods and I didn’t say anything because I was embarrassed to say I like McDonalds.

    Then they came for gas powered lawn mower and chain saw and I was sad but I still didn’t say anything.

    Then they raised taxes on gasoline and electricity, made going to the Dr like going to DMV, raised my taxes to pay the fat pensions for retired gov’t workers (and the health care of their families) meanwhile my income along with the other 99% stagnated because none of these progressive policies address the real economic issues that affect people like me.

    And then I realized I lived in France but with worse food.

    1. Jeb Capoblappo - God of the Univsrse and Conservatives

      Voice: And then you died of hardening of the arteries after eating all that poisonous red meat, fried foods and sugar drinks so it didn’t matter how high the gas prices went.

      And such is the quote on your tombstone.

      1. Jeb Capoblappo - God of the Univsrse and Conservatives

        The imposter and coward Kim, aka Patick Henry, who hangs out in men’s bathrooms, posted it. He is a sociopath.

  13. pete

    What drugs are murphy and blummy on? As enness stated CT isn’t the rest of AMERICA. Ct is just a left wing socialist statist state like CA, IL, NY MA. And what do they have in common? Run by socialists who hate america, hate patriots and love to cater to special interests. This bill will do NOTHING. Look into today’s Wall St Journal Arkansas, TN, KY SD and may other states are EXPANDING GUN RIGHTS. The liberals like murphy and blumy want to DISARM US so their thugs can rape, kill and pilage us. I wonder if these rules will apply to cops and the SS. Shouldn’t they. If you can’t have more than 10 bullets why should the cops.

  14. Jack

    Odd isn’t it – read a comment where someone said no one needs guns -they are only used to kill. Same can be said for abortion clinics – which do it constantly in unspeakable multiples of Sandy Hook – every 11.4 minutes a Sandy Hook happens across America. Just imagine if we could save just one child ……

    1. Jeb Capoblappo - God of the Univsrse and Conservatives

      No, Jack. Those clinics don’t kill what is unborn. Take your meds.

      1. BUCK

        Jeb,its a human baby even before its born they move need nourishment or maybe you thinks is turtle or a plant before its born then turns in to a baby,its nice that you have the freedom of speech to make fun of people.Have a nice day

      2. Jack

        You’re a hypocrite. Children slaughtered by gun – bad. Children slaughtered in an abortion clinic – fine.

        1. The Conn-servative

          That’s the secular regressive mentality.
          No wonder they closed all the state mental institutions:the institutions would have found them(the regressives) mentally incompetent!

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  16. Gail

    I applaud our Senators for pursuing this and am so glad this bill was passed in Connecticut. It doesn’t take away our 2nd amendment rights, just puts a little more sanity back into it. If, by passing this law, saves even one life it is so worth their efforts. Should these gun manufacturers feel the law infringes on their abilities to make weapons and wish to leave our state, by all means, feel free to go. We will fill that void with rational jobs. I do not know of a single incident where a citizen needed an automatic weapon to defend themself. We have our law enforcement to serve and protect. Why make their jobs increasingly difficult?

    1. Truefacts

      Great with CT unemployment rate at 8% and only going up. I dont see any new jobs. And another post that has no clue on the guns being banned. They are semi-auto rifles 1 shot at a time automatic weapons are select fire full-auto. Why try to voice your ignorance learn what the bill means nothing will change. Less than 2% of crimes happen with long guns.

      1. Bo Dega

        Jack; there is always an exception to the rule to argue in opposition. but that doesn’t diminish the need for strong and robust measures to prevent these killing machines from getting into the wrong hands.

        1. Bo Dega

          Not no worry Jack- People are still being killed with reckless abandon in our cities. The important thing is that liberals feel better about more useless legislation.

    2. Jim

      Seriously? Kiss off 7,000 jobs and $1.7 Billion in tax revenue? I don’t see a line of companies entering the Connecticut market because this state is a hostile environment for companies. We are a tax & spend state that sucks the life blood from companies like a remora. We have to pay companies and give them huge tax breaks just to consider moving here. Good luck finding 7,000 new “rational” jobs. Oh, enjoy the tax hike form the $1.7 Billion tax void and the increase we’ll absorb for 7,000 people going on unemployment.

      1. Alexander Hamilton

        Knock it off with that ridiculous 1.7 number. That is a bullshit “economic impact” number that is grossly inflated. The hit to the CT treasury and town taxes will be around $80 million and that is if every single company and person leaves. I know you like to believe the gun industry is super important but 7,000 people is only 0.40% of our 1.6 million person workforce. Worst case it adds 0.40% to our unemployment. Not every company and supplier will leave. People will still buy guns and ammo. You will hardly notice the difference. I would be more worried about the sequester since we have 100,000 defense employees. Get a grip knucklehead.

        1. Bo Dega

          Regardless of economic impact, it is breathtaking how you liberals are willing to write off entire industries to get your way. Connecticut business is on notice that you turds could care less about them. Obamacare anyone?

    3. The Conn-servative

      Sorry,but there is a reason for registering the clips. Now try and think real carefully and get back to us on this blog as to what the reason is.

  17. sam

    Mary says; “Call us libtards if that makes you feel better but passage of this bill was democracy at work.”

    No it wasnt Mary, waht you saw here was emotional mass hysteria

  18. Jim

    Why would you trust Blumenthal? He lied about his Vietnam service and he jumped on the “Sue the Gun Manufacturers for gun violence” failed legislation bandwagon. That fiasco cost the state Remington Arms, Winchester and helped move Ruger and Mossberg manufacturing out of state. This is all about the spotlight that Blumenthal, Murphy and Malloy love dearly. Dannel is angling for some lifetime appointment for putting togther his deal so that the Obama visit can use Dannel’s ramrodded legislation as a club to beat us over the head with. If you think for one second that Obama would have scheduled his visit to CT if there was a chance that the gun control bill wouldn’t pass, you are totally deluded. It was fait accompli, predetermined and staged for our benefit. Now Dannel can parlait this into some federal appointment to the bench for gutting the constitution.

  19. chrismurphy

    These 2 senators make me ill! “When I returned from Vietnam!” I would like to know if he ever even left CT. It takes a seriously sick man to say was a Veteran of War and wasn’t. — Murphy is just a tool career politician who clearly received financial favors for his position. Neither statement is deniable and that scares me!

  20. Publius

    Bipartisan? Do you know what they call Connecticut Republicans elsewhere in the country? Democrats

  21. johngaltwhereru

    Holy cow! Those too are either dumb as rocks or have lied so often they no longer recognize reality.

    The rest of the Country is not nearly as Liberal as CT. The rest of the Country is not nearly as blinded by raw emotions as CT.

    This bill would be laughed off the floor of both Houses of Congress before the Supreme Court even had a chance to deem it unconstitutional.

    We already know there is not even 40 votes for an AWB, which means there probably isn’t even 30 votes. Never mind the illegality of requiring registration of weapons in direct violation of the Firearm Owner’s Protection Act of 1986.

    Anyone who believes the rest of the Country is going to follow Connecticut’s lead on anything needs to travel a little bit.

  22. CT Citizen

    We should all feel safer now that the Malloy regime,with the help of the cowards in Hartford have passed this law to protect us from being robbed etc. by felons like his family member. Perhaps we should decrease criminal penalties also so everybody can get the same kind of deals his family member received. I was however disappointed with the photography of the bill discussion and signing. There were only two pictures of the parasites who are supposed to represent us in D.C. and only one of a state rep. who tried to steal around $80000 of taxpayer money to fund his campaign a few years ago committing forgery. I thought that was a felony but maybe they changed the laws for politicians (at least white ones) and I just didnt read it buried in some bill on giving millions to the Govs. Wall Street freinds to relocate here. I feel very secure knowing this vermin is watching out for the citizens. I did like however,the photo of the two bottom feeders McKinney and Williams with with their perfect hairdos. It just goes to show what kind of legislation can be passed when two phonies will do anything hoping to keep their power. I look forward to when they can pass a bill restricting automobiles as you are more likely to get injured in a hit and run accident by a legislator allegedly drunk running a red light than an assault rifle. Please be sure to send your photographer to Newtown when the treasonist president arrives so we can view more pictures of parasites Blumenthal and Murphy as they pose with the other frauds from D.C. and CT. Please refrain from any more photos of King Malloy, as I think the only additional pictures most would like to see would be him in a mugshot with silver bracelets on.

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