Fees For Events at State Parks Could Go Up

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The legislature\’s finance committee endorsed a bill on Monday that would sharply raise the fees for special events, such as weddings, conferences and family reunions, at state parks.

Senate Bill 1011 would empower state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Commissioner Daniel C. Esty to raise the usage fees by up to 135 percent of the current rates. The rate increase would not be retroactive; it would only apply to contracts not yet signed.

\"eolia5\"There are several facilities in the state park system that are available for rent for special events. Current fees range from $220 a day for use of an open-air picnic shelter to $4,450 for five hours of use of the first floor of Eolia, an elegant mansion overlooking Long Island Sound in Harkness Memorial State Park.

The bill passed the General Assembly\’s environment committee earlier this year; it now heads to the full Senate for consideration.

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5 thoughts on “Fees For Events at State Parks Could Go Up

  1. justme

    Increasing fees are simply another way to tax the poor. Connecticut has lost its way under the Malloy and Democratic control of the state. No wonder so many people either moving to another more people friendly state or simply want to move……

    1. johngaltwhereru

      Why is a poor person renting out a facility for $220-$4450?

      Shouldn’t they be focused on feeding, clothing and housing their family?

  2. Kim

    taxes have to keep going on to fund the recipients and state workers outrageous benefits and pension packages.

    Someone has to pay for Dannel’s Obama-like traveling habits – the more time he spends outside of CT and his office, the less he has to answer to the citizens of this state

  3. j

    True. They wonder why no one younger wants to live in or vacation in CT. Costs too much money and you dont get what you pay for. Youd think people would be jumping for the elimination of car taxes. Most of us view this as an unfair nuisance tax that they will struggle to pay for and it seems people want it to stay.

  4. johngaltwhereru

    Great idea.

    User fees are a far more fair way to pay for things than through through income taxation.

    Why should a CT resident who has never been to a State Park subsidize someone else’s wedding. That is nonsense.

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