FIC Criticizes Esty and the Connecticut GOP

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The Family Institute of Connecticut didn\’t much like the recent comments of U.S. Reps. Elizabeth Esty and Rosa DeLauro about a bill that would ban abortions at 20 weeks or more.

Esty called the bill \”contemptuous towards women\’s health.\” But Peter Wolfgang, the FIC\’s executive director, said it was Esty who was \”contemptuous of the right to life of your fellow human beings.\”

In a post on the FIC\’s blog, Wolfgang also took a verbal swipe at the Connecticut Republican party:

\”All the post-election nonsense on how the GOP should drop social conservatism evaporated once the public was exposed to the horror of late-term (and \’post-birth\’) abortion during Kermit Gosnell’s trial. That is why the House was able to pass the Pain Capable Child Protection Act.

\”But why have we not heard a word from the CT GOP about the five Democratic Congressmen from our state who voted to sentence late-term unborn children to horrifying deaths? Is it because Andrew Roraback would have voted the same way?\”

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24 thoughts on “FIC Criticizes Esty and the Connecticut GOP

  1. Sean Murphy

    The CT GOP is controlled by liberals who look down on working class people and social conservatives.

    The money is what controls this.

    The base outside of Fairfield County is generally pretty conservative.

    But fear not, they are safe as the second tier party in CT, which is what most of the Assembly wants.

  2. Richard

    Great article on Catholic Schools today in the NYT. The history of lifting minority and immigrant families out of poverty was well discussed in contrast to Fearless Leaders butchery over in Ireland when discussing Catholic Schools and the Troubles.

    Many blacks and Latinos say they can trace the success they have achieved in their careers to the guidance they received in Catholic schools.

    CT needs school vouchers to help lift the impoverished out of their situation. The union -schools only solution is racist and a mean spirited cultural attempt to sell abortion, child abandonment, gay marriage, and Promiscuity as urban social solution. The unions are a political machine, nothing more. Valueless in the worst sense of the word.

    1. The Conn-servative

      As a conservative(obviously),I probably stand different,spitefully so on this issue. Here’s why:As soon as a Catholic school takes so much as a nickel deposit from Danny and company,they’re going to eventually reign them in on state laws,the ACLU will sue over the whole separation of church and state crap,and on and on… Malloy and minions have been treating the Catholic hospitals this way,especially with the Plan B pill,before it recently was made over the counter.It would be great if all private organizations could not take any government money and operate with minimal government intervention.

      1. The Conn-servative

        Oh yeah forgot to add there won’t be any more prayer and by that time,’under God’ will be forcefully removed from the Pledge.

          1. The Conn-servative

            Someday,I will. I’d rather live in an area that still supports and believes in the framework that our founding fathers believed,not the distorted,warped minds of socialist underachievers who sponge off of the private sector working class.

    2. bill


      agree that the unions do not, in a pure sense, look out for the interests of children. they look out for the interest of teachers even if it means substandard or less perfect teaching environments.

      but please, if you wish to trumpet Catholic schools which traditionally have had better teaching environments, don’t add the ridicules issues such as abortion, gay marriage, child abandonment and whatever else you want to include that reduces your first part to untrue rhetoric.

  3. Kathy

    Stick to the subject at hand; the fact that the CT GOP did not call out how the entire CT delegation in congress voted against the Bill and in favor of eliminating a human life, a child. CT Republicans will forever be a minority party until they lead with courage to defend life, at any stage.

    1. bill

      kathy, if you want to be against all abortion, than I ask you, how many unwanted babies have you taken in and if the answer is none, then you forfeit you pseudo moral code.

      give me a break.

        1. bill

          well Kim, none. but i am not against abortion. I believe in food stamp program for the low income.

          You are not. so let me ask you, how many little brown babies have you given refuge too lately?

          1. enness

            Bill, I have tough words for you but I call it like I see it: you can go ahead and sit in smug self-congratulation and tell yourself that whatever fraction of your taxes passes through the middleman to food stamps has you covered. Or you could get off your butt and do something direct and meaningful, yourself, to make life easier for your fellow humans. When I meet my maker I wouldn’t want to rely on “I was for food stamps (in principle).” Used to be that everyone, even those who were not against legal abortion per se, agreed that it was a tragedy that happened too often. Not so much anymore. The fact is, one philosophy is particularly hospitable to starting things like pregnancy resource centers, and the other is particularly hospitable to people sighing and folding their hand to the Grim Reaper while making BS excuses. I’ll let you guess which is which.

            I may not single-handedly save the entire world, but I do everything within my capability. This isn’t about what other people do; that’s a front. It’s about helping yourself avoid avoid dealing with your own lack of moral fortitude. The ‘tu quoque’ fallacy is not, has never been, and will never be an acceptable argument. Examine your own conscience.

          2. enness

            Second: adoption may be infinitely preferable to dismemberment, but the ideal situation is not to separate a child from his parents if at all possible (by helping with necessities, facilitating the job search or postsecondary education, etc. etc.) — let’s not forget that.

          3. bill

            enness: as for you, sorry, I didn’t understand what you said. but I dear say i have not seen you more talkative then now. So I will congratulate myself for getting you to talk, LOL.

            I fail to understand why you would accuse me of not helping my fellow man. You don’t know me. you only know that i have strong opinions in issues.

            the thing that grabs me wrong is when posters immediately run to their safe corners and identify themselves and others as either conservative or liberal.

            It is such hog wash. anyone who thinks in this manner follows perscribed ideology and has never learned to think independently and outside their boxes.

            you may exclude me from that description.

          4. enness

            Give it some time, then.

            I took the risk that I might not be entirely fair to you, but here’s my reasoning:

            “I believe in food stamp program for the low income.”

            Belief – great, but how does that translate into action?
            ‘the low income’ – they have names, like Donna, Maria, Julia. It’s natural to refer to people in such an impersonal way when one has not met them. I could be wrong in your case but I don’t think I’m that far off base.

            As for conservative or liberal…meh. Don’t look at me for that. There are people calling themselves conservatives who are Scrooge incarnate and totally gung ho on the idea that if you don’t survive then you must not have deserved to. Obviously I’m not impressed by them either.

          5. enness

            One last thought before my head meets my pillow: if you expect the benefit of the doubt, try giving it first. Adopting isn’t the only thing people can do besides making comments on articles, but heck…one of these days, when you ask how many, someone may actually come back at you with a number (I definitely know people who could). You got lucky.

      1. The Conn-servative

        How does not taking in unwanted babies forfeit some moral code,even if you are against abortion? The financial responsibility for raising children is beyond enormous and maybe people can’t afford it.But that does not mean that they can’t have an opinion against abortion.
        Bill you really do a splendid job at illustrating how liberalism is a mental disorder.Your ‘logic’ on all social subjects and issues is really worthy of a checkup from the neckup.For example,you’re against ar-15 and MOST gun ownership,but as was shown on a blog some time ago,you claim to own a shotgun and that’s okay.

        1. bill

          conn: and you are a real sicko. why? because you can pontificate on how a woman cannot have an abortion even if she wants one then you say that you moral crusaders don’t need to practice what you preach. I smell double standard. i smell religious structuralism. I smell shit coming from your mouth.

          nothing new here.

          1. Truth

            Conn: looks like old habits die hard. Bill just can’t resist being himself: obnoxious, socially unattractive, combative, with nothing but personal attacks and name-calling when you disagree with him.

            Now you understand why I never respond to his overtures of ‘if you acknowledge that you’ll stop with the nonsense, so will I’. All he really means is ‘if you stop disagreeing with me I’ll stop acting like a complete arsehole’. It’s been shown time and time again that he cannot play well with others but thinks it’s everyone elses’ fault.

            All hat and no horse. Full of himself and unwilling and unable to consider anything contrary to his neanderthal way of thinking. Not willing to debate honestly or politely. Not willing to back up anything he says. Always willing to lie to prove a point.

            A model for humanity

  4. enness

    First of all, this *subject* never fails to get me on a rant.

    Here is what I think we can agree upon: nobody gets a pass just for doing the bare minimum and having the “correct” opinion, whatever they may believe that to be.
    The point I have been trying to make, admittedly perhaps with more heat than clarity, to Bill is that there’s a lot of territory between the bare minimum and running a one- or two-person orphanage. You need a more creative mind than that to win against death and despair. Most of us are going to fall in there somewhere, because adoption can be prohibitively expensive and is somewhat less than ideal anyway if the parents are living and don’t totally hate each other’s guts. There are a number of pregnancy resource centers in this state that I know of, all of which are run by pro-lifers. Take St. Gerard’s in Hartford: they are not a shelter or orphanage, but they do a heck of a lot with not a lot of resources. Planned Parenthood has much more money and a friend in the White House, but — I say confidently — absolutely nothing on them in terms of the scope of support they provide.

    As I said, you need a creative mind. Bill, you say you reject labels because you think outside the box. So why have you been using a really weak argument (ad hominem tu quoque) like a crutch both to lean on and beat people up with? Don’t you feel called to a higher standard?

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