FIC on CT\’s Conservative Talk Radio Landscape

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The Family Institute of Connecticut offers up its assessment of the state of conservative talk radio on its blog.

\"bradWhile most of the attention is focused on WELI-AM talk show host Vinnie Penn, FIC Executive Director Peter Wolfgang talks about the other big players on right-wing talk radio.

Brad Davis: \”a firebrand against same-sex civil unions in 2005 but in 2007 he wanted nothing to do with the fight against full same-sex \’marriage\’ and by 2012 he was singing the moderate Republican tune that the GOP should not fight back on social issues.\”

\"rowlandJohn Rowland: His show was initially called \”State and Church,” Wolfgang writes, but it \”now focuses on fiscal issues and is vaguely disdainful of cultural conservatism. When social issues do come up, Rowland sounds less like the repentant ex-prisoner from 2006 who found Jesus and more like the cynical politician from 1990 who flip-flopped on \"viceabortion.\”

Jim Vicevich: \”[A] pro-life powerhouse. But he avoids same-sex \’marriage\’ and related issues, perhaps owing to his libertarian streak (a huge blindspot for libertarians, given that same-sex \’marriage\’ increases state power.)\”



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14 thoughts on “FIC on CT\’s Conservative Talk Radio Landscape

  1. A Great Day

    All teabaggers who should be forced off the air or equal time given to progressives.

    1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

      A Great Day is afraid of hearing another point of view. He must be a low information Obamatron voter.

    2. Kim

      I think that conservatives would welcome equal time, AGD, as opposed to the total domination of the liberal view courtest of the complicit press

    3. The Conn-servative

      Actually,many t-baggers invite regressives to their shows,but often will not come on to deal with the hard questions. Danny boy wouldn’t even think of being on Rowland’s show.Danny boy was late for Dan Lovallo’s show a few years back and Lavollo made him aware of it during the discussion. Poor boy Danny couldn’t stand the heat so he left the kitchen.
      Needless to say,giving equal time will not be a mandate but an option of the host. Too bad for you.

  2. Johngaltwhereru

    Ah yes, regulation of speech. Another tenet of the left.

    In addition to the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th and 10th Amendments, are there any other aspects of the Bill of Rights you wish to eliminate?

  3. Tim McKee

    The FIC is given a free ride and free range on all local talk show for the most part. Too bad REAL debate is NOT welcome on local radio. Where are the real debates?? toe to toe? Left versus Right?

    WATR 1320 Larry Rifkin (10-1PM) is about the only fair and impartial show on the air! non republican host

  4. enness

    With a laser-like focus on the least interesting bits of the post!

    When folks like Vinnie Penn begin to get it, it’s not a moment to spoil either with gloating or with senseless grudge retention, but just to embrace a new friend. I think the piece hits that mark.

    1. Tim McKee

      if u have only one side to promote.. hey your side wins!! ..others are shut out…

      1. johngaltwhereru


        “Your side wins.”

        Does that explain why Connecticut has 5 out of 5 Democrat US Congressmen, 2 out of 2 Democrat US Senators, A Democrat Governor, a Demcrat Majority in the State Senate and a Democrat Majority in the State House, right?

        1. The Conn-servative

          Excellent point.It’s not enough that they have a super majority in all of these chambers. They want total control through limitless greed. When on occasion,it’s perceived they won’t get what they want,like background checks recently,they play the “reach across the aisle crap”,almost like they’re having a pity party.

  5. Brian C. Duffy

    Regarding same-sex marriage, Wolfgang should consider this (something both Rowland and Vicevich can attest to):

    The biggest threat to traditional modern marriage today is traditional heterosexual divorce.

  6. Johngaltwhereru

    If income taxation was eliminated there would be no reason for the Government to sanction or forbid marriage of any kind.

    Marriage should be a private event and government should issue civil unions to any type of couple that wishes to subject themselves to the benefits and liabilities of such an arrangement.

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