FIC Scolds Debicella on Social Issues

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\"wolfgang\"The Family Institute of Connecticut isn\’t happy with Dan Debicella.

Debecilla, a Republican running in the 4th congressional district against Democratic U.S. Rep. Jim Himes, recently told the Shelton Herald that he is \”pro-choice.\”

 “I am pro-choice,” Debicella is quoted as saying in an article in the Sept. 12 issue. “I’ve always been pro-choice. I’m pro-stem cell research. I’m pro-gay marriage. I am very, very liberal on a lot of social issues.\”


In case anyone missed the point, the headline of the piece summed it up: \”Shelton\’s Dan Debicella pledges to be a moderate Republican.\” (The article also states he backs federal gun legislation requiring universal background checks.)

To Peter Wolfgang, executive director of the Family Institute of Connecticut, Debecilla\’s comments put him in the same camp as socially moderate Republicans such as Linda McMahon, who were unable to win.

\”Republican candidates for high office would do well to learn from the mistakes of Linda McMahon\’s 2012 campaign,\’\’ Wolfgang wrote in a Friday afternoon email to supporters. \”Connecticut Republicans have nothing to gain from embracing the anti-family agenda and everything to lose: they will not win liberal Democrat voters but they will lose social conservatives who see little difference between the two parties. Yet many Connecticut Republicans continue to follow this strategy to defeat every two years.\”

The views expressed by Debicella represent a shift from his earlier stance, Wolfgang said.\” Debicella told FIC in 2006 that he supported the traditional definition of marriage, in 2007 he was one of only three state senators to vote against forcing Catholic hospitals to provide the potentially abortifacient Plan B drug and in 2008 FIC\’s political action committee openly endorsed him for state senate,\” Wolfgang wrote.

Debicella could not be reached for comment.


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17 thoughts on “FIC Scolds Debicella on Social Issues

  1. JRB

    Peter is right. New England Republicans lose because they sell out their base especially on social issues like same-sex “marriage” and abortion. Years and years of this and more conservative minded people start to leave in droves.

  2. Sean Murphy

    Republicans like Debicella are why the Republicans cannot win.

    Democrats have the people who want abortion on demand. Democrats have the redefine marriage into anything and everything.

    There are two sides here. What McMahon, Andrew Roraback, and now Debicella do is ignore two huge voting blocks.

    Pro-life, traditional marriage supporters, and gun owners are the natural base of the GOP. Instead of working with them, the Republicans ignore them. They wonder why they lose.

    The CT GOP still does not get it why the Libertarian US Senate candidate received almost 2%. There are your conservatives, not including the ones who refused to vote.

  3. enness

    Ahem. As I’ve said: we need liberal “moderate” Republicans like a people need a third leg.

    Reaching across the aisle sounds nice, but has a limit (like when you can’t even get folks to unequivocally condemn fatal in utero sex discrimination), at which point you have to stand for something. Guess he made his choice.

  4. Rufus

    Republicans 21% of the electorate. Democrats 37%. That’s why Republicans lose. The Republican Party in Connecticut needs to be a big tent party. The only problem with that are the conservatives who want it their way. They get angry when there is an economic conservative who doesn’t embrace their social policies. I’m sorry but in CT abortion, and gay marriage aren’t going anywhere. Being against these won’t win any elections in Connecticut. These also aren’t going anywhere nationally. Abortion won’t be repealed. Gay marriage support will keep growing. So get over it. Economy, and spending are more important issues.

    1. The Great Jakowski

      Well looky here, Kim, the famous right wing nut, seems to be in one of those groups you mention. And I don’t think he believes in killing the unborn.

      He should run for something.

      1. Connecticut is circling the drain

        The great Jagoffski speaks. We look forward to the day when a pearl of wisdom from you graces this blog.

      2. Rufus

        Jakowski, maybe you should run for a major office. Good luck winning the primary. Name the last conservative in CT to make it out of the primary for a major office. Conservatives don’t even have the majority of the Republican Party in CT. You are the minority of the minority.

        1. Mr Bill

          Ain’t it a bi-ach. But truthfully, your statement is not valid. We mostly had Republican governors although one recent member we had to send him the the big house for some punishment. We had a republican Treasurer and… let’s see, i believe that he also had to go to the big house for some things he did wrong.

          I think it is health to swing back and forth with idologically-based personal. I am more inclined to be disappointed with many if not most turn out to be corrupt. But the simple truth is that many public office seekers would sell their mother’s for a dollar. But fortunately, we have a robust Justice system and strong laws to punish those proven to have violated their oaths while in office.

          1. Rufus

            They were Republican but not conservative. Rowland and Rell were moderates. Republicans are struggling in CT but conservatives as a bloc are doing even worse. I too am concerned about all the corruption. For a while it felt like Republicans were more corrupt. Now its the Democrats. But both parties are corrupt.

  5. The Conn-servative

    To sum it up,the dumbecratic party here in CT has all issues in the bag because they have the majority of government dependent voters on their side. It’s useless for the Repubs in Ct. We are past the point of no return.Connecticut is fast on track to become the next California and then Detroit. Because of a one party majority rule and an anti-business climate,there is and will continue to be ,no job growth here. Instead we have been worried about gay wedding cake, bathroom bill,med marijuana,buses to nowhere,Action Jackson labs,guaranteeing no state employee layoffs for 6 years during the worst economy since the Great Depression.etc,etc. At some point, it will catch up to those denizens left to survive here.Then they, will be looking for the feds to bail them out.

  6. raving_mad

    Another RINO who will get his doors blown off in November. Pathetic. I predict Himes gets more than 55% of the vote in 2014. Why vote for a fake Democrat when you can just vote for the real thing.

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