Foley and Romney Redux

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Supporters of Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy are wasting no time linking expected Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley with failed Republican presidential Mitt Romney.

The state Democratic party issued a press release Friday night attacking Foley, but the five-paragraph release mentioned Romney almost as much.

\”Tom Foley just doesn\’t get it,\’\’ said Nancy DiNardo, state Democratic chairwoman. \”Like Mitt Romney, he doesn\’t understand the challenges that average hardworking people face.

“He is just another out-of-touch vulture capitalist who sees the average resident as something less.  It\’s a toxic world view that the voters of this country rejected just a few weeks ago.  And if ambassador Foley runs again, he’ll find out exactly what the voters of Connecticut think of his economic philosophy.\” 

 DiNardo\’s comments came in response to an interview Foley gave to WTNH political reporter Mark Davis.

Foley, who lost the governor\’s race to Malloy in 2010, criticized the governor for raising taxes and failing to significantly cut spending. Now, Foley says, Malloy is slashing social services.

\”Now they\’re hurting the little people in the state; Alzheimer\’s funding, the children\’s fund, the disabled, vets. They\’re stepping on the brake and hitting the accelerator at the same time,\” Foley told Davis.

Democrats say those words suggest an elitism that smacks of Romney\’s 47 percent comment.

\”Tom Foley today has shown that he is cut from the same cloth as the failed presidential candidate,\’\’ the release states.  \”Today, gubernatorial candidate Foley referred to average Connecticut residents – including military veterans – as \’little people.\’\’\’

 Earlier today, Malloy strategist Roy Occhiogrosso tweeted this photo:


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6 thoughts on “Foley and Romney Redux

  1. Da Troof

    Not a problem. Its like linking the failed policies of Dannell P. Malloy to tyhe failed policies of Barack H. Obama.

  2. e pluribus unum

    I never asked a poor person to give me a job. Only the class-warfare socialists, who think government should be in charge of handing out jobs, would attack someone for their success.
    It used to be in this country we wanted our children to be more successful than their parents. Now, Obama and Malloy want to see them all on food stamps and barely making it into the middle class but heaven forbid they rise above that level.Everyone must have an equal amount of stuff and government is in charge of handing out “stuff”. That is the definition of the decline of a civilization.(When schools stop promoting Marxism and socialism and instead actually teach the basics of our Constitution will this country have a chance to survive).

    1. Kim

      I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been pointing out these things for two years on these pages, especially the part about dismantling the indoctrination centers under the Department of Education.

      Go to school, get a degree so you can succeed. Then, once you’ve succeeded, we’ll attack you, call you names, and take everything you earn in the name of ‘fair share’

  3. Occiogrossmeout

    Malloy is a venture capitalist too. He just uses Government money from the largest tax increase of $1.2 billion to give tax breaks to billion dollar companies not to leave our State. What makes Foley different is he had to gain the trust of private investors and his investments aren’t politically motivated. Malloy had to bribe companies to stay due his the Democrats anti business legislative agenda.

  4. Lee

    The Democrats are a joke that is supported by the free-loaders. Too bad the Communist Party and Unions have taken over the Democratic Party. They have morphed to extremism from the JFK days.

  5. Jeff

    Connecticut is a lost. It chose bho, a delegation of losers to the five house districts and Murphy by huge margins. The people of this once great state prefer big government, crony capitalism big labor and an unsustainable welfare state. They choose high taxation and zero growth. Capital is fleeing the state and once the takers are in greater proportion than the creators, we will become the California of the Northeast. The only way this state will change is total collapse and bankruptcy which is right around the corner. The wise will not stick around waiting for that to happen.

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