Foley Camp Poll Finds Malloy Vulnerable

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A new poll commissioned by Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley suggests Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is vulnerable to a challenge–and that Foley is the strongest GOP contender to unseat the Democratic governor.

\"foleyThe survey of 504 likely voters conducted March 18-20 found that 47 percent \”believe it is time for a new person\” in the governor\’s office and 37 percent \”believe that Malloy has done a good enough job to deserve re-election\” in 2014, according to a memo accompanying the poll. (Memo here, keep clicking).

Malloy loyalists wasted little time in responding to Foley. \”@TomFoleyCT until you have the guts to say whether or not you\’d have signed the gun bill stop whining. too scared?\” tweeted Roy Occhiogrosso.

Nancy DiNardo, chairwoman of the Connecticut Democratic party, was similarly dismissive. \”It appears that Tom Foley can find the time to further his political ambitions through shoddy polling, but not the time to say whether or not he would have supported the historic gun violence prevention bill the Governor signed into law last week,\’\’ DiNardo said in a statement.

\”Even the Republicans in Washington are taking positions on this issue.  Leadership is about taking a stand on the issues of our time.  I guess his polling firm has not told him where he should stand on this issue just yet, but the people of Connecticut deserve an answer,” DiNardo said.

Not surprisingly, the poll found Foley, the Republican party\’s 2010 gubernatorial nominee, with the strongest name recognition in the GOP field.

 \”Tom Foley has retained nearly his entire name ID from his 2010 candidacy, and remains very well-known with solid image ratings among Connecticut voters,\” according to the poll memo. \”Foley’s soft name ID is at eighty-nine percent (89%) with forty-eight percent (48%) favorable and twenty percent (20%) unfavorable. Only 11% of voters are unfamiliar with him. Foley’s 2.3 to 1 favorable to unfavorable ratio is quite strong compared to Malloy’s 1.5 to 1 favorable to unfavorable ratio.\”

The poll found that two other potential Republican candidates, House Minority Leader Larry Cafero and Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, have \”no significant statewide name ID.\” Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, who is also weighing a run, is better known, but mostly in the 4th Congressional District, which his father Stewart McKinney, represented in the U.S. House.

The survey was conducted by the Tarrance Group, a national Republican polling firm based in Virginia. According to the polling memo, \”the margin of error associated with a sample of this type is plus 4.5 percent in 95 out of 100 cases.\”

One Foley critic pointed this out: the Tarrance Group is the same polling firm that predicted just days before last year\’s presidential election Mitt Romney would win.

\”In sum, this data indicates this election remains very close on the surface, but the political environment and the composition of the likely electorate favor Governor Romney. These factors come into play with our \’vote election model\’ – which takes into account variables like vote intensity, voters who say they are definite in their vote, and demographics like age and education. In that snapshot of today’s vote model, Mitt Romney leads Barack Obama by five-points 52% to 47%. While that gap can certainly be closed by the ground game of the Democrats, reports from the field would indicate that not to be the case, and Mitt Romney may well be heading to a decisive victory.\”


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15 thoughts on “Foley Camp Poll Finds Malloy Vulnerable

  1. The One Who Knows

    What is wrong with Ochiogrosso? He has shown himself to be a thug and a turd. Then again, what did we expect from the Malloy administration?

      1. Disgusted Former Democrat

        Agree. Someone may even primary Malloy. They run him Foley in a landslide. Any legislator who is a Democrat incumbent will have to distance themselves. Ochiogrosso’s fifteen minutes of fame were over an hour ago. He makes some want Lisa Moody to come back. Malloy has been a disaster for Connecticut.

  2. Finster Baby

    How does “Mr. Ethics” Foley conduct and pay for such an expensive poll WITHOUT an exploratory or campaign committee set up yet? This sounds like a campaign violation. Serious stuff for someone who claims to want to “clean up government”

    Foley thinks this race is all about Name ID. If it is, the voters clearly knew Foley in 2010 and rejected him once….do we need to repeat history again???

    1. The One Who Knows

      Rejection by a mere 6,000 votes with a bag of Bridgeport votes nearby if more were needed. Try again dimwit.

    2. johngaltwhereru

      Malloy only won by 4%, and that was only after sacks of Malloy votes were found behind a Bridgeport polling station well after polls closed.

      This was despite a huge Democrat Resgistered Voter advantage.

      This was also before Malloy took a dump on the public sector unions that supported him.

      This was also before Malloy spent every other day demonstrating his ignorance on MSNBC.

      This was also before unemployment has festered at a rate above the national average for his entire term.

      But, by all means, don’t show up on election day. Malloy will easily beat Foley.

  3. deep44

    The issue is there really isnt one conservative in State Gov. Even if Foley or some other so-called republican could win, they are democrats under conservative clothing.

    Every business has a clearing price, wether it be in good financial condition or not. If we allow Malloy to stay in office, we will reach the lower clearing price quickly and then we could begin to rebuild without the liberals as the pain will be felt across the board. Without reaching the lower clearing price, we will spend years bleeding.

  4. Betrayed Democrat

    “Leadership is about taking a stand on the issues of our time. I guess his polling firm has not told him where he should stand on this issue just yet, but the people of Connecticut deserve an answer,” DiNardo said.

    Yes, and Dannel made his positions completely clear when running for office. And he hasn’t kept ONE of his promises. Which is the more pathetic? What good does it do to take a false stand on an issue?

  5. cat

    Malloy is so busy dancing on the graves of schoolchildren and exploiting Newtown so to trample the rights of hundreds of thousands of law-abiding gun owners, he hopes few will notice that with his billion dollar deficit, and policy of taxing everything that moves, he’s scaring people and business away from the state and taking CT down the economic toilet.

  6. Gompers

    Now, that Tom Foley is so far ahead in the polls will he release the sealed police reports from his two road rage arrests – the ones that he lied to the U.S. Senate committee (during his ambassadorial hearing) about when he said he was never arrested?

    1. The One Who Knows

      If we can elect Vietnam vets like Blumenthal and bill deadbeats like Murphy we can elect Foley too.

      I’m sure there’s a skeleton or two in your closet there Jethro. Am I right?

  7. Charlene

    Roy knows his 15 minutes of infamy are nearly over. It’s too bad he can’t control his talent because he does have some, but he hurts his governor more than helps him. It must be the giant chip of inferiority that he and his boss constantly wear on their shoulders. Malloy is a glory hound – nothing more. It’s the old “the bullied become bullies when they grow up.”

  8. Henry Berry

    Malloy is most vulnerable because of the corruption running through his administration as evidenced in the cronyism, self-serving, disregard of due process – and notably by his close ties to the criminal organization of the Pullman and Comley law firm responsible for widespread crime and corruption throughout the state legal system.

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