Foley On CT Gun Control Bill

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Republican Tom Foley, the leading challenger to Gov. Dannel Malloy, continues to dance around a clear answer on the gun control question. On Dennis House\’s Face the State, it appeared as if Foley would not have embraced the bill that Republican leaders got behind:

\"Foley\"Would I have voted for this bill or not? I think the correct question is if I were governor what would my bill have looked like? It wouldn\’t have looked like this bill.

… the debate should have been on this gun control measure on what would have prevented the tragedy from happening. It should have been limited to  what would have prevented this same thing from happening again.

Foley does say he would have supported an expansion of mental health programs, a costly solution that legislators have thus far avoided.


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7 thoughts on “Foley On CT Gun Control Bill

  1. Kim

    His reply doesn’t sound like dancing to me. He’s pretty clear that his bill would have been different than the Dannel-driven bill.

    1. ben shapiro

      Yes, but that wasn’t the answer to the question. The question was, “would you have voted for this bill?” It required a yes or no response.

      That being said, I firmly believe we would have been much better off if Foley had been our governor. I’m very unhappy with Malloy, not just for the way he handled the gun control issue, but the way he has been running the state into the ground.

      1. Johngaltwhereru

        Not really. He declined to answer a hypothetical question based on the fact that that bill would not have existed under a different scenario.

        That is like asking him if he would support the crack-whore he impregnated obtaining an abortion.

        It would have been perfectly legitimate for him to say he would not have impregnated a crack-whore.

  2. code green

    Our politicians are saying that the most anyone needs to have to protect himself from armed intruders is seven rounds in the magazine. Only seven?! Of course, it took trained police, who were not dealing with an unexpected attack, who were not roused from a peaceful slumber, who were not worried about their wives and kids, some 200 rounds to kill one dangerous man. Makes you wonder if those politicians have even the slightest, tiniest hint of anything connected with the real world, doesn’t it?

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