Foley Prepping For Ground Hog Day

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During the taping of Dennis House\’s Face The State Thursday evening, former ambassador and businessman Tom Foley sounded as if he had not missed a beat since his razor-thin loss to Dannel Malloy in 201o.

\"groundThe race for governor will be about taxes, spending, the economy and who is the best choice to lead Connecticut.

Foley, dismissing Republican competition, told House that if the GOP comes up with a better message for cities it could make the difference in 2014. Foley lost to Malloy by less than 7,000 votes in a race where he won much of the state — but was swamped in the state\’s cities.

Foley, now a father of toddler twins and still an affable Greenwich resident, said he would have solved the state\’s $3 billion budget hole in 2011 by streamlining healthcare costs for state employees (isn\’t that what Malloy was trying to do?) and not raising taxes. He said he was surprised the Mitt Romney lost to President Obama, but agreed that the Republican party \”is having a hard time appealing to voters in the northeastern cities.\”

\”I hate to see the state suffering the way it is,\’\’ he said, predicting that Connecticut could be looking at permanent damage from its stagnating economy. Malloy, he said, \”has gotten trapped inside the bubble in Hartford.\”

Watch FTS on WFSB this Sunday morning. Read House\’s take here. And check out Foley\’s letter to state Republican leaders here.



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3 thoughts on “Foley Prepping For Ground Hog Day

  1. Da Troof

    Vintage Rick: several articles praising our wonderful Democrats and a snarky article about a Republican.

  2. Richard

    Foley’s right. Concentrate on housing in the cities. Jack Kemp set the model for the GOP. Enterprise Zones, HUD buybacks, Significant tax breaks for urban renewal investment by private parties.

    Part of the goal has to be to revitalize construction and has to be broad enough to appeal to the 20 cities and larger towns not called Hartford, Bridgeport, New Haven, and Waterbury. It’s urban renewal time for the rest of CT.

    The policy needs to encourage investment to revitalize the urban cores of Middletown, Enfield, Torrington, and Willimantic with worker housing, mass transit, and social services as good if not better than the big 4 cities enjoy. Most of these cities view themselves as the red-headed step children of the Hartford Region. Entities to be taxed and nothing more. The discontent is there. A GOP politician who can tap into that discontent and sell good government rather than tea-party extremism can win.

    Vouchers–buy into them big. School Vouchers and Housing Vouchers and build a solid Transitional Housing Network using Vouchers. Emphasize purchasing in the free market and using the savings to expand services and bonded construction in the little 20.

    Incentive! Incentive! Incentive! Move the population center from the big 4 back to the little 20 and regional hubs like Enfield, Torrington, and Middletown.

    Attack the Waterbury Hospital deal. $400 million in construction lost (and state-of-the-art facilities) because Therea Younger didn’t get to lord it over the Catholic Church? Follow the campaign money on that deal.

  3. Richard

    And pension reform like Governor Moonbeams. What better sign of the times is there than that? End pension spiking and curtail has duty exceptions? Ahh! Old fashion Democrats before the public sector mob bought them. Someone needs to purge the state.

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