Foley Unloads, Offering No Proof: Gov Has \’Low Ethical Standard\’

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The candidates haven\’t even declared and the race for governor already smells.

Offering no sources or evidence but promising that his research \”meets journalistic standards\” Republican would-be gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley attacked Gov. Dannel Malloy as a chronically unethical leader Sunday morning.

\"foleyAppearing on WFSB\’s Face The State, Foley said he \”can\’t say whether it\’s true\” but nevertheless offered an on-the-record and detailed indictment of the governor.

Foley said Malloy received improper campaign contributions from Dan Esty before Esty was appointed commissioner of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. These payments amounted to a pay-off, Foley charged. \”That\’s something I heard and that people believe,\” Foley said.

Andrew Doba, a spokesman for Malloy, said \”Foley\’s allegations are factually incorrect. The reason he can\’t back them up is because they are untrue. Mr. Foley owes everyone to whom he referred an immediate apology.\”

State Democrats, meanwhile, brought up an unpleasant moment from Foley\’s past — a long ago car accident on Long Island:

Mr. Foley has steadfastly refused to release his arrest records involving two incidents, including one felony arrest in which he ended up spending the night in jail.  Today the Connecticut Democratic Party call on Mr. Foley to release those records, in the spirit of open and full disclosure he says he believes in.  The facts surrounding these incidents have never been brought to light.  Mr. Foley has called them “minor,” but no one spends a night in jail for something considered to be “minor”.

Foley went on to charge that former Malloy advisor Roy Occhiogrosso\’s communications firm, Global Strategies Group, received a \”totally improper\” state contract after Occhiogrosso left state government. Meanwhile, Foley also said that Malloy\’s \”close buddy\” Andrew McDonald — a former aide and now a state Supreme Court justice — was part of a conspiracy that forced municipalities to hire McDonald\’s former law firm.

Tanya Meck, executive vice president with Global Strategies Group said that the firm \”participated in a competitive process to become the public relations consultant for Access Health CT.\” She said her firm won the contract for the new healthcare program \”legally and ethically.\”

Foley said the allegations are \”commonly believed,\” when pressed for evidence by Face the State host Dennis House.

According to Foley — who says that he has not yet decided whether to run for governor — there is little Malloy can do, even if all of Foley\’s accusations are bogus

\”These are things that are commonly accepted at the capitol as being true,\” he said.

Asked when he plans to announce that he actually is a candidate, Foley offered this response: \”If I\’d made up my mind I\’d know when I was going to make up my mind.\”



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27 thoughts on “Foley Unloads, Offering No Proof: Gov Has \’Low Ethical Standard\’

  1. Lynne

    The first rule in journalism is “ID the Source.” To make these unsubstantiated allegations is heresay, and an alarming on-air admission – by someone who allegedly tried to run his ex-wife over with his car – and is running for governor is an insult to the voting public in CT.

    I am certainly no fan of Malloy’s – he should not seek re-election in my humble opinion – but this kind of dirty politics – unsubstantiated claims of Malloy being unethical – is reprehensible.

    If Foley appeared on “FACE THE STATE” jointly with Malloy and made these accusations (so Malloy could offer a counterpoint) that would be one thing. To do it without Malloy there…well, it’s not someone I’d want running the state. We’ve already had a chronically lying governor and a swindler as CT’s governor in John G. Rowland.

    1. ccbeachcomber

      C’mon, get your heads out of the sand. As one who has watched this miserable governor sack and pillage the middle class in CT with the largest tax hike in history then turn around and use it as political payback to construction unions and gratuitious patronage of the indigent too indignant to work, none of this is far-fetched at all. Those who have the facts need to step forward. Esty’s appointment has smelled from day one, appointed to oversee an industry he was a paid consultant. Malloy has fortified a system of repeat voters paying off the long unemployed with EBT cards, driver licenses for illegal immigrants, and hysterical, useless gun laws that outlaw law-abiding, tax paying, citizens. His new busway is destroying what’s left of Hartford and the new rat farm in Farmington, under the guise of new, but temporary jobs, are merely lipstick on a pig. Instead of working toward an evironment favorable to business, employment and self-independence, his economic policies prolong this recession, merely lowering the bar to a new normal. Working people can’t afford, or want, Malloy.

  2. Disgusted Former Democrat

    The GOP can run Satan and Mickey Mouse and still clobber Malloy and Wyman. Someone better step up and primary our stuttering bully Governor or have epic voter fraud in New Haven and Bridgeport this time. Worst kind of voting is going on people leaving Corrupticut and voting with their feet. Malloy has been a disaster for the Middle Class in this state.

  3. fatdaddy

    Too bad. Foley can’t even get his charges right. Dan Malloy HAS NO ETHICS.
    If that is the best Foley can do, he should not bother to run and let a real man or woman
    run for office. Dan Malloy is a loser and borders on criminal but Foley just does not seem to get that message across effectively.
    It is best to leave the state if one can and let the politicians feast on the state until there is nothing left.
    Even New York is looking good now compared to Connecticut!

  4. StevenRosenbaum

    Incumbents, candidates, ethics and voting issues notwithstanding a reader can count on the biased reporting of Rick Green. Let us use his first sentence as an example, “The candidates haven’t even declared and the race for governor already smells.” I don’t recall Mr. Green having the same sense of smell when describing the crash and burn of Mr. Donovan and the ensuing legal travails of his staffers and benevolent supporters. No. Mr. Green can only smell someone if their name is followed by the letter R. It is a pity that Mr. Green is only able to do the job of 1/2 a reporter. Make no mistake, the Connecticut GOP could nominate the Son of G_d to run against Malloy and Rick Green’s headline would blare “Long Haired Fundamentalist to lead CT GOP!” When the media acts as a lapdog for the political class, it cannot act as a watchdog for the working class.

  5. Rules Apply to the Little People

    Politicians view their behavior through a very different lens than those they serve. Politics is by nature a profession where one cannot truly be successful (i.e., elected) while being fully ethical. Malloy isn’t any better or worse, just different.

    That said, there are serious concerns about how the administration espouses transparency and accountability while at the same time ignoring or simply not reacting to when they are presented with evidence of the inappropriate conduct of appointed officials. In one example, the state has yet to make any substantonive progress on a $24M Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) due in large part to the conduct of that projects Executive Director, Sean Thakkar. During his tenure, he has been the subject of numerous accusations of gender discrimination, creating a hostile work environments, repeated violations of our state’s whistle-blower protection laws, among other HR offenses. Meanwhile, the CJIS project has repeatedly missed critical project deadlines while Mr. Thakker seeks to expand his authority, including an attempt to wrest control of the a key computer system used daily by the state police.

    Overseeing all of this is Undersecretary Lawler who took over co-leadership of CJIS while knowing of the serious concerns surrounding Mr. Thakkar’s performance and conduct. It would be hard to imagine that Malloy is unaware of the CJIS project’s failings given the close friendship that Malloy and Lawler share

    1. The Conn-servative

      I have always found it ironic that the word “law” exists as the first syllable in Lawler. He has my vote as the single most dangerous political official in CT for the past 20 years.

      1. Mr Bill

        Kim must be snoozing late after a long night at the Walt Whitman rest stop. The weasel isn’t worth having as an ally, Conn-serv.

        1. Kim

          still can’t get me out of your little mind, can you billy? Must be maddening being you – I’m sure we’ll read about you in the headlines at some point

  6. Russ Blatt

    I can’t believe this story reached daylight. Where in journalism ethics is it okay to have a lead story with a premise that is all innuendo. When you strip away the non-facts, all you have is “Tom Foley appeared on WFSB’s Face the State and made unsubstantiated statements regarding Governor Malloy.” Any more than that is biased reporting.

  7. Time for Change

    When Malloy was mayor of Stamford, wasn’t the mayor’s residence searched by police executing search warrants in 2 separate criminal investigations? Perhaps Ambassador Foley should call on Malloy to release copies of those records which are much more recent than some childhood mistake Foley might have made–probably long before I was even born.

    1. The Conn-servative

      I would think that those could easily be obtained from the p.d.,not needing to wait for our bully gov to release them.

  8. Marisa Ringel

    Thank you Mr. Green for your interesting article. I too believe that accusations should not be cast unless they can be packaged with a source and evidence. I am not impressed with either “would-be gubernatorial candidate” Tom Foley or Gov. Dannel Malloy. I am a registered democrat but will cross the line and vote for John McKinney the Republican legislator representing the 28th Assembly District and new gubernatorial candidate who I do know personally and whom I can vouch for the steadfast code of ethics he always follows in all of his affairs publicly and privately. He already has my vote. There is not much the democratic party can do right now without a candidate that is even hitting in the same ball park as McKinney when you look at the entirety of his records and experience. My recommendation is for the Connecticut Democratic party to start sourcing and grooming better democratic candidates for next time. This time McKinney’s going to win it as he should. No more monkeying around CT. Vote for McKinney to get the state back to serious business.

    1. Kim

      McKinney? Didn’t he vote against 2nd Amendment? He’s a non-starter in my book – don’t need another politician debasing the constitution and destroying our liberties

  9. TOFG

    I am with you , Marisa, but the GOP state central committee will NOT put McKinney up, they’ll stick with Foley since he is only a one-time loser. As a republican for almost 40 years I have to wonder who is minding the store when it comes to picking GOP candidates.

  10. Alpinglow

    On WFSB Foley said he’d heard all these things from at least two people, so it meets a journalistic standard. That’s not correct. He says he’s got no evidence.

    He can say lots of things about Malloy, maybe. But he’s also impugned the reputations of several other people, and implicated a whole lot of other people. My question is at what point does this kind of unsubstantiated allegation become defamation and slander?

    It is widely believed, by the way, that Foley’s real interest in becoming governor is so that he can privatize state services so his friends can reap windfall profits. Sauce for the gander.

  11. Palin Smith

    Foley is as reckless in his allegations as Linda McMahon was spending her own money.

    Connecticut has its candidate from the people, for the people and not from Fairfield County. His name is Joe. You can call him Joe the Plumber or Joe Six Pack or Just plain Joe.

    We call him by his real name….Joe Visconti.

  12. Fom Toley

    The ambassador is talking out of one side of his mouth. He would like to think he is more likable than Malloy but, amazingly, he is not. My family and CT as a whole will be better off with Gov. Malloy continuing his hard work for a second term. The ambassador should continue living it up in Greenwich and explore his soul and thoughts a bit more before speaking publicly. I shudder to think what exactly Foley would do as governor. His plans must be rather extreme if he hasn’t said anything specific in 4 years. Perhaps some day soon he’ll start talking in real terms instead of making baseless accusations. Or, perhaps he’ll keep this train wreck going and give Dannel 4 more years…my money is on the latter.

  13. kurt johnson

    Oh, Capitol Gang. Can anyone meet your standards? Nope. Frauds, sycophants, I can go on and on with the names. Your agenda is liberalism and unions. PERIOD. Your picture on the web site says it all. Three Liberal Stooges.

  14. markp

    CT ethics code has more holes than swiss cheese. Roy O left the state and I always thought you have a grace period of 1 year before you could do business with the state? $22 billion per year state budget bonanza feeds a lot of hungry political insiders.

  15. Rose

    So its ok to run around saying Foley is a mean drunk? As long as I say that two anonymous sources told me this is true, is it ok to go on tv or the internet and say this about Tom Foley? Or that he was in a drunken rage when he rammed another vehicle with his car?
    Attacking someone’s character should take a little more to back it up then……absolutely nothing. But rumor is all Foley seems to think is needed for his smear campaign. He’s a disgrace to go on TV and make such character assassination attempts at the Governor without a shred of evidence. He doesn’t like or agree with Malloy’s politics? Fine, say so – and say what he would do better.

  16. Cromwell Democrat

    Isn’t this what is called “The Pot calling the Kettle Black”, coming from the millionaire friend of Pres. Bush II who ran Iraq while billions of US Tax Dollars disappeared.

  17. The Great Jakowski

    The Great Jakowski agrees that this carpetbagger wiggles through old worm holes and should not be governor of the great nutmeg State of Connecticut.

  18. Paul

    For someone who bowed out with grace and class in then last election this seems like a odd and poorly thought out strategy. In making serious allegations and then refusing to provide proof, Foley is ensuring that questions will keep circling back to his responsibility to the public in regard to his knowledge of the alleged wrongdoings and his sense of fairness and justice. By insinuating criminal activity and and justifying it by siting journalistic standards (versus standards of proof) and what is “commonly believed” Foley seems to have muddied his own waters more than anything.

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