Fresh Fuel For McMahon Rumors?

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Persistent rumors that Linda McMahon is planning a run for Congress — despite her insistence that she\’s not seeking elective office — were stoked again Friday when Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus revealed he met with the former wrestling CEO.

 Priebus\’ remarks came on \”Morning Joe\” in response to his predeccesor Michael Steele\’s claim that he could take him in a cage match.

That was all 4th District Democrat Jim Himes needed to crank out another fundraising solicitation based on a hypothetical contests against McMahon.

\”I hate to flood your inbox, but I wanted to make sure you saw the email that I sent yesterday,\’\’ Himes wrote. \”Despite whatever her spokesperson said, Linda McMahon is clearly thinking about running for Congress. RNC chair Reince Priebus let is slip this morning on MSNBC\’s \”Morning Joe\” that he met with McMahon yesterday. 

\”Former candidates don\’t meet with national party leaders unless they\’re seriously considering a run,\’\’ Himes added.


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8 thoughts on “Fresh Fuel For McMahon Rumors?

  1. Palin Smith

    What an abomination! The National Chairman of the Republican Party met with perhaps the biggest Republican fraud in recent decades. A principled person would have told her

    Hasta la vista Baby!

  2. RedRover

    Please please please, Linda, please just go away!!! No more running for anything, please!!

    @Bob MacGuffie – in response to your comment, a conservative may beat her in a primary, but a conservative will not win in CT. A progressive moderate is the a better choice to actually win over a democrat in the general. Moan and groan about a centrist, but it is still a Republican no matter what when it comes down to votes. CT is not a conservative state at all.

  3. Jeb Potchagalloop

    We liberals got ourselves a gift that keeps on giving. You conservatives should just throw you hands up and bend over in which I’m sure you would find much pleasure.


    1. bill m

      you Liberals have been sticking it to onnecticut for too long, Its no wonder this State has plainly SUCKED to live in or survive in.I am waiting for the day when voters finally say enough and kick you clowns to the curb.Your a disease to the taxpayer who wants to survive financially and just maybe loosen our belt a notch after being bent over by Democrats so long.

  4. johngaltwhereru

    Here is a nice, proof-less, baseless conspriacy theory:

    Linda McMahon is actually a Democratic Operative who keeps running in order to guarantee Republican losses.

    Since the Democrats don’t have to spend any money on their own Senatorial campaigns, they are actually indirectly funding her campaigns by laundering money through her investment accounts.

    You may ask why the Democrats would waste the money on something so unnecessary, but that would be foolish. Have you seen how CT spends money?

    The only other explanation is a mental disorder that makes Linda think it is a good idea to blow $50 million every 2 years in a State where Hitler could have a (D) next to his name and win in a landslide.

  5. Jeb Potchagalloop

    A clown kicked to the curb side is not as funny as a Republican in the center lane about to be run over.

    1. Progressivism is a Mental Disorder

      We’re all being bent over by liberals in this state. The regressives won’t rest until you’ve destroyed business and wealth in Connecticut. Enjoy your liberal utopia of state workers, urban entitlement wastelands, and limousine liberals.

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